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KitchenAid and Affresh Review and Giveaway


Coffee is part of my every day life. I think most parents can relate; it’s either a caffeine kick in the morning after a sleepless night with the kids or a day of waiting for that hour where you fall into bed at night again.


I had to think about it but realized we’ve had the same coffeemaker for 7 years.  Normally I clean my coffeemaker with vinegar and water and although I think it’s clean, it leaves the stench of vinegar behind. This time I tried Affresh coffeemaker cleaner to see the difference.




I used the new KitchenAid coffeemaker to show you the Affresh tablet in action because my old coffee maker is a solid colour water compartment. As I dropped the tablet in, I immediately noticed it start fizzing. The instructions didn’t indicate to wait until it stopped fizzing but I thought it best to wait a minute to let it clean the water tank anyway. I went on to clean my old coffemaker in the same manner by brewing a pot of water with cleaner through the machine and after only one cycle you can see the difference in water colour above, my old coffeemaker on the left and the new/never used coffeemaker on the right. What you can’t see in the picture are all the floaties from the hard water. One word, yuck!


The steps to clean the coffeemaker were easy:

Step 1: Fill the reservoir with water.
Step 2: Drop 1 tablet into reservoir.
Step 3: Run 1 brew cycle (or clean cycle if applicable) into brew pot
Step 4: Discard dirty water from brew pot.
Step 5: Run 1 brew cycle using fresh water to rinse the coffeemaker. 




I did not clean my old machine that long ago, it was fully rinsed free of grounds and coffee prior to this test and that was how dirty the water was. I was drinking out of that machine! I used the Affresh Coffemaker Cleaner on my multi-cup machine but it’s compatible with single-serve machines as well.



Mineral deposit build-up on your coffeemaker over time through the water tank, tubing and brewer can effect the taste of your coffee. I know from experience that regular cleaning of my machine means I taste the best flavours of coffee; most coffee drinkers can tell the difference. I know vinegar is a common choice for cleaning but we all know how it smells and even tastes, leaving a flavour in your next few pots of coffee. I like vinegar but not in my coffee.


I was impressed with the Affresh cleaner. After one cleaning with a tablet and a cycle of just water, my coffeemaker was sparkling clean with clear water and no floaties. This is a great reminder to regularly clean my machine.


Are you still using vinegar to clean your machine?




Enter to WIN a KitchenAid Coffeemaker and Affresh Cleaner

It’s easy to enter; just tell mehow long ago you cleaned your coffeemaker in the comments below and fill out the form below. Open to Canadians.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I received a coffeemaker and Affresh cleaner to conduct my review. Despite the sponsorship, all opinions are 100% my own; I would never write about things I don’t believe in.


202 comments on “KitchenAid and Affresh Review and Giveaway”

  1. I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my coffee maker

  2. It has been a few months

  3. I don’t clean it nearly enough, I would say I cleaned it 6 weeks ago.

  4. We haven’t cleaned our new one yet – we do run water through the machine everyday

  5. To be honest it’s been a while and when I do clean it I use just vinegar and water.

  6. I rinse it through with hot water and vinegar about 1 month ago. But, before that about 1 year. Wow. 🙁

  7. I have had my current coffee pot right at a year (It just fizzled out on me I think) and I never cleaned it, other than the actual pot, with soap & water.

  8. Its been at least 3 months

  9. I cleaned mine with vinegar about a month ago.

  10. It’s put away in the cupboard..been there for over a year I would say 1 year ago

  11. Had to purchase a new one recently. Have not cleaned it yet?

  12. I’ve never cleaned my coffee maker; ever. Thanks

  13. I would have to say, I don’t know, a few months ago, maybe, maybe a few and a few more months ago.

  14. I cleaned the pot and filter 3 days ago, and the exterior, but it’s been a while since I cleaned the entire system.

  15. It has been a few weeks.

  16. I actually cleaned mine last week with vinegar and water, I try and clean it every 3 months.

  17. Our coffee maker was cleaned a week ago.

  18. Uhm….I’ve cleaned this year…I’m pretty sure :/

  19. I don’t make the coffee, so I don’t know! Awhile probably. haha

  20. Eh..more than a few weeks.

  21. I descaled my coffeemaker 3 weeks ago.

  22. I don’t have a coffee maker! 🙁

  23. So long that I don’t remember!

  24. I have no idea 🙁

  25. eeeeeekk…ummm….like….um? A LONG time ago!

  26. I must admit, I clean the carafe and wipe the outside but I don’t think I’ve ever cleaned the rest of the machine

  27. Never! We don’t own a coffee maker – we’ve only been drinking instant coffee!

  28. I just use hot water and vinegar method and it has been a couple of months since I cleaned my pot that way.

  29. I cleaned mine out a couple weeks ago, cheers 🙂

  30. Its been a while.

  31. It has been at least 2 months since I last cleaned mine.

  32. You mean I have to clean it! Kidding … probably a couple of months.

  33. About 2 months ago

  34. two months ago, dont judge me

  35. Its probably been 3 months since I cleaned my coffee maker

  36. This morning in the shower .. we don’t have a coffee maker and I dutifully make instant coffee every morning, then am in charge of also washing the cups!

  37. I cleaned it about 2 months ago

  38. I last cleaned my coffee maker about 6 months ago.

  39. Its a refurbised one so we cleaned it as soon as we got it 🙂

  40. Never. =(

  41. I don’t drink it often, but I try to clean it every 2 months

  42. When? … *cough* many months ago *cough*

  43. My coffee pot is about a year old and I haven’t cleaned it.

  44. Have not. Cleaned it out since I bought it!

  45. Well I’ve used the self cleaning feature a couple times, but havnt actually cleaned it manually yet… I should really do that soon!

  46. I haven’t cleaned my coffee maker in about 2 months.

  47. I clean my coffee maker every few days… I like things to be clean, but it is defiantly getting very old and worn out !

  48. ******To be honest-I can’t remember if I ever have-lol!!!********

  49. I haven’t cleaned my coffee pot for a couple of months. I’ll do it soon.

  50. It has probably been months since I cleaned it.

  51. I cleaned mine last month. It has a timer that makes me do it or I don’t get any more coffee.

  52. I clean my coffee maker every 3 months or so.

  53. I don’t have a coffee maker

  54. I think he last time I cleaned my coffeemaker was about 6 months ago!

  55. i dont own a coffee…i never cleaned it!

  56. best coffee comes from a clean pot

  57. I don’t remember – which is a bit scary!

  58. Je ne la nettoie jamais mais je la rince à l’eau chaude à chaque utilisation.

  59. Clean my coffeemaker?!

  60. It has been a few weeks.

  61. Well…I give it a quick clean/wipe down once every couple weeks, maybe a full clean every couple months

  62. probably 2 months

  63. my wife cleans it every other week

  64. If were being’s been a good 6 months at least …so bad

  65. To be honest I clean my daily.

  66. OH Man, I probably cleaned it over a year ago. hmmmm.

  67. we last cleaned it about a year ago, I guess it’s time to clean it again

  68. I don’t drink coffee…thus do not have a coffee maker

  69. the husband runs clr through it now and then, but i don’t drink coffee so not up on it

  70. I used pour over, so I rinse ever day. When I have Bigger groups over, I use a bigger funnel!

    I did work at a restaurant in my younger days though, and a city coffer maker and make a slow drip and very bitter brews.

  71. I used pour over, so I rinse ever day. When I have Bigger groups over, I use a bigger funnel!

    I did work at a restaurant in my younger days though, and a dirty coffer maker and make a slow drip and very bitter brews.

  72. please excuse my poor spelling today, it must be Friday!!

  73. About 3 months ago- with vinegar.

  74. I have never cleaned my coffee maker.

  75. The last time that I cleaned it was about a month ago, when the red light startled flashing to remind me.

  76. My coffee maker is fairly new so I haven’t cleaned it. But usually I run vinegar through it a couple times a year.

  77. OMG, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Wow, coffee maker is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity.

  78. I just cleaned it 2 days ago. I had people installing windows and WOW what pigs!

  79. The first of every month.

  80. I honestly have never cleaned my coffee maker. I clean too many of them at work.

  81. Mines broken , so its been awhile lol

  82. I honestly dont know . maybe a few months. I guess I better get to that soon

  83. Dont own one:)

  84. I clean mine every 2 weeks, I am a fanatic about it!

  85. it has been so long I can’t remember! Yuck!

  86. Cleaning the coffee maker? What is that?? Ha ha Seriously though-i don’t know-it’s my husbands job to do.

  87. awhile ago!

  88. Probably about a month ago :/

  89. Maybe 7 months ago

  90. I’m not sure when we last cleaned it. its been in storage for a few months while we having been moving. usually i try to run vinegar every couple of months

  91. it’s a Christmas Tradition

  92. I cleaned my Keurig about 2 months ago and my regular coffeemaker about 3 months ago.

  93. I believe it has been about a month since I have done it.

  94. At least five months ago. It’s definitely due!

  95. Probably 3-4 months ago

  96. I have never run vinegar or the such through mine…yikes!

  97. clean pot equals great coffee

  98. probably a couple months ago, it gives a warning

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