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Church & Dwight Winter Whites Giveaway

Canada, known for its long, cold and harsh winters, might deter some. But as true Canadians, this simply means we know exactly what to do, whether it’s bundling up and getting outside or staying cozy and warm indoors with friends and family. However, preparation for the holiday season and busy social schedules can lead to self-neglect.

Winter Whites PigletDon’t let winter get you down! Take a moment to look and feel your best this season by keeping your teeth and skin radiant, your clothes clean and white, and your dishes sparkling. No need to shy away from those classic holiday photos – now you can confidently flash that smile, host a sparkling dinner party and wear your favourite white outfit – all because you can!

So while Canadian winters may be long and cold, they certainly don’t need to be dull!

Winter Whites

Enter to WIN a Church & Dwight Winter Whites Giveaway valued at $75

  • Signed Alison Sweeney novel, Scared Scriptless
  • Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Extra White Battery Brush
  • Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Extra White Replacement heads
  • OxiClean™ MaxForce™ White Revive™ Paks
  • OxiClean™ 4X Concentrated Extreme Power Crystals™ Dishwasher Detergent
  • Arm & Hammer™ Baking Soda
  • Batiste™ Dry Shampoo Original

It’s easy to enter; just tell me if you are ready for winter and fill out the form below. Open to Canadians.

Disclosure- I am part of the Church & Dwight ambassador program. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

85 comments on “Church & Dwight Winter Whites Giveaway”

  1. Um, well actually my husband did like three weeks ago because it is a Tassimo and it was doing that thing where it flashes red until you clean and descale it. I suck at that (happily it is not a skill I nurture.) LOL.

  2. I honestly don’t remember…ugh!!! Not recently that’s for sure…

  3. Oh jeez, it has been a while. I would say about 4 months! EEk! Thanks for reminding me…

  4. The keurig we own now we have only owned for 5 months and it has not yet been totally cleaned

  5. I have never cleaned my coffee maker 🙁

  6. About 3 months ago.

  7. wait, I have to stop laughing……it’s been longer than I can remember.

  8. We have never cleaned our new coffer maker apart from running water through the system every time we use it

  9. I dont remember the last time I cleaned my coffee maker so I am guessing that means it has been way to long lol

  10. Mm…three weeks ago? Lol. Not good.

  11. I just pulled out my winter gear yesterday and it just turned to winter overnight it seems and I put flannel sheets on the beds so I guess I am as ready as I can be. We already lost power for the day last week so we already pulled out candles and batteries and flashlights lol

  12. It was about 1 year ago..I cleaned it and put it away and no one has used it since

  13. I use a Keurig and I clean it monthly with a descaler and clean it outside every few days.

  14. It’s been several months. I just explained to my daughter this weekend though, how to clean her coffeemaker.

  15. I cleaned the coffee makers 1 month ago.

  16. I actually don`t own a coffee maker,,so that would be

  17. I don’t clean it very often as we drink mostly tea here. Probably about a year ago.

  18. We clean the coffee maker after each time it is used.
    The question posted above the giveaway tools form about being ready for winter, the answer for me is no. I’m never ready for the snow or cold!

  19. I cleaned both my daughter coffee maker and my own two weeks ago. That was fun

  20. A couple of months ago.

  21. I don’t think that’s the updated question…butttt…I don’t have a coffee maker, so never 🙂

  22. Honestly, I’m not sure I have actually ever cleaned my coffee maker

  23. You’re suppose to clean a coffee maker?? I guess I’m due now.

  24. Easy answer – I don’t drink coffee and don’t have a coffee maker

  25. Ready for winter???? Not likely. I did have the car undercoated this week and the winter tires go on next week. Summer clothes have been removed from drawers and replaced with warm sweaters, but ready for winter …. not a chance.
    You are supposed to clean coffee makers?????

  26. Its been well over a month since I cleaned my coffee maker. I will do it today!

  27. about 2 weeks ago

  28. A couple of months ago

  29. I wipe the outside weekly but I can’t remember the last time I cleaned the inside

  30. maybe a month or so ago, i actually did buy the new filters and did it

  31. If you mean the water tank, a long time ago.

  32. Ha ha! A few weeks ago I think:)

  33. Clean the coffeemaker? Are we suppose to clean the coffeemaker?

  34. Our coffee maker gets used a lot, so we tend to clean it fairly frequently I think the coffee tastes better when the machine is clean. Ours was just cleaned last week.

  35. I’ve never cleaned the machine this way…usually just the filter and pot after each use!

  36. It has been months since I cleaned mine

  37. Coffeemaker! What we have to clean it? Just kidding.

    I would say 3 months ago, give or take a few months.

  38. Rafflecopter asks about the last time you cleaned your coffee maker which was a few weeks ago. I am as ready as I am going to be for winter. Love the selection of products to help keep things white through the winter!

  39. A few weeks ago

  40. Cleaned it out last year sometime! 🙂

  41. Form question: When was the last time was you cleaned your coffeemaker? My answer – I don’t own a coffee maker, but am hoping for one for Christmas.

    Post question: tell me if you are ready for winter. My answer – pretty much! We live on the West Coast though, so our winter is normally pretty tame and we don’t have to do much prep. If snow is expected we will put the snow tires on, and that will be our final preparation.

  42. Ummm..never…eeekkkk bad me. =(

  43. I’d like to pretend that I know when I cleaned it last – but I don’t!

  44. Last time I cleaned my coffee maker was 5 months ago. Eeep!

  45. I’m mostly ready for Winter. I have a couple more things to buy and them I’m all set for Winter.

  46. When I did own a coffee maker (I broke mine during my move), I used to clean it about once every two weeks :/

  47. I cleaned them every 1st of month.

  48. I have cleaned mine about a month ago

  49. Honestly I cleaned it about a week ago. I’m a huge coffee drinker, so as soon as its a little dirty I can notice the taste of my coffee changes. Years ago before I took my coffee as seriously (lol) I wouldnt clean it for months & months.

  50. My sweet husband takes care of his Keurig. The last time I cleaned my espresso maker was about 2 weeks ago. When ever it tells me to empty the grounds, I know it’s time for a cleaning.

  51. I have never cleaned my coffee maker *hangs head in shame* but i clean 4 very large ones every day at work.

  52. I hate to admit it but…I have never cleaned my coffee maker!

  53. I don t have one so never

  54. The question is about cleaning my coffeemaker – I did two weeks ago!
    I’d love to win this Church & Dwight prize pack – so useful.

  55. We tend to clean it right before any get together so we cleaned it right before thanksgiving!

  56. I don’t have a coffee maker!

  57. 2 months ago! hahah

  58. I haven’t in forever but my DH did a few days ago 🙂

  59. It has been a while – I just put the pot in the dishwasher

  60. I cleaned my coffee maker last night

  61. It’s been too long that I can’t remember but I am planning on doing so very soon it is more than time.

  62. I’d say about 3 months. I’m horrible!

  63. i’m supposed to clean it??

  64. I think I cleaned it last week. A really good detailed clean though has probably been about a month.

  65. It’s starting to form so many rings you can count it’s age like a tree. I think that speaks for itself. 😛

  66. I cleaned it about 2 weeks ago

  67. Every few days.

  68. A few months ago.

  69. Never :S

  70. I clean our coffee maker about once a month – we use it a lot!

  71. That is a very good question| I am not sure…

  72. My husband used to own a coffee shop, so he cleans the coffee maker on a monthly basis. I just show up LOL

  73. I give my coffee maker a good cleaning once a week. No one wants cootie coffee!

  74. It was a couple of months ago that I cleaned my coffee maker

  75. I honestly can’t remember… I clean the pot and filter daily but that is about it

  76. This morning! It was dirty.

  77. This would be a great prize

  78. I dont have one!

  79. Last time I cleaned my coffee maker was months ago..I’m so bad for this

  80. It has been awhile! Like so Long I can’t recall

  81. I am never ready for winter lol but don’t mind it once the snow stops falling and the winds die down.

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