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Christmas Gifts for Health, Beauty & Home and Giveaway #HolidayGifts2014

As someone who loves to organize, I can tell you that there is a reason that January is a busy organizing and purging month for many families. With all of the influx of new items at Christmas, January is a great time to purge, sort and organize to make room for the new gifts, toys, books, clothing and many other things. That’s why I love practical gifts at Christmas… like those products made by Church & Dwight such as  Spinbrush™ Battery Toothbrush, Advance White Toothpaste, Batiste Dry Shampoo, etc.  Batiste Dry Shampoo is a terrific beauty helper during the holidays because it can be used between shampoos to help hair look clean and fresh. SpinBrush™ Toothbrushes and Advance White Toothpaste are great to receive as stocking stuffers to help with oral health after eating all those yummy holiday treats! {For years, I have given my kids new toothbrushes and toothpaste in their stocking.} And cleaning products during the holiday season are always welcome too! Oxi-clean laundry and dish soap are the perfect partners for cleaning up after all the fun of Christmas activities, meals and parties.

ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush™ Pro Whitening Battery Toothbrush

Powered by our Dual-Action Technology, the ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush™ Pro Whitening toothbrush features an innovative whitening bristle system to gently polish away surface stains as it cleans. The bristles are also designed like a cup to hold more paste.
The ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush™ Pro Whitening toothbrush is available with either Medium or Extra Soft bristles and comes in several designer colours.
Includes one replacement head and two replaceable AA batteries.
ARM & HAMMER™ Truly Radiant™ Toothpaste is the only toothpaste with baking soda peroxide and liquid calcium, proven to help remove surface stains and remineralize tooth enamel, restoring the shine and smoothness of your teeth for a radiant smile in as little as 5 days. 
Sometimes an active, busy lifestyle means minor bumps, lumps, sore muscles and bruises. And in the winter, this also means sore muscles from shovelling snow! When this happens, RUB·A535® Arnica is there to help. RUB·A535® Arnica has now harnessed the soothing power of naturally sourced arnica in its new Arnica gel-cream and spray products so that you can get effective pain relief when you really need it. And since RUB·A535® has been a trusted brand for over 90 years, you know that you can count on the relief.


#HolidayGifts2014 Twitter Party
If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check our the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features and don’t forget to join us for the #HolidayGifts2014 Twitter Party on December 9th at 9pm EST where TURTLES will be giving away an amazing prize! RSVP HERE.
We are so happy to be able to give away a “Holiday Helper” Prize pack worth $100 of fabulous products that will help you throughout the holidays!
Package of Church & Dwight products includes:
OxiClean 2 in 1 Booster
OxiClean laundry paks 
OxiClean dishwasher extreme power crystals 
Fridge Fresh 
AH Meadow fresh 
Nair Spa Clay trio 
Nair wax strip (body)
Advance white toothpaste  
Arnica spray lotion
Rub A535 ice spray 
Pro whitening Spinbrush 
Pro whitening Spinbrush replacement heads 


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  1. This year I will be having 19 over

  2. It varies every year because everyone is welcome.

  3. We travel to my sister’s house for Christmas, so, we don’t host. There ends up being approximately 10 people there.

  4. With my immediate family we will have 6-7 for Christmas dinner.

  5. Just 4 this year.

  6. We have 7 altogether. Nice bunch of beautiful souls.

  7. Its just me, my husband and our five sons 🙂

  8. For Christmas dinner we just have our immediate family so 5 of us.

  9. So far 10 are coming for dinner but the number is likely to change as we get closer. I always end up inviting people who I run into that do not have any plans. 😀

  10. This year we are going to my sister-in-laws, but some years we have had as many as 24.

  11. Whoa, I hadn’t counted until now, but it looks like I’ll be making a meal for 14 this year. Yikes!

  12. This year I think it will be 10

  13. 5 people

  14. There will be 7 people

  15. It changes each year, but generally there are about 6 – 9 people at the table for dinner. This year it looks like it will be a small gathering.

  16. I usually have around 5 people over for family Christmas.

  17. None… we go to my parent’s place, where they have us as well as my sister and her family. So 10.

  18. Usually a small group of 5

  19. We go to my parents’ house. There are 36 of us for Christmas dinner.

  20. We usually have between 10 and 15.

  21. typically it is just the 6 of us

  22. Usually about ten people.

  23. There are 11 of us total.

  24. About 5 or 6 🙂

  25. That ice spray could come in handy after all this snow shovelling

  26. I am planning for 30.

  27. Usually about 20.

  28. Only have 6 this year.. us and my parents

  29. Only 4 other people

  30. Around 11 people for supper.

  31. I’m going to my sister’s as every year, it’s a small group of seven.

  32. We’re heading out to another family member’s house where there will be 30-40 people

  33. we have a big immediate family so its 15.

  34. Just the 4 of us this year.

  35. This year I am going to my sister in laws and there will be 20 for dinner.

  36. There are just 8 of us! Nice and cozy with great food.

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