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Healthy for Christmas with Brita Water Filters #HolidayChristmas

Often during the holiday season, many people like to indulge themselves in festive food and drink to celebrate the season, myself included. After all, a part of Christmas is  devouring delicious food and treats while enjoying the company of family and friends. But come the new year, I like to get back to healthy habits. One healthy habit that a lot of people, including me, like to adopt is to drink more water. And I love when water tastes and smells good, and not like tap water. Brita water filters helps water to taste and smell better, while reducing impurities, so water is the refreshing drink that it is supposed to be.

Why drink water? 
The importance of water cannot be overstated. It is the essence of life and provides nourishment and nutrients the body needs for almost every single function. Brita® water filtration systems remind you of the enormous importance of water in your body. Every time you drink a glass of great-tasting Brita® water, remember you’re treating yourself with the water your body truly appreciates. For more important information about water and wellness, go HERE.


Are you drinking enough water? If you’re like the
majority of Canadians then you’re more likely to reach for sugar sweetened
beverage than a healthier alternative to tame those taste buds.
Brita water recently conducted a survey on beverage
consumption habits and found some interesting facts
– 95 per cent of Canadians agree that the consumption
of sugar-sweetened beverages such as soda pop and sports drinks contribute to
– While 91 per cent of respondents felt that obesity
is more of a problem in Canada today than it was five years ago, Canadian
continue to consume sugary drinks with over two billion sugary drinks consumed
annually in Canada.
– 78 per cent agree they should be drinking more water
than they do
– 21 per cent of Canadians suggest they do not drink
enough water because they do not like the taste of tap water. Additionally, 16
per cent are concerned about water purity levels.
Brita has the perfect water filter to fit your home, budget and lifestyle to help give you great-tasting 


Brita Water Filter Pitchers & Dispensers
Brita has the perfect fit for your lifestyle and your fridge. Brita® Pitchers come in a variety of capacities, styles and colours to suit your home or workplace, and they’re all BPA-Free! Go big, small or somewhere in the middle. You can find a wide variety of choices here.
Don’t forget to change your filters!


Water Filter Bottles

Get refreshing water from reusable water bottles with a built-in filter. Fill a Brita® portable water bottle with water from any tap for great tasting drinking water on the go. There are sizes and colours perfect for everyone.

Water Faucet Mount Systems

Save space and enjoy the ultimate in convenience with Brita® faucet mount filtration systems. Perfect for busy families on the go. The Water Faucet Mount System has a LED filter change indicator with a filter life of up to 378 litres or about 4 months, whichever comes first.There are 3 flow options: filtered, spray or stream; System available in white and chrome. Filters available in white and chrome.

So when shopping for gifts this holiday season, Brita®  could be the perfect gift for some of those on your list! 

Brita® products are available at a wide range of retailers across Canada including many independent grocers and the major chains including Canadian Tire, Costco, Home Hardware, Home Depot, Home Outfitters, Loblaws, London Drugs, Real Canadian Superstore, Safeway, Target, Walmart, Sobeys 

and more.


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.


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  1. I love Brita. I was so happy when they came out with the pitchers as well. It makes things so much easier. And now the water bottles! The only way I will drink water now, and much better than purchasing bottled water.

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