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Throwback to a Simple #FirstCrush and MEGA Hairspray

Back in the day it was tough being a tween. First crushes and awkward social interactions come to mind but what was great about that was that it was real in person experiences. To be cool, to dress like everyone else or do your hair the coolest trendy way were some of the peer pressures and I succumbed. What I wanted to do was play with my toys. I wasn’t ready to grow up; I was quite happy to be in my own little world of She-Ra, Princess of Power pink crystal castle included.



I remember having a crush on a boy started at a very young age, Grade 1 to be exact. For YEARS, more like a few months, I felt all giddy every time I saw this boy at school. I couldn’t wait until recess when tag-your-it was THE game.  It wasn’t until I was a Tween that my first real crush happened. It was awkward. I’m sure looking like a young wanna-be rocker, when winged hair and hairspray was plentiful, didn’t make me feel any less awkward.


Thankfully those big hair and MEGA hairspray days are behind me but there are some things I miss that I can’t help but feel nostalgic about. Unfortunately I don’t have any toys from those years (Mom threw them out) but I immediately feel excited whenever I see pictures of my oldies but goodies online.




The other day I was searching on my local for something unrelated when I came across these California Raisins. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had almost every one of these guys, mixed in with my other action figures, I had quite the imaginative play as a kid. Did you have these?




I liked that so much that I started to search for vintage toys. I really don’t consider my youth to be vintage, maybe retro but not vintage, but what choice did I have. Next, I came across these two beauties, Trolls and a Cabbage Patch Doll. If you were a child from the 80’s you most definitely had these. Am I right?




Thinking back to what a #FirstCrush really meant for me, I’d have to say it was my toys. Boys come and go at that age and build our social interactions up for the future but what sticks with me most from those days were my favourite toys which continue to put a smile on my face today.


Do you remember your #FirstCrush? This one didn’t go so well but I think we all had at least one highly embarrassing moment like this as a Tween. As traumatic as it probably was, it’s hard not to laugh now at our old Tween selves.


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