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Fighting Mosquito Season Chemical Free with Green Strike


Mosquito season is in full swing here on the prairies of Saskatchewan which makes it difficult to enjoy outdoor time with family without the use of chemicals. We spend a lot of time outside on the farm soaking up the sun and fresh air and with the help of the Green Strike Mosquito Preventer, I look forward to a full summer of outdoor fun, farm work and the ability to catch lazy moments like these.

Green Strike Mosquito Preventer



In 2004/2005 we underwent a West Nile virus scare here in Canada. At that time, researchers began to run with the idea of creating a holistic, non-toxic artificial pond for mosquitoes to lay their eggs in. They were determined to reduce the 2nd generation of mosquitoes, not just kill the 1st.


Just 1 mosquito can quickly multiply up to 30,000 mosquitoes in 21 days!! GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer STOPS mosquito population growth BEFORE it starts. It lures in the female mosquitoes using patented, non-toxic lures and replicates a natural pond where females love to lay their eggs. They are drawn into the unit where they lay their eggs and leave behind a natural pheromone, which signals to other mosquitoes that it’s a prime location for egg-laying.



After a few days, the Mosquito Preventer flushes the eggs through a filter, trapping the eggs before they have a chance to hatch. Best of all, it targets the types of mosquitoes that can carry West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever and Chikungunya Virus.





Thorough in-field studies prove that the Mosquito Preventer destroys approximately 20,000 eggs in 30 days resulting in approximately a 70% reduction of mosquito populations.


What’s different about GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer? It eliminates mosquitoes at the source! Other methods attempt to trap or catch the millions of mosquitoes that can be in your backyard but the Mosquito Preventer eliminates the hundreds of eggs laid by each of those mosquitoes.


GreenStrike’s Mosquito Preventer is available to purchase exclusively at Home Hardware, you can also keep up with them on Twitter or Facebook.


Enter to WIN a Green Strike Mosquito Preventer


The fine folks at GreenStrike have provided us with one Mosquito Preventer valued at $299 to give away to a Canadian Reader!!


This giveaway is open to Canadian residents, 19+ (excl Quebec) and will end on June 23rd, the winner will have 48 hours to respond. Good Luck!





Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.


41 comments on “Fighting Mosquito Season Chemical Free with Green Strike”

  1. I do not like to use bug spray with chemicals on the kids so this would save us lots on citronella type products that I buy for inside and outside of the cottage!

  2. Green Strike mosquito preventer could be a lifesaver this year! We have a storm drain IN Our back yard! It’s a mosquito hotel! As soon as the sun leaves the backyard, so do we. We would love to be able to enjoy our backyard this summer p, thanks for the chance!

  3. My family and I will be able to spend more time in the outdoors. Having 5 kids they love to be out but we have to keep them indoors most of the time due to bugs

  4. So many mosquitos here in northern Alberta, would love to sit out on my deck more.

  5. This would be great on the patio! I hate having outdoor dinners spoiled by mosquitoes.

  6. We live in Winnipeg…mosquito capital lol….Sometimes it’s so unbearable, even with repellent and such, we are unable to be outside because of the mosquitoes. This would be such a fantastic product to have!

  7. If I won this it would mean we could stay out later after dark and not get eaten alive by the bugs!!

  8. there seems to be alot of them this year around here, so this would help on the patio or in the sun room

  9. We have a great sized backyard but haven’t used it very much over the years, primarily due to mosquitoes. The First Strike will decrease mosquitos by 70% and increase our enjoyment of the yard by 70%.

  10. I could totally use this I live country and the bugs are really bad

  11. My property is right in front of a marsh. We got mosquitoes…big mutant mosquitoes…..

  12. We live in a wooded area and my children love to spend their days outside however when they come in they are covered in bites. My daughter still has spots that don’t sun tan.

  13. This looks like a pretty great product. We spend lots of time outdoors – at our pool, kids playground or around the fire pit. This would make outdoor time much nicer!

  14. I think the GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer would make for a much more relaxed atmosphere while outside BBQ-ing or camping, or sitting around having a few laughs!

  15. it would help me have a nice day every day once it became a laying den they would go there and i wouldnt have to worry about what product do i buy would be nice

  16. Wow this would be great for my family as I hate spraying chemicals all over our bodies for a few ours and then having to do it again and again. Yet my kids still get eaten alive. My family in the last two years has switched to non chemical products for cleaning our house and trying to choose better products to use on our bodies and better eating. This would add to the outdoors for us. Just wish it could be taken camping with us .

  17. My nephew and niece are really sensitive to mosquito bites, It would be nice to appreciate a time outside without worrying about that!

  18. I have two young daughters under 5 years old and they Love to be outside. Up until june there were no mosquitos and even if the heat was not yet here it was a blast. But now it’s time for repellent with mosquitos and the multiples bites. It’s annoying. Green strike would be welcome here. For us and our neighbors who also are my kids friends.

  19. We love to bbq and camp so this would be awesome!

  20. it will allow us to go outside more often and enjoy the great outdoors!

  21. Who wouldn’t love a mosquito free environment?

  22. This would help us enjoy our backyard as well as camping without being so bothered by the bugs

  23. OMG! I so need this! The mosquitos love me more than I love them. This would help the family spend more time in the backyard!

  24. It can help us enjoy the evening outside with our kids. Not having as many Mosquitos would certainly be more enjoyable. We don’t go out all that often in the evenings with the baby.

  25. I would take this camping with us….the mosquitos could carry us away some places 🙂

  26. It would help us around the picnic table while camping!

  27. My family and our friends love to sit out in our backyard and enjoy the view of boats floating by on the nearby river all summer. The one issue we have is that when the sun goes down the mosquitoes come out in full force, cutting short our enjoyment. The GreenStrike Mosquito Reducer would allow us to extend the useable hours of our backyard so that the kids would have more time on the trampoline and playing around the yard while the adults keep a close eye from the nearby patio set without having to resort to chemical bug sprays and repellant which are not very effective despite the high concentration of chemicals which come with potential health and environmental threats. The all natural GreenStrike Mosquito Reducer would allow us to take back our yard while providng peace of mind on those long lazy summer nights!

  28. My daughter gets eaten alive every time she goes outside. She us extremely sensitive and gets huge red welts. She would benefit greatly. Thanks for the chance.

  29. We would use Green Strike so we can enjoy sitting outside on the front porch without getting eaten alive.

  30. we wont’ have to worry about being eaten alive!

  31. It would be so nice to sit out at night without the Mosquitoes wanting to snack on us!

  32. We live out on a farm and last year the mosquitoes were so bad- even with repellant we couldn’t spend much time outdoors. The weather was beautiful and we were cooped up indoors hiding from mosquitoes. I would love to have something like this .

  33. we can finally have a bbq with no mosquitoes! (:

  34. I won’t have to worry about being eaten alive!

  35. The GreenStrike Mosquito Preventer would help us stay outside longer and hopefully without putting harsh bug repellents on my kids.

  36. I don’t like to use bug spray so as a result I end up staying indoors when I notice that Mosquitos are out.

  37. OOPS! I forgot to check, it’s Canada only. Sorry!

  38. This would be great to have at the cottage at night, hard to sit outl

  39. We could stay out longer at night time without being eaten by flies

  40. We don’t like to use chemicals or anything harmful so this is ideal and great!

  41. Mosquitos are attached to me i swell up from bites just as if been stung like a bee so this would be awesome for my family to enjoy the summer

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