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6 Reasons Honey is Good for Health



Being a beekeeper is satisfying work. Like any type of farming, beekeeping has it’s challenges, it’s losses and it’s setbacks to beekeepers but the rewards outweigh all of that. Luckily we haven’t dealt with much loss and have had the ability to share our raw honey products with the locals. Sure fresh raw honey taste amazing but there are reasons you need honey for health.


6 Reasons You Need Honey for Health


  1. Honey contains antioxidants essential to protect the body against free radicals. A daily dose of honey boosts the immune system.
  2. Honey provides food energy. At just 64 calories and 17 carbohydrates per tablespoon, honey releases into the body at a steady rate. Sports nutritionists have found that consuming honey before exercise increases endurance and reduces muscle fatigue.
  3. Honey is a natural antiseptic. By absorbing moisture around wounds, honey prevents bacteria growth and helps keep minor cuts and burns clear of infection.
  4. Honey helps digestion. The anti-bacterial properties of honey are effective in treating digestive problems, such as ulcers.
  5. Honey helps the body absorb calcium. People suffering from Osteoporosis should add honey to their daily routine to maximize on calcium absorption.
  6. Honey contains zero fat and provides trace amounts of essential minerals, iron, copper, sodium, potassium, manganese and phosphorus.


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* Information sourced from the Canadian Honey Council.

One comment on “6 Reasons Honey is Good for Health”

  1. I love honey! I remember when my great aunt was very ill and had developed bed sores, the dr said the best thing to put on them was honey!

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