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Family Connections at Parkbridge Pine Lake, Alberta

Our family loves spending time outdoors; we enjoy spending time as a family at the lake where we can play in the beach sand or roast marshmallows over the fire. We don’t mind a more rustic accommodation but warm showers and comfortable beds always win out. The cabin rentals at Parkbridge, Pine Lake Resort had everything we were looking for.





We arrived at the Pine Lake Leisure Club and RV Resort in Pine Lake, Alberta at the end of a road trip. We had spent time in nearby Calgary visiting friends and wanted to enjoy reconnecting as a family at Pine Lake before heading back home to work and back to school routines. Pine Lake sits 15 minutes from Red Deer, Alberta, almost halfway between Calgary and Edmonton, making it the ideal location for a family getaway.



The 2 bedroom cabin had plenty of room for our family of 6, a single (upper)/double (lower) bunk in one bedroom, a double bed in the other and a futon in the living room area. The cabin was outfitted with all the basic necessities needed during a stay, such as dishes, coffee pot, utensils, dish towels and barbecue. All that was required was bedding, bath towels, groceries and accessories to make your stay more fun, like beach toys and bicycles. Additionally, there was a small fire pit out front of the cabin for your use; firewood can be purchased at the on-site store but you should bring along a stick for roasting marshmallows.




The first thing that struck me was the view. LOOK at that view and imagine kayaking or water-skiing on that lake. Parkbridge, Pine Lake resort, is just the right size for an intimate stay with a community feel. Reconnect with your family members, get to know your neighbours and enjoy safety in the secured resort. What interested me was the seasonal RV and boat rental options. For those who dream of cottage life but can’t afford it, these seasonal sites are a more affordable option.


Features of Parkbridge, Pine Lake Resort

  • Sandy beach, marina and boat launch for boat docking rentals
  • Snack bar/store
  • Arcade
  • Large heated pool
  • 3 playgrounds
  • Fishing, horseshoe pits; volleyball court
  • Kids’ activities centre
  • Planned events
  • Cabin rentals
  • Seasonal RV site rentals





A short walk down the path from our cabin we approached this beautifully groomed beach where the kids could play in the sand, out on the water toys or at the playground. Throughout the summer, the resort has planned weekly activities for the kids, ensuring boredom never sets in. The night we arrived the kids were able to take part in a coin scavenger hunt where money was hidden in the sand for them to find.





A park was situated directly behind our cabin, making it convenient for the kids to play while we cooked supper. It was a beautiful moment to capture my teens playing together like they used to when they were small. Parkbridge has that effect.





Our youngest son was just learning to ride his balance bike. Normally I would be worried about traffic or surroundings but the resort feel of Parkbridge set my mind at ease; I had no worries which made his time more enjoyable with the ability to independently ride insight around our cabin.




Sitting around the fire-pit reminiscing about the days activities, telling stories and roasting marshmallows is something our family looks forward to each evening. Each of us takes turns roasting a marshmallow to perfection, some more roasted than others. Some may see this fire pit as a feature of the cabin setting, I see this as a a must have for moments like these.




Parkbridge, Pine Lake resort has facilities to make your stay more comfortable. Due to the cooler weather during our stay, we spent a lot of time at the heated outdoor pool. It was a nice size, clean and the place where my 5 year old learned how to swim without water wings. I don’t know if it was the secure feeling of the resort or the pool but my daughter felt comfortable enough to try swimming on her own for the first time here and that’s a memory we won’t ever forget.




The last night of our stay was a rainy one and although we were sad we couldn’t enjoy another marshmallow roast, we did enjoy a view of the storm over the lake within the arcade. The family spent time playing games, competition was fierce, while the teens chose music on the jukebox. The choice of music was interesting; I felt like I was in a high school dance, painful, but seeing them dance and laugh was worth the pain to my ears.


If you are looking for an all-in-one resort location where you can stay for a couple days, a week or a month, the cabin rentals at Pine Lake are a great option. We only stayed a couple of days and the kids were begging to stay for just one more swim, just one more marshmallow roast or just one more spin through the arcade. Parkbridge, Pine Lake left us with a feeling that can only be described as restored and renewed.


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Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was provided accommodation in order to conduct an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Parkbridge Pine Lake is so wonderful and interesting place!!. It has Sandy beach, marina and boat launch for boat docking rentals, Snack bar/store which is very charmful .

  2. Have tried a few times to see your listings and find out about lease land etc
    Looking at k Kelona, Armstrong area
    Please reply
    Pat G

  3. That was a great read. So many park reviews are general but yours gave it such a realistic view (or I hope it is realistic and not embellished far beyond reality). I really want to try this park out! Thanks for the information

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