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Christmas Day Desserts and Entertaining with Epicure Giveaway #SJHolidayGifts

Typically, my Christmas Day Desserts are made from scratch but the last few years I have found myself spending more time in the kitchen than with my guests on the big day. Epicure was introduced into my life and since then has helped make my holiday meals simple, fast and delicious.

Epicure offers clean eating with real, whole and gluten-free ingredients and innovative cookware. Clean products and recipes work together to form timesaving, practical solutions for real life situations.


4 Delicious Christmas Day Desserts


1.) Eggnog Cheesecake – Made with the Eggnog Cheesecake Mix; it tastes like the drink, vanilla bean, nutmeg & cinnamon. Alternatively, make with yogurt & a gingersnap crust or bite-size using Perfect Petites.



2.) Bread and Butter Pudding – Made with Epicure’s ground Cinnamon; using the Multipurpose Pot.


  • Cinnamon 68 g 2.4 oz / 68 g 2,4 oz – A versatile spice; use for more than just baking! Try it in oatmeal, Mexican sauces, or smoothies; season roasted root vegetables & spiced nuts.
  • The Multipurpose Pot 2 L (8 C) / 2 L (8 T) – Pour spout, ergonomic stay-cool handles & interior measurements on both sides for left- & right-hand use. Comes with a clear, tempered-glass lid with built-in strainer (2 sizes).

3.) Festive Yule Log – Made with Epicure’s Pure CocoaBaking Powder and Coconut Lime Sweet Dip; using the Bake & Roll and Baking Sheet.


  • Pure Cocoa 500 g 17.6 oz / 500 g 17,6 oz – Rich, pure cocoa. Contains up to 22–24% cocoa butter solids for dense chocolate flavour. Blends easily with wet & dry ingredients.
  • Baking Powder 225 g 7.9 oz / 225 g 7,9 oz – Aluminum free. Makes cakes & muffins airier.
  • Coconut Lime Sweet Dip – Made with the Coconut Lime Sweet Dip Mix and greek yogurt. The Coconut Lime Sweet Dip Mix is 142 g 5.0 oz / 142 g 5,0 oz: Coconut, lime leaf & organic cane sugar. Dip sliced mango & grilled pineapple. Decorate cookies & cupcakes.
  • Bake & Roll 42.5 x 30 x 2.5 cm (16¾” x 11¾” x 1″) / 42,5 x 30 x 2,5 cm (16 ¾ x 11 ¾ x 1 po) – Flexible, non-stick silicone baking mat. Bake treats; roast meat & veggies. Custom fit for the Baking Sheet.
  • Baking Sheet 45 x 33 cm (17¾” x 13″) / 45 x 33 cm (17 ¾ x 13 po) – Seamless aluminum evenly holds & distributes heat. Rolled edges for easy gripping. Pair with the Bake & Roll, Perfect Petites & Waffle Mold.

4.) Nanaimo Bars – Made with Epicure’s Pure Cocoa, this classic dessert will bring back many holiday memories.


Epicure kicks up your holiday cooking up a notch with products that inspire good food experiences and making memories. I’ve purchased Epicure products for years and have many favourites in my cupboard; two of my absolute must have are:

  1. Extraordinary Trio spices to make the well-known Extraordinary Cheese Dip™ in the Mini Baker.
    • Extraordinary Trio – Versatile blends to take you from breakfast to dinner. Make classic cheese dip, quesadillas, & fish sticks. Includes Cheese, Chives & Bacon Dip Mix, 3 Onion Dip Mix, Lemon Dilly Dip Mix & recipe cards.
    • Mini Baker – 500 ml (2 C) – 12.5 cm (5″) / 500 ml (2 T) – 12,5 cm (5 po) Glazed stoneware & lid keep food warm. Go from fridge, to oven, to table. Great for potlucks.
  2. Red Pepper Jelly to make Baked Brie with Red Pepper Jelly in the Mini Baker. Epicure Red Pepper Jelly 160 ml 5.4 fl oz / 160 ml 5,4 oz: Sweet & subtly spiced prepared jelly. Serve with cream cheese & crackers. Top baked brie; glaze meatballs. Spread on lamb or chicken burgers.


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If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check out the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features and don’t forget to join us for the #SJHolidayGifts Twitter Party on December 3rd at 9pm EST where Epicure will be giving away an amazing prize! RSVP HERE.


WIN a Epicure Entertainer Collection!

Calling all cooks or to those who would love an Epicure Entertainer Collection to set you up for your holiday cooking. One lucky winner will receive 1 Epicure Entertainer Collection valued at $214.00!


This collection is the hottest gifts for those who like to see and be seen. The Entertainer Collection includes Bacon, Leek & Tomato Dip Mix, Christmas Tea, Dip & Spreader, Extraordinary Trio, Gingerbread Spices, Little Italy Sauce Mix, Mini Appetizer Plates, Mini Baker – Aubergine, Mulling Spices, Multipurpose Pot – 8 C, Paris Bistro Sauce Mix, Red Pepper Jelly & Waffle Mold.


Entry is simple, just fill in the form below. All entries will be verified, this contest ends on December 10th, 2015. The winner will have 48 hours to respond.
*Open to Canadian residents, excluding Quebec.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

143 comments on “Christmas Day Desserts and Entertaining with Epicure Giveaway #SJHolidayGifts”

  1. My favorite Christmas dessert if fudge and I would gift this to myself.

  2. I would gift this to my mother. My favourite dessert at Christmas time are ginger molasses cookies .

  3. My favourite is cheesecake and I love the Oreo one the most. This is for my sister-in-law since she likes to be in the kitchen either cooking or baking.

  4. I love nanaimo bars !! I would gift this to my mom.

  5. I love peppermint chocolate!! mmmm ! I would share this gift with my mother- in law because we both have to have Gluten free! So would love to share with her!

  6. I would keep this prize for me and I would make a Caramel & Praline Cheesecake.

  7. My favourite dessert is Chocolate Ice cream cake & I would love to share it with my husband.

  8. My favorite dessert is butter tarts, and it would be hard to give this away! Lol

  9. I would give this to my sister who loves to cook. My favourite dessert at Christmas are mincemeat tarts.

  10. My favourite dessert is cheesecake!

  11. my favourite christmas dessert is sugar cookies with a cup of joe. this gift will for my sister in law who bakes up a storm every year in christmas !

  12. My favorite Xmas dessert is my mom’s maid of honor tarts – it’s a British recipe. I would gift this to my mom.

  13. I love pumpkin pie and I would give this gift to my husband.

  14. This would be for my family! I would love to make a cheesecake.

  15. My favourite Christmas dessert is cheesecake. I would probably keep this for myself!

  16. favorite dessert is cheesecake

  17. I like a chocolate dessert pizza at Christmas time.

  18. I like pumpkin pie. This would be for the family.

  19. My foodie friend! I would make a yule log – I’ve never made that and always wanted to try! Thanks!

  20. My favorite dessert is apple pie. This gift is for my mother.

  21. My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie and I would gift the prize to my girlfriend who loves to bake!

  22. A Yule log is my fave holiday dessert. This would be for my mom who loves to bake and cook.

  23. I love shortbread, I would be gifting this to my sister

  24. I like candy cane pie and this owuld be for my wife

  25. I LOVE Epicure! There are many deserts I love to make for the holidays – cheesecake is always one of them and the Epicure cheesecakes are fabulous. Eggnog Cheesecake is perfect for this time of year and one of my favourites! I’d totally go and keep this gift for myself (and then tell my husband he’s done Christmas shopping …. he’d love to not have that stress anymore)! 🙂

  26. My favourite is the Festive Yule Log and I would give it to my neighbour for being so helpful.

  27. Homemade snickerdoodle cookies are my favorite holiday dessert. If I won, I would give this set to my mom.

  28. My favorite Christmas dessert is this fancy chocolate orange cake, with grand marnier…..

  29. I love pumpkin cheesecake during the Holidays

  30. My favorite Christmas dessert is steamed cranberry pudding .

  31. Tiramisu or Cherry Cheesecak. 😀

  32. This gift would be for my partner. He is the main cook in the house. My favorite dessert for the holiday is angel wings

  33. My fav dessert is cheesecake and I would love this for my daughter!

  34. My favorite Christmas dessert is pecan pie.

  35. My favorite would be fruit cakes. I would give this to my sister in law

  36. My favorite dessert is warm gingerbread topped with whipped cream. I would have to give this to my mom, whose good taste in food goes hand in hand with all it has to offer.

  37. My favorite christmas dessert is pumpkin pie with either vanilla icecream or whipped cream. I would gift this to my oldest granddaughter

  38. Favorite Christmas dessert? an eggnog pie with chocolate crumb crust. Could make it with Epicure! Would give this to my son who wants to become a rep for Epicure…

  39. This would be for me. My favorite Christmas desert is pecan pie.

  40. My favorite is my moms Pistachio pudding with pineapple and crushed walnuts. As kid I could never get enough. I would give the collection to a local family in the Christmas hamper program.

  41. Pie a la mode. Give this to my mom.

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