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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Baker with Nordic Ware #SJHolidayGifts

Baking is a bit of a hobby for me. If I’m not baking to relax, I’m teaching my kids different techniques of baking that they will take with them to the days when they have their own little ones. If you have a foodie who loves to bake on your holiday gift list like me, this is the perfect assortment of our favourite items from Nordic Ware to give you ideas.


Nordic Ware is an amazing company who produce high quality products any foodie will be thrilled with. These are our must-haves for the 2015 Christmas gift-giving season!


Gingerbread Family Loaf Pan


These gingerbread men will add to your holiday fun and leave you dreaming of fairy tales and sugar plum fairies. The Gingerbread Family Loaf Pan is a lovely gift.

Snowflake Shortbread Pan


Snowflake Shortbread Pan is inspired by our English Shortbread Pan but with a snowflake motif. These sweet, crisp, buttery treats will melt in your mouth and warm up wintry days.

Jubilee Bundt Pan


Reminiscent of the Diamond Jubilee, this Jubilee Bundt Pan is something to celebrate! You’ll love the hidden hearts that appear within the swirled diamond pattern. Pockets capture glaze with delectable results.

Jelly Roll & Cookie Pan


Add a splash of colour to your kitchen bake and serve from the same pan! Jelly Roll & Cookie Pan is made of aluminized steel for superior baking performance and durability. Features a bright, fun exterior with a non-stick interior—and unlike other bakeware you’ve seen, it will not rust!

Medium Baking Pan



Add a splash of colour to your kitchen, bake and serve from the same pan! This Medium Baking Pan is made of aluminized steel for superior baking performance and durability. Features a bright, fun exterior with a non-stick interior—and unlike other bakeware you’ve seen, it will not rust!

3 Piece Cookie Baking Set


This 3 Piece Cookie Baking Set is a cookie baker’s essential combo: Naturals Half Sheet, a woven fabric Deluxe Silicone nonstick mat and a nonstick coated metal Large Cooling Rack. All sized to fit together!

Silicone Baking Mat


Non stick reusable silicone baking mat is sized to fit our Baker’s Half Sheet.

Large Cookie Dropper


Take the guesswork out of placing cookie dough on baking sheets – you’ll have a perfect amount each time with the Large Cookie Dropper from Nordic Ware. With silicone grips.

Medium Cookie Dropper


Take the guesswork out of placing cookie dough on baking sheets with the Medium Cookie Dropper, you’ll have the perfect amount each time. With silicone grips. Just like our large Cookie Dropper, but smaller.




This multi-function Set of 3 Prep n’ Serve Bowls includes a 2, 3.5, and 5-quart heavy duty bowls with silicone nonskid bases. Use in the microwave to heat foods or to melt butter, marshmallows and chocolate. Ideal for mixing and serving too.



Nordic Ware’s new Set of 4 Mini Prep n’ Serve Bowls are not only perfect for organizing ingredients while baking, but they are just the right size for serving small portions. Microwave safe.



If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check out the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features and don’t forget to join us for the #SJHolidayGifts Twitter Party on December 3rd at 9pm EST where Nordic Ware will be giving away an amazing prize! RSVP HERE.

WIN a lovely Prize Pack from Nordic Ware

Calling all bakers…if you’re in Canada then you’re going to want to enter to WIN this lovely baking prize pack from Nordic Ware! It includes the 3 Piece Cookie Baking Set and a Set of 3 Prep n’ Serve Bowls.

Entry is simple, just fill in the form below. All entries will be verified, this contest ends on December 10th, 2015. The winner will have 48 hours to respond.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

68 comments on “Holiday Gift Ideas for the Baker with Nordic Ware #SJHolidayGifts”

  1. i like to bake different kinds of cookies!

  2. Sex in a pan YUMMO

  3. I love to make shotbread cookies!

  4. Making Gingerbread Men with my children is a tradition!

  5. Love baking treacle or butter tarts

  6. My fave Christmas treat to bake is rainbow cookies (sometimes known as Venetian Layered Cookies) They’re a lot of work to make, but so worth it.

  7. Butter Tarts! I have never made them before, but I can eat them like nobody’s business.

  8. We make some yummy cheese cookies that everyone loves!

  9. My favorite Christmas treat to bake is Nanaimo Bars, but better yet is eating them.

  10. My favourite Christmas treat to make is definitely shortbread.

  11. I like making shortbread cookies.

  12. I love making gingerbread and Rice Krispie treats.

  13. I love baking gingerbread men and having the kids decorate them.

  14. Montgomery Pie.

  15. I like to make Hermit Cookies.

  16. I like to bake shortbread.

  17. I like making sugar cookies during the holidays

  18. i love baking fudge

  19. I really like shotbread cookies.

  20. I love to make biscotti

  21. Gingerbread and sugar cookies that we decorate.

  22. I would bake sex in a pan

  23. love to make shrotbread cookies

  24. i would bake some nanaimo bars

  25. I love making shortbread and sugar cookies

  26. I love baking shortbread cookies during the holidays.

  27. My favourite thing to bake at Christmas is Whipped Shortbread.

  28. I love making apple crisp for any family do. They love it warm with ice cream on top 🙂

  29. we love to make shortbread cookies and different type of cookies as well

  30. My Nan’s Cherry cake is my favourite Christmas Treat.

  31. We always bake butter tarts which I love.

  32. I like to bake cookies, 3 or 4 different kinds. Then of course to eat them!

  33. We always make sugar cookies with green and red sprinkles. Some are christmas trees and some are bells.

  34. To cook, shortbread. To eat, Nanaimo bars!

  35. I love to bake sugar cookies over the holidays

  36. I love making gingerbread

  37. I love making peanut butter bars

  38. I love baking shortbreads

  39. I like to bake gingerbread cookies

  40. I love doing Black Bottom cupcakes and changing up the flavour of the cheesecake part so there are lots of different kinds!

  41. My favourite treat to bake at Christmas time is Nanaimo bars and butter tarts.

  42. I like to make shortbread cookies!

  43. Caramel pecan cheesecake

  44. I love baking shortbread cookies.

  45. Shortbread cookies !!!!

  46. My favorite is fudge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Love baking cookies.

  48. homemade chocolates to give away

  49. I love baking and especially decorating gingerbread cookies for Christmas.

  50. Scottish shortbread is my fav!

  51. Gingerbread cookies!

  52. My favourite Christmas treat to bake are gingerbread cookies.

  53. We enjoy baking as a family. This would be a great family gift !!!

  54. Our family favorite treat is Junior Mint Brownies…even Santa loves them.

  55. I like making (and eating) shortbread cookies.

  56. I love to make these squares that my mom calls O’Henry bars that taste just like the candy bar – Yum.

  57. I love making rugelach with mini choco chips & cream cheese!

  58. I much more prefer eating them than baking them.

  59. My favorite Christmas treat are my Nana’s Danish Klejner , a fried cookie sprinkled with icing sugar & cinammon. So yummy but so fattening lol

  60. I love baking sugar cookies!

  61. I have many but shortbread cookies and gum drop cake tie at the top of my list.

  62. Homemade Shortbread cookie cut into various seasonal shapes! Thank you!!

  63. Butter tarts!

  64. I love baking sugar cookies with my little ones . The shapes and then the sitting down and watching the creativity in my little ones icing the cookies

  65. I love making shortbread cookies!

  66. I loooove love love baking cookies! Makes the whole house smell wonderful!

  67. I like making snowball cookies!

  68. I like to bake shortbread cookies

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