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Keeping Winter Boots Protected with #TanaLovesShoes



Last week I was kicking my sandals off on a beach in Aruba. This week I’m trying to keep my toes warm from the snow. When I was invited to an in store VIP event to shop for boots at the Lusso Shoe Lounge, It was perfect timing. Anytime I can peruse a selection of smart sexy, AKA smexy, boots at my leisure, I am all in.

My eye had been on these lovely Miz Mooz boots for a very long time, naturally these gems caught my eye the minute I walked in the store. I mean, grey Miz Mooz boots; come on.


As hawt as these boots made me feel, when they were staring me in the face I wasn’t sure. During my last pregnancy, my foot arches fell and left me with horribly painful feet, unable to wear much of a heel at all. These Miz Mooz were surprisingly comfortable and felt great on my feet but I felt a responsibility to really invest my attention in all the boots of the store. Twist my arm.




With so many smexy boots everywhere; you can imagine how hard it was to make a decision. My eye quickly found my next pair of boots, a pair of MJUS. Oh, hello comfort smexy. I found myself drawn to the colour grey. Shocker.




I checked myself out in the mirror with a selfie, as we do. They went well with my casual grey coat but I suspected they would go just as well with something a little more dressy as well.




I think these boots speak for themselves but just so we are clear, I have affectionately named them Stella. As much as I loved the Miz Mooz, I know I will wear these a lot more. But lets be real, I will be going back to get those Miz Mooz soon. Either way, I will take care of these from day one with Tana Leather Protectant to keep them looking beautiful.


If you haven’t stepped out for a new pair of smexy boots yet this season, now is the time. Tana footwear products make the perfect pairing with whatever leather boots you decide on.




VIP Key Points

In my late teen years I worked in a shoe store and I’ve protected my leather since. What I didn’t know, I learned from Nikki at the VIP event:

  • Remember those white sand stained sandals I mentioned? Nikki informed me that the Tana Universal Sandal Cleaner worked like a charm to get those sandals sparkling again. For all you snowbirds looking to hit the beaches this winter, remember to pick up a bottle of this Sandal cleaner.
  • Road salt does a number on our shoes and boots over time. To keep them looking new, they need to be protected. Before you step outside with that new pair of boots, spray them with Tana Universal All Protector.
  • Where leather meets oily areas, like handles on a handbag or the collar of your leather jacket, Tana Style 16 offers a leather protectant with an added invisible shield.
  • Protection only goes so far. After time the protection wears off. Clean your boots with Tana Leather Cleaning Lotion to remove dirt and prevent leather from drying and cracking. Remember to re-apply the leather protectant.
  • For the ladies with a concern for larger calves or feeling a little snug in the feet after pregnancy, try Tana Leather Shoe Stretch.




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Good luck!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Those boots look great and durable! Thanks for the tips on how to care for them.

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