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Stocking Stuffers #Giveaway

Christmas is in the air. For me, November means winter weather, warm hot chocolate and Christmas planning. I wish I could say I had all my Christmas shopping done, but I am not even close. Thankfully, Church & Dwight have put the perfect Stocking Stuffer Prize Pack together for one lucky winner. After all, who says stocking stuffers can’t be practical!

Holiday GiveawayEnter to WIN a Church & Dwight Stocking Stuffer Giveaway valued at $100

  • ·         Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Truly Radiant™ Deep Clean Manual Toothbrush
  • ·         Arm & Hammer™ Truly Radiant™ Rejuvenating Toothpaste
  • ·         Arm & Hammer™ Kid’s Spinbrush™ My Little Pony™ Battery Brush
  • ·         Arm & Hammer™ Spinbrush™ Super Mario Bros™ Battery Brush
  • ·         Nair™ Moroccan Argan Oil Face Wax
  • ·         Batiste™ Blush Dry Shampoo
  • ·         RUB A535™ Nighttime
  • ·         Gravol™ Natural Source Ginger Liquid Gels
  • ·         Gravol™ Multi-symptom™
  • ·         Vitafusion™ Men’s Complete Multivitamin
  • ·         Vitafusion™ Women’s Complete Multivitamin

It’s easy to enter; just tell me if you are ready for christmas and fill out the form below. Open to Canadians.

Disclosure- I am part of the Church & Dwight ambassador program. All opinions expressed are honest and my own. 

115 comments on “Stocking Stuffers #Giveaway”

  1. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and all the flowers and trees being in bloom!

  2. Spring? I haven’t gotten through Christmas yet! Always the first buds, though – it’s such a nice reawakening.

  3. I am most looking forward to the flowers coming back in bloom!

  4. I’m looking forward to the temperatures warming up.

  5. I’m definitely not ready for Christmas yet this year. Hopefully I can catch up this month and at least start getting ready!

  6. Every season has its own beauty. In the winter I look forward to snow and the holidays and then in the spring I look forward to seeing the leaves bloom again

  7. Spring? I don’t know. Its not even winter yet lol! I am sure by the time its getting close to spring I’ll be ready for the flowers and the snow to melt 🙂

  8. Getting outside more!

  9. Hopefully our house will be sold by then!

  10. I look forward to warmer weather and the planting of certain things in my garden in Spring time

  11. Spring flowers!

  12. I am looking forward to some nice weather to get outside more.

  13. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather and snow melting

  14. I am looking forward to getting out around for warm walks in spring!

  15. I’m looking forward to the birth of my third baby.

  16. i'[m looking forward to everything coming to life

  17. I’m looking forward to warm sunshine again! (although, its been pretty nice here in Victoria)

  18. What I’m looking forward to the most about Spring is the end of winter..yep I’m not a fan of winter

  19. This question made me laugh. Looking ahead are we? lol As someone that doesn’t like winter I am. I like Spring and the promise of warmer days and more time outdooors,

  20. Spring, already? Lol. I love the trees coming back to life and the green coming back!

  21. lol spring seems so far away now! but looking forward to the spring when the snow will start to disappear

  22. I’m looking forward to going fishing

  23. Looking forward to opening our RV and going camping again!

  24. When spring is coming I love the warm air

  25. What I’m most looking forward to about spring is the warmer air and seeing everything start to grow again 🙂

  26. I am most looking forward to working in the garden.

  27. I am looking forward to planting my garden.

  28. I look forward to the changing of the season.

  29. The warmer weather!!

  30. I look forward to it not being winter!

  31. I am most looking forward to the lovely morning songs of the birds in spring

  32. I am looking forward to gardening and rain showers 🙂

  33. About spring? Well, I think by the time it gets here, I’ll be glad that the children can play outside without having to get so very bundled up every time.

  34. Looking forward to the melting snow and blossoming flowers and sunshine. Those are the things I love about spring.

  35. I will be looking forward to Blue Jays baseball again in the spring.

  36. I’m looking forward most to the open windows and fresh warm air after a cold winter

  37. No more Snow! By the time spring is here I will be done with shovelling!

  38. I’m looking forward to better weather.

  39. I`m looking forward to warmer weather,,I hate the cold!! Even though I shlould be used to it by now,seeing as we get cold weather all year

  40. I am looking forward to finally having a backyard next spring and building a deck.

  41. I’d like to just make it through winter! Lol

    I will be thankful to no longer shovel snow in the spring. 😉

  42. I’m looking forward to opening up the cabin and spending time out there!

  43. Oh what a great question. I am looking forward to new life in alot of ways. But lets keep it simple and say I am most looking forward to the potential of my favourite month.. april 🙂 when you appreciate even cool days and mild sunshine soooo much more than you do at other times of year.

  44. I’m looking forward to warmer weather in the spring and not having to scrape any more windows.

  45. Looking forward to seeing the flowers again.

  46. hahah spring?? I guess by then it will be looking forward to summer!

  47. my tulips coming up 🙂

  48. Daylight saving! I hate that it gets so dark so early now!!

  49. I’m looking forward to the warmer weather! We get a lot of rain in the winter so I always appreciate spring and summer!

  50. What I like about spring is all the fall colors on the trees

  51. Fresh bloomed flowers 🙂

  52. the most about spring is seeing flowres start to bloom and the warmer weather

  53. Spring, it seems so far away. What I am looking forward to most is seeing the leafs again turn green and flowers bloom.

  54. Being able to go around without socks on!

  55. I am pretty much ready for Christmas.

  56. I love the smell of spring when the sun is out and you can smell the dirt.

  57. I am most looking to the warmer weather in spring, and longer days not getting dark as early.

  58. warmer weather i do not like the cold Canadian weather

  59. Not even close to finished.. barely even started this year.

  60. I’m looking forward to the flowers blooming

  61. Flip flops!

  62. The end of winter!

  63. In the Spring I look forward to gardening.

  64. Looking forward to prepping my garden again for growing veggies!

  65. Daffodils blooming in the garden!

  66. I wish we could fast forward to spring. That means the snow has melted and we can enjoy longer, sunnier days.

  67. Im looking forward to cooler weather and pretty colored trees!

  68. I look forward to making it through the cold bitter winter were going to have

  69. no more snow!!!!!

  70. All the beautiful flowers and nature coming to life again

  71. I’m no where ready for Christmas yet…we have 8 kids and 4 grandbabies to shop for alone (ages 26-1month), I’m looking forward to spring so I can plant all my flowers by hand for 2016 inside in my grow rack ( my awesome yard sale find for $30) Bring on warmth, renewal, birds chirping and goodbye dampness, grey skies and uuuugh~snow!

  72. I am most looking forward to my besties wedding 🙂

  73. the flowers that bloom and ad color to the dull yard

  74. Spring feels oh so far away but i am looking forward to planning some outings. spring is when we do most of our day trips and attending of events.

  75. Not ready yet, but hope to be middle of december

  76. I am most excited for spring for the warmer weather, planting flowers and longer days. It’s a great time of year with snow melting.

  77. the warm weather

  78. I am expecting my first baby in the Spring!

  79. I love to watch the greenery being to grow

  80. I love the first flowers and tree leaves of Spring!

  81. I love my spring jacket…and the ability to wear it!

  82. Im looking forward to nice walks

  83. I’m about half way there.

  84. The nice weather

  85. I look forward to the weather

  86. looking forward to warmer days and flowers!

  87. My favourite thing about spring is the nicer weather and wearing lighter clothes

  88. I am looking forward to warmer weather 🙂

  89. Can’t wait to redo the landscaping in my front yard!

  90. I love spring because it’s the reawakening after the cold snowy winters we have.

  91. I am looking forward to Spring Flowers!

  92. warmer weather and no snow.

  93. I just love spring , I can t wait for the new beginnings.. Best part is the long summer weather we are still having .

  94. I am looking forward to warm temperatures!

  95. Spring? Thats a ways away! lol wish it was closer, but I love warm weather and no snow!

  96. I’m looking forward to the nice weather

  97. Wow, spring 🙂 Seems so far away! I usually love spring and the warmer temperatures.

  98. I look forward to the beautiful weather and the flowers.

  99. I am looking forward to warm weather and NO SNOW!

  100. I most looking forward to flowers and raspberries.

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