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Holiday Brunch Egg Recipes with Burnbrae Farms and $250 Giveaway #SJHolidayGifts

December goes by quickly, weekends spent with friends and family come and go and before we know it Christmas morning arrives. There is one thing that always brings people together making memories and that is a good meal. With little preparation, brunch meals made with eggs make those meals memorable. Burnbrae Farms makes holiday meal planning easy with their Recipe Nest.


I’ve worked with Burnbrae Farms for several years now and one thing that always draws their brand of eggs to my table is the family feel. Burnbrae Farms has been in the family business for over 120 years, 70 years ago developed into the egg production we see today. Burnbrae Farms is a Canadian family egg business dedicated to quality, health and innovation.


Today I’ve chosen 4 brunch recipes perfect for Holiday Entertaining! Have a look through…and at the end there may or may not be a giveaway sponsored by my friends at Burnbrae Farms!


4 Delicious Christmas Day Brunch Recipes

If you  haven’t picked up your eggs for your baking or meals yet, Burnbrae Farms makes it easy with their shell and liquid eggs.


Naturegg Omega 3 is a nutritionally-enhanced egg for people looking for natural foods with more essential nutrients. While all eggs are nutritious, all-natural and offer a great source of protein, vitamins and minerals, Naturegg Omega 3 eggs also provide an additional source of omega-3 fatty acids. To produce these eggs, our chickens eat an all-natural, flax-based diet that was developed by researchers at the University of Guelph.


New Naturegg Omega Plus Liquid Eggs are low in cholesterol and fat than regular eggs and it contains heart healthy omega-3 polyunsaturates. Omega-3 polyunsatures have been identified as important to maintaining overall good health.

Eight tablespoons or 100 mL of Naturegg Omega Plus Liquid Eggs contains 40% of the daily requirement of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are essential nutrients for your body. Omega-3 fatty acids are not produced by the human body. This means we have to acquire them through our diet. Naturegg Omega Plus Liquid Eggs is an excellent alternative to whole eggs as it is a low fat source of protein.


Egg Creations French Toast Blend comes in Cinnamon flavour. Made from real egg whites and other wholesome ingredients, Egg Creations French Toast Blendcan help you pull together a quick and nutritious favourite meal that the whole family will love. Just shake, pour, dip and cook…it’s that simple!  Easy to make and ready to serve in minutes.

It’s also important to know that Egg Creations French Toast Blend is cholesterol and fat free making it perfect for those on cholesterol or fat reduced diets or for those looking to provide healthy options for their families. And, Egg Creations French Toast Blend is a source of 9 vitamins and minerals.


Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 12.21.09 AM

The next best thing to a belly full of delicious brunch is a follow up with cookies. Burnbrae Farms is bringing a list of inspired holiday cookies to the table this holiday season and a chance to win a $1000 ultimate bakers prize pack! Go HERE to enter.


Make sure to follow Burnbrae Farms to join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and head over to learn more about their nutritious and delicious products.




If you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for more people on your list, make sure to check out the rest of our Holiday Gift Guide features and don’t forget to join us for the #SJHolidayGifts Twitter Party on December 3rd at 9pm EST where Epicure will be giving away an amazing prize! RSVP HERE.


WIN a Burnbrae Farms $250 Prize Pack!

Calling all cooks or to those who would love a holiday brunch in style. One lucky winner will receive 1 Burnbrae Prize Pack valued at $250.00!

This prize pack includes a $100 grocery gift card, $150 in Burnbrae Farms coupons and swag.


Entry is simple, just fill in the form below. All entries will be verified, this contest ends on December 10th, 2015. The winner will have 48 hours to respond.
*Open to Canadian residents, excluding Quebec.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

96 comments on “Holiday Brunch Egg Recipes with Burnbrae Farms and $250 Giveaway #SJHolidayGifts”

  1. I like to make fritatas

  2. I love egg salad sandwiches

  3. I love breakfast burritos!

  4. I enjoy omelettes with veggies and ham.

  5. My favorite egg dish is the Spinach and Mozzarella Egg Bake.

  6. Well, I can honestly say that I only eat eggs in baking. My husband however eats eggs every day, usually scrambled but he does enjoy a good omelet once in a while! I love making deviled eggs (even though i do not eat them) they are a hit at every birthday party!

  7. I love Eggs Benny!

  8. I love Eggs Benedict! It’s a classic.

  9. My favorite egg dish is a Denver omlet with american cheese

  10. A cheese and bacon omelet! Yes Bacon, Ill never quit eating bacon lol

  11. My favorite egg dish is Egg drop soup with green onions in it!

  12. I love omelettes! Love them loaded with cheese and hot peppers

  13. I enjoy preparing omlettes for my family with ham, pepper and onion.

  14. I love my husband’s grandma’s egg brunch dish. It has great flavor and is awesome.


  16. My favourite dish is an omelette with spinach and goat cheese.

  17. bacon and eggs

  18. I live a good quiche!!!

  19. We enjoy omelettes as you can add just about anything to them!

  20. I like cheese omelettes.

  21. I make an awesome chorizo and cheese frittata that’s possibly my favourite egg dish ever.

  22. i love quiche

  23. I like plain eggs sunny side up

  24. I enjoy sunny side up eggs simple but delcious. Dipping my toast into the yolk also.

  25. I love quiche!

  26. I love egg wraps with tomato, cheese, and sausage!

  27. I love omelettes!

  28. omelette with grilled veggies & goats cheese

  29. I love omelets!

  30. has to be quiche

  31. I love to make rice pudding!

  32. my favorite egg meal is quiche thank you for the chance

  33. I love eggs Benedict the most.

  34. Scrambled eggs

  35. How do you pick just one?!? I love devilled eggs for pot lucks and holiday parties. I loves eggs in a basket for breakfast. Omelettes with feta, tomato and onion are amazing also!

  36. I love making a quiche but the squash is spaghetti squash (with eggs to hold it together) and of course egg in the filling too!

  37. My favourite egg dish is quiche.

  38. I love making frittatas.

  39. I love French Toast with Maple Syrup

  40. My favorite egg dish is quiche.

  41. I love a veggie omlette.

  42. French toast

  43. Always love devilled eggs!

  44. devilled eggs is my favourite!

  45. I love omelets. Always have.

  46. I love quiche with spinach, sauteed onion and feta 🙂

  47. We love making mini frittatas!

  48. I love Whipped Egg whites then add the yolk and baked in the oven !! mmmmm!

  49. I like poached eggs on toast.

  50. Every morning I have an egg sandwich
    It’s simple but I just love it!!

  51. baked French toast is my favourite dish with eggs – we have it on special mornings, like Christmas and Easter

  52. My favourite egg dish is Frittata preferably with sausage, red peppers, and cheese.

  53. My favourite egg dish is an omelet with spinach!

  54. At the moment, my favourite egg dish is an omelette.

  55. deviled eggs are one of my favorite

  56. My favorite egg dish would be just plain scrabbled eggs with salt pepper and a little bit of cheese!!

  57. I like hard boiled eggs…Simple and healthy! Thankyou

  58. Eggs benedict!

  59. Scrambled eggs. Simple comfort food.

  60. Quiche is my favourite.

  61. My favorite egg dish is classic fried eggs,bacon,hashbrowns and toast!

  62. Our favorite dish is breakfast burritos with eggs and veggies.

  63. My favourite egg dish is Eggs Benedict

  64. I like hard boiled eggs.

  65. Love scrambled eggs!

  66. I love a good omelette!

  67. Sunny side up with a bit of toast for dipping

  68. Cinnamon French Toast!

  69. I love a ham and cheese omelette

  70. My favorite egg dish is a hard question right now. Although I do love scrampled eggs.

  71. My favorite egg dish is french toast!

  72. I love quiche. It’s my favourite weekend brunch food.

  73. I love an egg, 3 coloured peppers and cheese pie my husband makes. It taste great hot or cold.

  74. My favourite egg dish is Eggs Florentine.

  75. My favourite egg dish is simply eggs benedict! YUM!

  76. quiche is my all time favorite

  77. I like scrambled eggs with a side of sausage and toast!

  78. My favourite egg dish is spinach and pine nut quiche

  79. Eggs benedict

  80. egg tarts!!

  81. Devilled Eggs have always been my favorite egg dish since I was a young girl, my mom makes them so smooth & delicious!

  82. It’s hard to choose one favorite!! Eggs are great so many ways. I love omelets, deviled eggs, potato egg salad, French toast, oh I knew it would be hard to choose just one 🙂 thanks for the chance!!

  83. I love eggs benny!!

  84. I love a simple fried egg, and my fave potluck go-to is mini-quiches!

  85. I’m fairly simple in my tastes (if I’m doing the cooking!). Always enjoy a simple whole Omega 3 egg cooked Over Hard on some toast.

  86. I love poached eggs on toast.

  87. Quiche!!

  88. Eggs Benedict by far and then everything else!!

  89. Cinnamon French Toast!!

  90. Quiche is always my favorite egg dish!

  91. Eggs and Zucchini omelette. 😀

  92. Love Eggs Benedict

  93. Eggs overeasy

  94. All time fav is french toast!!

  95. I love egg omelettes!!

  96. It’s eggs benedict.

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