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Making Memories with Precious Baby Gifts and #PeaceonEarth

Each year I’ve had one of my babies I’m worried what might happen when the Christmas tree goes up. Pretty lights and ornaments are very tempting in the eyes of little ones. Last year I remember swapping out all the glass ornaments for plastic ones at the bottom of the tree to avoid any curious accidents.




This year, Ro now 2, has some restraint but he is most definitely still very interested in the tree but that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Curious little minds of innocence, snuggling on the couch and making memories with our loved ones.


The kids are now officially on their Christmas break from school and now our youngest, Ro, has his siblings all day to himself. It’s not often we are relaxed enough to laze around all day in our pj’s and he’s taking advantage of all the sister snuggles he can get. Soon Christmas Eve will come, the giggles, excitement and pitter patter of little feet making their way to bed in hopes of a big morning surprise. Secretly, this is my favourite night of the year to watch my children sleep, my sleeping angels. These are the memories I adore most.




This year Pamper’s is re-releasing this heartwarming video, Peace on Earth, and we want you to share your favourite holiday moment. To celebrate your favourite holiday moments, I’m giving away a $50 Pampers Baby Bundle Giveaway, including Pampers diapers, Ivory Snow and Pampers wipes. Make sure to watch the video and enter to win below.



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It’s easy to enter, just tell me what your favourite holiday moment or memory was in the comments below AND enter in the form. Open to Canada, excluding Quebec.

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44 comments on “Making Memories with Precious Baby Gifts and #PeaceonEarth”

  1. My favourite holiday memory is when my grandmother came over when I was a kid, in the late 60s and taught me how to make marzipan from scratch!

  2. I am all about the traditions going around the city looking for the best lit houses, drinking hotchocolate and listening to carols. I really enjoy holiday making with my kids too.

  3. My favourite holiday moment was the first year my son opened his stocking by himself. He threw everything out of his stocking and proceeded to stuff both his legs into his stocking. He did that all morning long!

  4. My favorite holiday memory is of my boys when they were little waking us up at 4 am to open their gifts.

  5. Watching the kids open gifts while sipping coffee. 🙂

  6. This one year we went to xmas mass, full house. So hot in there they had opened the front doors. It’s all quiet in the church and all of a sudden we see our cat walking down the main walk way lol. People that could see the cat starting laughing. My dad was so embarrassed.

  7. My dad used to jingle bells, stomp around, say ho ho ho so my brother and I thought Santa was in our house!

  8. The big family dinner is something that is always special to me!

  9. My favorite holiday memory has to be the first Christmas morning with my son. I have four children now and I enjoy that moment over and over again. I love it! This will be our newest additions first Christmas and he turned one month old today.

  10. All of my favourite holiday memories include my family! One year I went to Florida with my boyfriend (at the time)’s family and it just wasn’t the same as being with my own family. Now that I have 2 girls, seeing the magic on their faces is priceless.

  11. My favourite holiday memory would be going to grandmas for christmas dinner on christmas eve.

  12. favorite memory is when I was young te huge family gatherings we had it was so much fun

  13. My favorite holiday moment is when the kids come in our room an Christmas morning asking if we can get up yet, so full of excitement.

  14. My favourite Christmas memory is the year when I woke up to find a new kitten under the tree.

  15. My favorite holiday moment is when the kids wake up on Christmas morning. They’re always so excited to check if Santa came

    • My favorite holiday moment is when my husband, girls and I get dressed up in our Christmas outfits and take our own Christmas photo to print out and put in our Christmas cards

  16. My favourite memory has to be of last Christmas morning with my three girls. They were finally old enough to be able to enjoy the day so it was amazing to see the surprise on their faces when they saw the tree, and the excitement of spending time together with family!

  17. Meeting santa

  18. My favourite holiday memory was this year, we are expecting our first baby and are so excited!!

  19. I have too many great christmas memories!

  20. I enjoy Christmas more now that I have kids, seeing them open presents is my favorite moment.

  21. The excitement of the children on Christmas morning always leaves great memories

  22. I remember singing carols with my siblings and acting silly in general. It was so long ago.

  23. my son coming home for christmas from the nicu he was not supposed to come home for christmas but he did miracles do happen

  24. It was this year when dressed up as santa and visited my.2 year old. He was sooo scared. It was funny though

  25. mine was the first christmas with my son, he was just over 9 months old and when he saw the tree lit up, he was amazed.

  26. I love when the kids are off from school at the holidays and we can relax, build fun things together like gingerbread houses and play lots of board games!

  27. I remember baking gingerbread with my mom and sisters every year.

  28. Decorating the tree with my grandparents is my favorite memory!

  29. Fave memory is the last one we had with our Uncle .

  30. Baking with my mom!

  31. This past Christmas was my favourite. My kids are at the perfect age to appreciate Santa and the magic of Christmas!

  32. My favorite memory was spending Christmas with my mother, now that she is gone Christmas is never the same anymore

  33. My favorite holiday memory was going over to my grandma’s for Christmas eve dinner and gift opening and then sleeping over…my brother and I would run around playing tag in the dark in the basement when we were supposed to be sleep!

  34. My memories of holidays are all awesome when I am with family…

  35. I like sharing Christmas breakfast with my family. sometimes there are a lot of people who come sometimes just a few of us, but it’s always wonderful.

  36. My favourite memory is waking up on Christmas to a big family! I love spending the holidays with family-it makes me so happy! Thank-you for the opportunity 🙂

  37. My favourite holiday memory is spending time with the family …having lots of fun playing board games.

  38. My favourite memory was my daughters faces Christmas morning, the magic is so real!

  39. my fave holiday memory is always seeing the excitement and joy on my childrens faces –makes the holidays so magical

  40. My favorite holiday memory is spending christmas at my grandparents and all the extended family coming over!

  41. I always have fond memories of dinners around the table with Christmas crackers 😉

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