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Happy to Make the Switch to TELUS Mobility

If you’re from Saskatchewan, especially rural areas, you know it’s been a long time coming for some friendly competition between service providers. Up until recently I had been locked into what seemed like an endless contract or, what I like to call it, the black hole. I am happy to say I have broken free and feel empowered with my recent switch to TELUS Mobility.


I am in the vehicle a lot running kids back and forth to school and sport activities on rural roads or highways, sometimes mornings are such a blur that I even bring my coffee cup. I can’t afford not to have reliable service on my mobile phone and I know with Telus I can expect nothing less.


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What makes Telus stand out to me is their top notch customer service. With my other provider I was often left with dropped calls or fluctuations in my bill; when I tried to call in my experience was never a good one. I often waited in queue for 25 minutes or more, was transferred between several agents, and even hung up on. You can sense my frustration. Maybe I’m just unlucky or maybe I just expect more as a customer.


With my very first bill, I was excited to be able to contact a customer service agent via live chat when an question arose at around 10pm one evening. The question was resolved quickly. Most times I’m jammed with my schedule or sitting at a sport event that making time for a phone call isn’t ideal; I was impressed Telus has customer service agents at my fingertips.


Telus for WeDay Inspire Change

Some would say great products and service are all they need but for me as a customer, I prefer to seek out businesses that provide something more. Telus gives back to the community with We Give Where We Live  ® and Telus Health programs; that’s the kind of company I want in my corner.



On my switch I upgraded to an iPhone 6 Plus from an iPhone 5S. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t a fan in the beginning because of the massive size comparative to my iPhone 5S but after some time I decided I prefer the larger size. It has all the same great features of my old iPhone, with some upgrades, but I noticed I don’t drop my new phone like I did my old phone and it’s easier to see. It’s grown on me and I wouldn’t go back.


I considered the new Samsung Galaxy android but after consideration I decided I just have too many apple products that sync and I didn’t want to make too many changes at once. My mind was put at ease when I was told both were great phones, the differences are minimal in terms of quality; each has their own perks. “You don’t buy a Ferrari when you have a Lamborghini.” In other words, it’s a preference and I went what I was comfortable with.


For more information on services, products and ways that Telus gives back to the community, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.


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