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What to Pack for 3 Nights in Las Vegas

Recently I went on a quick 3 night trip with my husband in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was a spontaneous decision, one that lined up well to celebrate his birthday and we had a much needed mini holiday away as a couple. If you are considering Vegas, I think this is the way to do it but what to pack? Save your baggage fees, a carry-on suitcase is all you need.


What to Pack for (2)


Make sure to check your airlines carry-on dimension regulations before travelling. Typically each passenger is allowed 1 carry-on suitcase and 1 carry-on backpack or purse (small enough to fit under the seat). Remember that you can only pack non-aerosol liquids and gels under 70ml/container in your carry-on luggage, pack the liquids in a clear sealed bag to make it quicker to get through security.


  1. A comfortable pair of shoes and a fancy pair of shoes. You’ll be walking a lot up and down the Las Vegas strip between hotels and shops, and if you have any excursions booked you will be thankful you brought comfy shoes. I bring a pair of flip flops with rhinestones on them so they can crossover from semi-casual to dressy and I can save on space. If you have room, throw in a pair of shoes specific to your outfit.
  2. A nice outfit. Pack one nice outfit that you will wear to a show or in the evenings to a nice dinner. I take a couple of dresses because it takes up less room in my suitcase.
  3. Accessories. Women love accessories but you can easily cut back by choosing jewelry pieces to match more than one outfit.
  4. Bathing suit, sunglasses and sunblock. Depending on the time of year you may want to enjoy the hotel pool and if not, you will still want to protect your eyes and cover that skin in the beautiful weather of Las Vegas. In February it’s still 20 degrees Celcius; to us Canadians, that’s warm enough.
  5. A Jacket and Pants. In the evenings it can be a bit cool, a light jacket is more than enough. I prefer pants in the evenings but a dress with a cover-up was fine for our dinner at another hotel.
  6. Medications. Any prescription medications should be put in a clear bag with your liquids and gels to show through security. You may also want to bring acetaminophen, anti-nauseant and antihistamines in travel size, depending on what you might need; you don’t want to end up sick for the little time you have in Vegas.
  7. A Camera. I think this is an obvious one but there are so many interesting buildings to take pictures of, a smartphone isn’t enough in my opinion. Two of my favourite spots to take pictures from were the Stratosphere and the Paris Hotel Eiffel Tower observation decks. The High Roller at the Linq is another spot. If you are staying at one of these hotels, you can access these decks for free.

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