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7 Tips for Canadians to Save Money on a Trip to Las Vegas

7 Tips for Canadians to Save Money on a Trip to Las Vegas (1)

Budget Savvy Tips

  1. Search for vacation packages. Airlines make it easy to find deals on a quick trip to Las Vegas. We found a last minute deal for 3 nights in Las Vegas with flights and hotel for less than $800 Canadian, taxes in! Tip: If you have a place to stay and don’t need the hotel as part of the package, try looking at the last minute deal date of flight and search flights based on those dates; you will find flights a lot cheaper. The best time for booking flights seems to be Wednesday morning (12:01 am where the airline will depart). Book your flight to depart on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday when fares are lower and 4-6 weeks before you desired flight. These are tips to help find the lowest flight fares but your last minute deals are usually your best bet for Canadians travelling to Las Vegas.
  2. Use travel points. We have a TD Infinite Travel Rewards Visa that we use for nearly everything, even monthly household bills and groceries. We earn points on every dollar spent which converts to dollars back on any travel related purchase, like flights, hotels and car rentals. Just by using our card on things we would spend on anyway, we earn vacation dollars! If you travel even once per year or have a family, applying for a travel credit card could be a big benefit.
  3. Pre-purchased tickets. There are so many shows to choose from and little time to take it all in. We chose to see the Criss Angel Believe show at the Luxor and the MJ Live show at the Stratosphere. The MJ Live show was located at our hotel so it was convenient and because my husband was a big Michael Jackson fan, it made sense. We were so glad we chose this show; it was highly entertaining with music, dancing and signing all live from the performers. Note: You may get a better deal on tickets at the hotel you are staying at; we would have saved over $20/ticket had we known our hotel gave a discount on the MJ Live show because it was located at our hotel.MJLiveMeetGreet
  4. Daily itinerary. You don’t need to do this; there are plenty of things to do by simply walking the strip but keep in mind the strip is long and if you are located at the far end of the strip like we were, you will have to pay a cab to get where you want to go. For example, if you are considering seeing the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon, you will need to plan your day and rent a car from your hotel. The Hoover Dam is more achievable on a short time in Vegas with only 30 minute drive where the Grand Canyon is over 3 hours from Vegas. We would have loved to see the Grand Canyon but with only 3 nights in Vegas, we decided there was enough to see on the strip.
  5. Budget. This seems like common sense but it’s very easy to overspend in Vegas. If you like to gamble, spending is easy but even if you aren’t much of a gambler, you will be offered a deal for what seems like every few steps. Be budget conscious, including tips and casino money you will want to spend while there.
  6. Tip your service. Check your bill, gratuity may already be included but you will want to budget for tips for cabs, the maid, your beverage server and your door man. When you are gambling at the casinos you receive free beverages; tip your server well and she will take care of you otherwise beverages can be pricey. We tip our maid on the day before we leave and the door man as we leave to thank them for serving us during our time there. You can choose daily but we choose to tip for longer term things once at a larger amount. Don’t be cheap; service providers live off their tips so make sure you include this in your budget.
  7. Earn Free Tickets and Coupons.
    • You can earn free show tickets, casino money and meals at the hotel. When you arrive there is an information desk where they will offer these freebies when you commit to go the next day for a timeshare presentation. I know, I know. I practically heard your eyes rolling but it only takes a couple hours, you get a free meal in addition to the freebies and if you are in the market anyway, it may be something to consider. You are not obligated to purchase; if you are uncomfortable with strong sales minded agents, then this may not be for you. We are familiar with timeshares and were looking so this worked for us. TimeshareVegas800
    • As you walk the Las Vegas strip you will be approached by people handing out brochures and coupons. Most we weren’t interested in but we were looking at attending the Body Exhibit at the Luxor and received coupons for $10 off each ticket from someone on the strip. It may be worth stopping for coupons, depending on what you want to do while in las Vegas.


Other Tips for a Relaxed Vacation

If you need help knowing what to pack, check out my other Las Vegas article, What to Pack for 3 Nights in Las Vegas.

  • Reserve Special Dining. If you are considering a popular dining location, you will want to reserve before you go on vacation. We chose to dine for my husbands birthday at Gordon Rasmsay’s Steak and were lucky to find a reservation time before we left using Open Table. This website also indicates the price point for each restaurant to ensure you stay within your budget. Special dining can be pricey but if it’s something you are looking for, reserving ahead.GRDinner800
  • Stay Safe. Depending where you are staying, safety may be more of a concern. Ask your hotel concierge about personal safety walking around the area. During the day safety will not be as much of a concern as at night. Also, do not keep anything in your back pockets; pick pocketers can easily relieve you of your valuables. We felt completely safe the entire time but this is just a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense.

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