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Easter Chocolate Covered Oreos



Easter is this weekend. Let me say it again, Easter is THIS weekend and I am not prepared. Normally I prepare an abundance of desserts and have a table full of people for Easter brunch but this year with my daughters cheerleading competitions, March came and went. I didn’t want to leave my kids without that special baking bonding time so I decided to make these easy Easter Chocolate Covered Oreo’s.


I picked up a couple of Easter themed cookie Wilton molds and a few chocolate wafer colours from my local Bulk Barn to create these Easter Chick Cookies and Easter Egg Cookies. Although there is a trick to it, I think they turned out really cute and my kids absolutely adored them.





  • Wilton chocolate covered cookie molds (1/4 cup for each colour, 1 cup for the main colours)
  • Oreo cookies
  • Chocolate wafers in each colour you want to use (you need very small amounts)
  • Small sealable plastic bags


  1. In small glass bowls, melt the candy wafers 1 colour to each bowl, in 20 second intervals until smooth and melted. Stir in between intervals to avoid burning. You will need the most of the main colour. In this case, yellow for the chicks and white for the eggs.
  2. Working quickly, spoon the melted chocolate into the corner of the small bags (1 colour per bag), removing the air as you seal the bags. Cut the corner just enough for the chocolate to come out slowly.
  3. Pipe each colour of chocolate into the appropriate mold locations, taking care to let them slightly dry before starting the next layer. Make sure to do the features first. Once you get to the main colour, fill the remainder of the cookie mold 2/3 full of that colour of chocolate and press down an Oreo cookie into the mold until the chocolate squishes and covers the sides. You can leave it like this or you can then cover what’s exposed of the cookie, taking care not to over fill the molds; they should be flush for the best results.
  4. Place in the freezer until hardened. Pop cookies out of the molds and enjoy.


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