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10 Tips for the First Days with a New Baby

As vast as my parenting techniques have changed by each baby we added to the family, one thing remained consistent when bringing each of my children home as newborns, the brain fog. I was exhausted, plain and simple. It’s like my brain was in hyperdrive and I was along for the ride. Despite the challenges, I have 10 tips for the first days with a new baby for new moms that helped me through.


10 Tips for the First Days with a New Baby


  1. Take care of yourself and your hygiene needs. This sounds like common sense but as new busy moms, we often put our needs aside. Make sure you have a support system to allow your needs to be taken care of; a few minutes a day or an afternoon every week can be achieved.
  2. Sleep when the baby sleeps. Easier said than done, right? You may think you should use that time to catch up on housework but that can wait; being sleep deprived will only set off a series of other issues. You need your sleep; take advantage of nap time.
  3. Ask for and accept help. Generally, there are many willing to help out a new mom and more than happy to help. Maybe it’s a grandma or a friend offering to babysit or help with chores, accept it.
  4. Plan ahead. Have your spouse grab groceries, diapers, and other necessities before you head home from the hospital so you can stay home for the first few days with your new baby. You may also want to prepare a few freezer meals before the birth of your baby to get you through the first week home with a newborn; these are helpful on days where you are too tired to function.
  5. Create a nighttime routine. A newborn eats every couple of hours but creating a nighttime routine helps the baby learn to relax in routine.
  6. Organize your time. It’s hard to organize your time with a baby, time usually rotates around the infants schedule but you can make a weekly plan for the necessary chores and appointments and work around that as you need to with the baby. If you can’t go grocery shopping one day because the baby is extra cranky, try asking your spouse or pushing it off a day or two. If you’re like me, I enjoyed grocery shopping because it was an outing. Allow yourself to adjust and get into a groove.
  7. Prepare to be flexible. Babies are notorious for putting a kink into plans; prepare to be flexible and cancel plans when you can’t avoid it.
  8. Say no. Don’t put the pressure on yourself trying to please everyone. Having a newborn will change your life and you won’t always be able to do everything at anytime.
  9. Decline visitors. There will be a lot of well-meaning visitors and although everyone is excited to see the new baby, give yourself time to settle into routine before inviting too many people over.
  10. Talk to your spouse. Your spouse is by your side; lean on him/her when you need the support. If you need your spouse to take over, let it happen. You deserve to allow yourself and your new baby to be cared for. Remember that your spouse may need support too; there are a lot of changes in the household.


Becoming a new parent is full of excitement and maybe a little scary too. Resist the pressures we put on ourselves by utilizing some of these tips, enjoy your new addition and the new dynamic to your family. You’ll do just fine.

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52 comments on “10 Tips for the First Days with a New Baby”

  1. best moment was introducing big sister to baby brother. Watching the look of awe and love was my high light.

  2. I’m looking forward to spoiling my future niece/nephew OR my best friend’s future baby.

  3. my fiance and i were just so anxious when we took our son home two years ago. we looked forward to seeing all his features, expressions and were preparing ourselves for our first time as parents!

  4. My fave memory the first night at home. It was a big shock and I enjoyed every minute of it

  5. Seeing big sisters reaction and behaviour having a little one at home!

  6. We laid the baby on our bed so the cat could get acquainted. Just then the baby sneezed, and the cat was out of there in a flash.

  7. I was happy to show my daughter to all my family

  8. I actually had a home birth so it was amazing being home from the get go, and could just lay down with my little one right on me right away and be comfortable and home right from the start

  9. I’m most looking forward to snuggling up with the baby, counting all 10 toes & fingers and watching her grow.

  10. Bringing my new baby home was so scary but amazing! Thanks for the chance.

  11. My best memory when we brought our first home was innocent he was and how he was going to change EVERYTHING

  12. I LOVE being home in the comforts of my surroundings, my own bed and just laying with my newborn and taking it all in.

  13. I remember my son’s first cry, it was an unbelieveable moment.

  14. I’m looking forward to lots of cuddling!

  15. I remember thinking how peaceful the house will be with a new baby and all the love. LOL Till the first screaming for food!

  16. Getting to hold my newest niece for the first time and that special bond!

  17. My favorite memory was introducing our new baby to our dog. She was afraid of the baby when it cried.

  18. Looking forward to meeting the little one, of course, but we’re very excited to introduce him to our families, especially since we will have visitors from overseas to welcome their first grandbaby.

  19. I’m looking forward to a bundle of joy of the first born! Trying to think positive than negative!

  20. finally getting everything ready and seeing our bundle of joy. it’s been a long time coming, so happy we’re finally having a baby

  21. My favorite memory is nursing in the middle of the night when the whole house is still and there’s no distractions. I loved just taking in everything about the perfect little ones.

  22. My favorite memory is meeting my niece for the first time!

  23. Right now we are expecting twins, in August. The thing I am looking forward too is seeing the looks on the faces of my kids when we bring home their new sisters.

  24. I was so blessed to be able to have my parents visiting when I brought my babies home. They lived a fair distance away but somehow we managed to time their visits to my deliveries as I was early both times.

  25. My favorite memory is introducing my second baby to my first. They are best friends!

  26. I loved when she slept in her room for her first night. We were finally whole.

  27. My niece is expecting and love helping out with the little ones by taking them for over nights when they need a break.

  28. Looking forward to all the precious moments with my little one and just watching her grow!

  29. My favourite memory on the first day was I brought my baby laid down on her crib that I prepared for her. I feel so great!

  30. I brought my first baby home 8 weeks ago! It was amazing and overwhelming. My favourite part was the drive home. I had worried for so long that she would be healthy and happy, and all my worries were gone

  31. I’m expecting this summer and I’m looking forward to all the snuggles and going for walks on the boardwalk with our new little one.

  32. The shock of having a little human being to take care of!

  33. My favourite memory was when we bought our daughter home from the hospital, my 22 months old son held her hand in the car trip home.

  34. Watching the baby sleep.

  35. I loved how excited my daughter was to meet her new brother.

  36. I’m looking forward to all the cuddles!

  37. Best memory was the first day home and just staring at my little baby

  38. They’re so little and so precious. I love just watching them sleep in your arms. Although they don’t sleep much on the first nights.

  39. My favorite memories are just watching her sleep while cuddled up to me.

  40. i remember just being super excited and ready to create our new home with the new baby.

  41. My favourite memory of bringing our babies home is wrapping them in the white blanket that my Grandma knit for me and that I came home from the hospital in! My mom saved it and we always use it on top of the car seat when we bring our babies home. My Grandma was only alive for the birth of one of my children, but I am so glad that she was able to see the blanket being used again.

  42. My favorite memory of bringing my baby home is knowing his siblings were patiently waiting to meet him. They were so excited and fell in love with him instantly.

  43. instagram ID is gmrich22

  44. best memory is the first night at home!

  45. I’ve never brought a baby home, but I remember my niece coming home. I most look forward to seeing them develop and all the stages.

  46. Hello, Stacey, it’s really very good feeling for everyone to welcome a new baby. Tips you have shared are great I will keep it in mind.Thanks for sharing this beautiful post.

  47. Well, very helpful tips and guides. Thanks for sharing. I used to experience this feeling. It was great time but of course, very hard to overcome.

  48. Be Flexible is the #1 tip….don’t take life to seriously at the beginning, take care of yourself and the wee little one – most important thing to do

  49. These are fantastic tips for new moms.I am looking forward to helping my niece out now that she is home with the new baby.I think I will take her some freezer meals for a start.

  50. All wonderful and important tips! one thing I wish I did more of was sleep when my daughter slept. I would always tell myself I was going to and when the time came down to it, I found myself doing something else like eating, cleaning, showering…by the time i would want to lay down my daughter was awake and found myself extremely tired. the other important one is to not be afraid to ask for help or advice! That’s what your loved ones and experts are there for

  51. All great tips, the first few days take some adjusting too. I think limiting visitors is a great things until you get settled.

  52. Thanks for posting these! Great tips

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