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10 Kids Summer Entertainment Ideas & Tips

By this time of the year, we eagerly await the final days of school before we can truly enjoy summer days as a family, or so we think. Whether you have a staycation or a vacation, about two weeks into summer the telltale bickering between siblings or “I’m bored” statements take hold. With a few kids summer entertainment ideas and tips in your beach bag you’ll enjoy a fulfilled summer with your children.

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  1. Keep the routine. It’s hard to keep routine in the summer but no matter the time of year, kids need routine. You are bound to stretch a bedtime or meal time here or there in the summer but try to keep routine as much as possible.
  2. Plan activities. Kids tend to be more involved with technology these days than ever; plan to set up activities that continues to test their motor skills throughout the summer. Planned activities are important to routine as well.
  3. Set up play dates. Your kids will likely have a friends nearby they can easily plan a couple hours of playtime but if not, call up a cousin or a schoolmate and make it a date. You may even enjoy a coffee date with the other parent.
  4. Go on a nature walk. Kids are constantly learning and a nature walk (even around the yard or neighbourhood) is the perfect way to keep that education going through the summer. Let nature spark that curiosity in your child and the fresh air do it’s work; your kids may even go to bed early.
  5. Do a scavenger hunt. This one can be as easy or as hard as you make it. You can send your kids to the backyard to find pre-placed items and ask them to bring them to you based on a list or picture (depending on the age) printed on a piece of paper.
  6. Play I Spy. Playing games is fun but they educate too. I spy is a great way to encourage your child to seek out things they might not normally notice; the more they play, the more curious they will become.
  7. Practice Math Skills. Keeping up math skills is easy, just teach by playing a game. Ask you child to find 3 things that are green or 5 things shaped like a square in the surroundings, and so on.
  8. Read together. This can be your special time together before a nap or bedtime or just because. Reading through the summer is so important to keep your children’s skills up for the new school year. You don’t want to lose momentum gained during the year by taking a reading vacation. It happens but by reading to your child and having them participate, you can help keep that from happening.
  9. Go to the water splash park. Most cities have a free splash park or a public pool for a small admission fee; plan an afternoon enjoying the nice weather, sun and simple play that kids love but don’t forget the sunscreen.
  10. Head to a museum. Depending on the museum you have near you, kids are generally intrigued by the exhibits. They may have little patience to read all about the history of each exhibit but a little bit as they pass by each is just as educational, and fun, for their age. My kids personally love museums with transportation and dinosaur exhibits.

Arm yourself with a few sanity savers from the above 10 kids summer entertainment ideas and tips and you’ll have a summer pack not just with entertainment but education.

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Kids Summer EntertainmentIdeas & Tips

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  1. I always had a plastic bin in the car. It was filled with cars, trucks, coloring books, crayons, art paper… all sorts of things. During car trips, my boys always had something to do.

  2. We use to set up a tent in the backyard for the kids to sleep out. On nice days we would take them to the local park for swimming and a picnic.

  3. I keep a tote bag in my car with wipes, snacks, travel games, trash bags, and bug spray, for our nature hikes.

  4. I pack snacks and drinks and the essentials such as sunscreen, bug repellant and hats before we take any trips to visit parks or relatives.

  5. I always keep a bag in the car filled with diapers, wipes, bottled water, a blanket for picnics and park visits!

  6. Anything fun under the sun with sunscreen applied! While we still keep up with reading and math during the summer, we like to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. From camping in the backyard, days at Wonderland, the Toronto Zoo, Centre Island as well as our local parks, beaches and hiking trails, it’s all about soaking up the summer sun and living each day as though it’s our last.

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