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6 Family Friendly Activities in Florida’s Gulf Coast

Having a large family, it’s sometimes a challenge to find a location that suits all interests and ages. After visiting and learning what Florida’s Gulf Coast had to offer families, I knew this was the place my family would be happy exploring. Between my recent visits to Emerald Coast and Pensacola, here are 6 family friendly activities in Florida’s Gulf Coast that will keep all ages entertained.



Educational and fun, the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is where your family will enjoy a day with marine life. I particularly liked learning cranes and tortoises were often rehabilitated here but I know my kids would love seeing all the animals from alligators to Dolphins. There are informational placards located at the exhibits throughout the park for a family learning experience.



Being from the prairies of Canada, we don’t have a lot of marine life to enjoy so I didn’t know the Dolphin Cruise experience would be so fulfilling. I expected to see maybe a handful of Dolphins in the distance swimming in the wild but what I experienced was several pods of Dolphins swimming and jumping around our boat. It was an amazing experience, one I know my whole family would love.

My teen daughter is crazy over Dolphins so to see them up close in their natural habitat would be an experience of a lifetime for her. If you’re in the area, take your family on the Southern Star Dolphin Cruise.


3. Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill

We dropped into Uncle Buck’s Fishbowl and Grill in Destin, Florida to view the unique atmosphere of the bowling alley and restaurant. I could imagine my kids eyes growing wider as they gazed over the aquarium themed alley. My family enjoys bowling, it’s fun and frugal entertainment when you have a large family such as mine. This would make a perfect rainy day activity or an evening of fun with your family.



Fort Walton and Pensacola are only an hour drive from each other so it’s easy to drop into either location for family friendly activities. The history of Pensacola is rich and not one your family should miss. The Historic Pensacola Village area allows you to experience a step back in time. You’re family will enjoy tours through antique buildings, transportation vehicles and museums.

For those will smaller children, I personally checked into the Pensacola Children’s Museum and found it to be a great place to keep little ones entertained while learning about the times.


5. On the Beach

Blue sunny skies, gorgeous beaches and water is what Florida is known for and there is no lack of family beach activities in Florida’s Gulf Coast. Paddle boarding and jet-ski rentals are only a couple of the activities families can enjoy. Easy access beach shops for all your beach necessities will make family beach days to remember.



Pensacola is rich in history, military history included. Not all history is happy history but it’s important to teach our children where we come from and how to make our stamp in history better than the last.

Fort Pickens is thick with a military history that can’t be ignored. The fort operated from 1834 until 1947 where several battles took place by Forts surrounding the peninsula. The Fort offers a vast presence; when walking through, you will appreciate the structure that has stood the test of time. If your family enjoys an educational experience, you would appreciate spending a day at Fort Pickens.



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11 comments on “6 Family Friendly Activities in Florida’s Gulf Coast”

  1. Great post! Thanks for sharing other things to do besides parks…..

  2. All of that sounds amazing. This would make for a great trip for my family. I know we have always wanted to get close to some dolphins. I think that would be the most fun.

  3. Looks like the perfect trip! I love seeing dolphins in the wild, such fun and playful animals!

  4. I love going to Florida. I get to go a few times a year and always have an amazing time. I would love to go to Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.

  5. Wow! There is so much to do! I’d be content sitting on that beautiful beach though 🙂

  6. Florida’s Gulf Coast looks like a beautiful vacation spot. There are so many fantastic places to see. My kids would love the Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park.

  7. I have always wanted to explore Florida’s Gulf Coast. I am hoping to plan a vacation for next winter.

  8. I am always looking for family friendly travel ideas. The Florida Gulf Coast looks like it has something for everyone.

  9. I would love to visit Florida too! Looks like such a beautiful place to explore with many treasures.

  10. We’ve done a few of these things before. But a couple I’d never heard of before. We’ll have to check them out!

  11. Florida is a beautiful place. I have never gone to Florida and not been impressed with the food, the entertainment and the people.

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