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Activities for Kids that will Squash Boredom

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Kids can get very bored, very quickly; any parent can confirm that. With spring break being over for most kids, it was just a little sample of how bored they can be when they’re home from school. Wait until they are home from school for summer vacation and you will likely be desperate for ways to keep your kids entertained. Here are some great activities for kids that will squash boredom before it even starts!

Water Fights

A favourite pastime for almost every child of every age is throwing water at other kids. Especially in the hot summer months that are coming up. Water balloons or water guns will be an amazing investment for them. Introduce a slip n slide for even more fun and cool water games.

Make Sand Art

You can find coloured sand at most hobby or arts and crafts stores. Let your kid pick out their favourite colours and then find a uniquely shaped glass container. Something like a vase or small glass bottle. Using the different colours of sand they can make layers and cool designs. Pro tip: use a toothpick push down along the edge of the glass into the sand to make vertical stripes of multicoloured sand. They can make cool displays for their rooms or for around the house.


Using flour, water, and newspaper you can make just about anything. Mix equal parts water and flour into a bowl. Run strips of newspaper through the mixture and lay it across any shape and allow it to harden over the course of a couple of hours. A really fun thing to do is make each planet in the solar system. Use a blown up balloon as a mold to lay the newspaper across and allow it to dry. Then pop the balloon and paint the exterior as each planet!

Neighbourhood Activities

If there are other kids in the neighbourhood there are a ton of things you AND your kids can do. You could host a camping sleepover with tents in the backyard, or the neighbourhood kids could get together for a friendly bike race. Another fun thing to do with all of the kids is any type of relay race. Like three-legged racing or egg tosses!

Keeping your kids entertained will be easy with these kids’ activities to squash boredom. They will be able to have fun and have something to talk about when they go back to school at the end of summer! What do your kids like to do the most when they are feeling bored? Let me know in the comments!

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