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Influencers, BEE Supportive

Recently my business partner and I were discussing how important influencers are, like a piece to the puzzle.

We as influencers each have strengths and weaknesses. Some are established/experienced and others are learning but what we all have in common is that we never stop learning and we are always working towards making ourselves better with successes and rewards.

As an influencer, a business owner to a boutique digital marketing firm who works closely with influencers and a beekeeper as one of many hats I wear, I recognize what helps a community thrive.


For example, bees work together to ensure growth happens, new life is nurtured, the structure of the beehive runs smoothly working together to ensure the hive thrives. Each bee is a piece to the puzzle; helping each other is key to this existence. This is very relevant to what us as influencers should strive for, working together, lifting each other up and encouraging each other to succeed. For the most part I think influencers do this but, as most established influencers have been witness to at some point, we’ve been disappointed by dramatic behaviors or allowed ourselves to be sucked into those behaviors.

Influencers should be careful not to get pulled into negative traps. Accusations based on unfounded assumptions never bode well. I remember back to my training in a former career and one specific sentence remains burned into my memory , “Never assume anything.” The result of that assumption could prove detrimental.

Everyone has a story behind the face. Some stories are happy and some are fighting a battle that nobody would wish on their worst enemies. People have every right to opinions but when those opinions find their way to automatically seeing the worst in someone or tearing that person down, that’s a sad place to be. Not every action is justified so check yourself before you wreck yourself.


before you assume, learn the facts. before you judge, understand why. before you hurt someone, feel. before yoou speak, think.


In an ever-changing digital landscape, continuous learning is something every influencer, new and established, has to embrace in order to succeed and remain relevant. We have enough work on our plates without having to contend with Negative Nelly’s. Let me assure you, there is enough work in the digital realm for all of us to do well so let’s lift each other up, support each other as influencers, #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk and THRIVE.


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  1. I love the comparison to bees. Very fitting. Thank you for the insightful share. 🙂

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