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Summer Womens Fashion Trends on a Budget #SharetheSecret

I have a confession to make, I may be one of a select few women on earth that doesn’t enjoy shopping. I don’t like walking into a store and spending hours looking for deals because, although I could spend the money, I am too frugal to waste money when it’s unnecessary.

What happens when I shop is, after what seems like hours of looking, I collect a handful of things that are so-so, but on sale, and then put most of the items back before leaving the store with 1 piece of clothing in hand. This is why Giant Tiger is one of my favourite stores; I can walk in the store and know I will leave with a few nice outfits in little time and everything will be at a discount price point.

Frugal Summer Fashion Trends with Giant Tiger Bright Colors


These days when it comes to shopping for clothes, I look for price and comfort first but I want my clothing to look fashionable too. Recently when Giant Tiger told me about their new women’s fashion lines, Lily Morgan™, MyStyle™ and updated ACX Active™, I knew I would be excited to go check it out.

I shop at Giant Tiger often for a variety of things from toddler to teen clothing and accessories to groceries and party supplies, like Canada Day fireworks and pool accessories. Have you seen the pizza and donut floaties? I think there may be more floaties in our pool than there is room for people at this point. Each and every thing I purchase at Giant Tiger is at a great price; for example, the above outfit came in at only $14! With the bright colours, light material and comfort fit, it makes for the perfect summer outfit.


Frugal Summer Fashion Trends with Giant Tiger Casual Fashion

You can never have too many tank tops for the summers on the prairies; they are just the right piece for layering from the hot summer days to cool nights we experience and at $8 per tank top, you can’t go wrong. I wore this outfit with a red tank top and white denim shorts on Canada Day, very festive for holiday celebrations but most importantly, comfortable and affordable at $24.


Frugal Summer Fashion Trends with Giant Tiger for Evenings

I love hoodies, or bunny-hugs as we call them here in Saskatchewan. Fact. They make a great addition for layering on cooler days and evenings; at such a great price I couldn’t help but pick up a couple of different colours. Paired with these white denim capri’s and navy sneakers to make a complete look for $53. I love picking mix-and-match pieces like these to stretch the budget.



With the help of my teen daughters, I tried on a lot of cute summer clothes and ended up bringing home this lot below for a total of a whopping $139. Ten pieces of clothing, one pair of sandals and one pair of sneakers that I can easily mix-and-match for that price is impressive.

Giant Tiger Boutique has a good selection of women’s summer fashion trends on a budget in all sizes from petite to full figured. If you haven’t had the opportunity to check out the new fashion lines at your local Giant Tiger, you’ll be impressed by the selection at fantastic prices.


Frugal Summer Fashion Trends with Giant Tiger


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99 comments on “Summer Womens Fashion Trends on a Budget #SharetheSecret”

  1. I like the prices. I don’t worry about spending too much when I shop there because most things are so reasonable.

  2. There are always great deals to be found, especially on home products.

  3. What I love most about shopping at Giant Tiger is the clearance clothing racks. I get more bang for my buck shopping off these discounted racks.

  4. I love the great prices.

  5. What I love most about shopping at Giant Tiger is the great low prices on great fashion.

  6. I love the deals that you can find.

  7. I really like the wide selection of items at Giant Tiger

  8. I can always find a BARGAIN at Giant Tiger & they carry a lot of brand name household items. Love shopping the food area & there are always stacks of goodies to be found. Great items for the little ones & prices are great.


  9. The prices & collection of items I can find at GIANT TIGER

  10. I love that GT is a one stop shop-from groceries to fashioned with affordable pricing. Being a trendy Mom-GT interprets all the latest trends at a reasonable price. So much to love at GT!!!

  11. I love shopping at giant tiger because I can do a one stop shop, the clothes are stylish, they price match and use coupgon!!!! And it’s rigt up the street 🙂

  12. I live shopping at Giant Tiger as the have so many great deals. Their clothing department has improved tremendously over the last year.

  13. I like that we can purchase household items and food in one store.

  14. I love shopping at giant tigers because you get good quality for a good price.
    They also have nice friendly staff.

  15. I LOVE Giant Tiger. They have so much awesome surprises hidden away. With awesome prices too. Where else could you find an RCMP pj set for nephews!!

  16. we don’t have a GT near us so I usually go when I visit my mom in Mississauga. there’s alot of cute dresses and tank tops and it’s all priced very well

  17. I love that it is close to my house and that it carries some groceries and it seems they are always expanding their selection of clothing and housewares.

  18. Love the variety of items for such a low price! The clothing styles are amazing!

  19. I absolutely love finding awesome deals on the nicest clothes. I love their selection as well!

  20. I love how inexpensive everything is and the great variety Giant Tiger has!

  21. I have never shopped there but i like the fact that the prices are low and they have some nice stuff i would wear.

  22. I love shopping for a variety of items at my local Giant Tiger. From clothing for my whole family, snacks, household items and great toy and gift finds, they really are my one stop shop. You found a great selection of clothing and all for under $140! Certainly can’t beat that! Thank you for a great post and giveaway. I have followed Giant Tiger on all their social media. Good luck all and happy shopping 🙂

  23. I love shopping at giant tiger for the great deals and the variety of things they sell!

  24. What I like most is saving money. I find lots of great items that cost way less than other stores.

  25. The prices

  26. I love all their seasonal items. (especially this time of year) and hubby loves the blue jay wear.

  27. I love all the great deals on clothing you can get

  28. I love the womens clothing! Great variety at fantastic prices

  29. I love that everything in the store is so affordable!

  30. What I like best about GT is they have lower prices for food and clothes. I like being able to get my groceries and clothes in one store.

  31. What I love the most about Giant Tiger are the great selection of products and their awesome prices.
    I love shopping there for dresses and dressy tops for me and my daughter.Thanks for this amazing
    giveaway an a chance to win. 🙂

  32. I love the great variety and great deals ! Always find fun stuff there !

  33. everything is marked so cheap!

  34. Giant Tiger is a small store (I can get in & to the back without walking a zillion miles) but I can still find all the products that I need at terrific prices. Clothing for everyone in my family, household items, and now groceries prices that beat the big box stores! Gotta luv Giant Tiger!!

  35. I love the great selection and low prices.

  36. I don’t know yet! I live on Prince Edward Island and we only got a giant tiger this past year, it’s in summer side which is a 40 min drive but if I win the gift card it’ll be worth the drive to check it out!

  37. I love shoppers at Giant Tiger because their prices are competitive and it works well with my budget. Their clothing line is so much better than ever. Love the styles & variety!!

  38. *shopping, not shoppers (typo in my previous comment)

  39. I like their clothes, and grocery sales.

  40. I like that I can get pretty much everything I need in one stop, plus it’s Canadian .

  41. I love shopping at the pajama section of Giant Tiger! They have so many cute and comfy options.

  42. Love Giant Tiger! Great fashion at a reasonable price for everyone!

  43. I like the low price on their clothing

  44. I love the great variety of clothing choices at such a wonderful price point.

  45. I love that they are a department and grocery store and that they’re Canadian owned!

  46. I love that Giant Tiger has a good selection of clothing and household items!

  47. I love different variety of clothing that I can’t find anywhere else. I love that it is affordable place for the whole family to get dressed and be stylish

  48. I like shopping at Giant Tiger for seasonal clothes for my grandchildren and back to school supplies.

  49. I love all the great deals! Wonderful prices and lots of selection

  50. The girls and I love shopping at Giant Tiger! We love their fashionable and affordable clothing in all shapes and sizes, and their many locations and online shopping is just a bonus!

  51. I like looking for the great deals.. I love finding some unique items that you cannot find in other years. I like the clothing – they are great quality for a great price. I love that GT has all their coupons electronic as well. I don’t have to worry if I printed them out..

  52. Love the fact that they have cute affordable clothes for the kids.

  53. The thing I like most bout shopping at Giant Tiger is that they are Canadian owned and operated.

  54. You are looking Fabulous in that pink top and other outfits are awesome 🙂

  55. I love shopping at giant tiger because they have been carrying a lot of plus size skirts that I can afford!

  56. I love the value I can get at this store because of the reasonable prices and yet they have a great selection too!

  57. I love all the great deaIs can find at Giant Tiger!

  58. Thanks for the chance:)

  59. I like the prices as well as the one-stop shopping that Giant Tiger offers.

  60. I love that shopping at Giant Tiger doesn’t break the bank account and they have a great selection. With being on a very tight budget we can make our $$ stretch further there.

  61. I love finding great bargains!

  62. i love shopping at GT because they are affordable and i always see something new and different!

  63. I love that I can get it all online

  64. I love giant tiger -they have fabulous prices and I love the stylish clothes

  65. I love shopping at Giant Tiger because they have spicy fries and they are reasonably prices..heck the whole store is reasonably priced

  66. love new style in clothing

  67. I love that Giant Tiger helps me save money and that they have such a great selection!

  68. I love the great prices and selection

  69. Loving their clothes these days! And amazing prices!


  71. I love shopping there because I love getting a deal on a quality item.

  72. Giant Tiger has a perfect selection of clothing for larger sizes & they have such low prices compared to other retailers!

  73. the awesome deals! especially on foods

  74. I love the variety of stuff to shop from! Their clothing is very nice and reasonably priced!

  75. I find going to Giant Tiger is kinda like a hunt for unique pieces and the turnover of clothes is quick and fun. I just scored a sleeveless denim vest…Just one there in my size. I had to have it right?

  76. I like shopping there because most things are priced great

  77. What a love about shopping at Giant Tiger is that they have fashionable items at a very affordable price. I love shopping there for my daughters clothing and for myself

  78. I like that you get suck great deals for such low prices

  79. What I love most about shopping at Giant Tiger is the awesome prices and being able to find lots of items you can’t get in other stores!

  80. The most love about shopping at Giant Tiger is their prices.

  81. I’ve only ever shopped at Giant Tiger once before (there is only location in Calgary and its on the other end of the city from me) but the one time I went I got some great deals on clothing for my kids.

  82. love the great deals and i always find something great : )

  83. I love shopping at Giant Tiger.. it’s so affordable!

  84. My favourite thing about shopping at GT is to know I am getting a good deal and now such fashionable clothes!

  85. I love the prices at Giant tiger

  86. I love the selection and that they price match.

  87. I love that GT is one stop shopping at great prices for me! Got to love the prices for clothing 🙂

  88. Prices are good.

  89. I like that they’re affordable.

  90. I love all their variety and prices

  91. I love the fact that I always come away with the feeling that I have got so much for so little

  92. Giant Tiger has a line of clothes called “Lily Morgan” & I’ll take that as a sign that I should check it out even though it’s one letter different from my name. ???

  93. I love their great prices!

  94. I’ve never shopped there but it sounds like their online platform works well!

  95. I love the amazing deals that GT offers as well as love their womens fashion section!

  96. I love the great variety and the awesome prices! I also love the fact that it’s a Canadian store!!!

  97. I’ve gotta say I am really impressed with their clothing selections this year. They are fashionable and SO WELL PRICED – that’s my favorite part 😉

  98. I like the great savings and low prices at Giant Tiger the most!

  99. Aside from the good prices at Giant Tiger, there are a lot of selections I can choose from and I can do groceries too.

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