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10 Toddler Holiday Cleaning Tips to Keep Sane

10 Toddler Holiday Cleaning Tips to Keep Sane // via @thislilpiglet

Toddlers and markers are a walking time-bomb. I’ve hidden markers, I’ve thrown them out and still, this little Houdini seems to pop up with them in all the sneaky places. If that isn’t bad enough, I seem to find hidden messes at the most inopportune times, like when I’m holiday cleaning for the company I’m having the following day. Here are 10 Toddler Holiday Cleaning Tips to Keep Sane.

Holiday Cleaning in Unexpected Places Toddlers and Markers //

  1. Check yourself before you wreck yourself (or someone else). – When you find a pile of shelled peanuts behind the couch, think to yourself…This is a cup half full kind of moment. My toddler just wanted to get that extra protein in for the day in his down time; he was not trying to smash them into tiny pieces to bury deep into every fibre of the carpet in the 5 minutes I had my morning coffee. It’s all in perspective.
  2. Start early. – Since you’ve likely learned enough toddler-parenting lessons by now, you know as well as I do that you will probably ALWAYS find a hidden mess that will take time to work your magic on. It was there, or was it? You’re a magician really.
  3. It’s a matter of when, not if. Don’t be a hot mess. – This is a hard one. You spend your day cleaning, thinking you’re doing awesome, you’re slaying (or whatever the kids say these days) on the holiday cleaning scene and BOOM, boy pee on the wall. How hard is it to hit the target. Seriously.
  4. Remind yourself how cute they (your spawn) are. – Yes, you love them; blah, blah; blah. BUT, let’s be honest, they are so much cuter when they are sleeping and not awake ripping through your house like a tornado gaining speed. The angelic toddler moments are few and far between so when you see one, hang onto it like it’s an oasis in the desert.
  5. Markers. Throw them all out. Seriously, do it! – Remind yourself that one day your little artist may be the next Van Gogh; being creative is a good thing, just not on your walls or on the grout of your tile floor hidden beneath your dining room table. Cough. It doesn’t matter if you think you found all the markers, there will be one…somewhere. That lone soldier will make an appearance and the next thing you know, you have a newly redecorated bathroom.5 Holiday Cleaning Tips to Keep Sane for Parents of Toddlers //
  6. Use the right cleaner. – There’s nothing more frustrating than putting good old elbow grease into a cleaning project only to realize you need a completely different cleaner. To know it’s not just washing the surface, disinfecting and making the house smell like you just spent a lot of time cleaning is a huge time saver. Because, boy pee, smeared boogers and holiday entertaining do not go together no matter what the toddler tells you.
  7. Cleaning is therapy. – I’m talking the soothing aromatherapy that Pine-Sol Lavender offers; before you know it, you’ll find your zen. Trust me, you need any sort of therapy you can get your hands on when dealing with the toddler. Pine-Sol’s scent is long lasting so let the smell of lavender will not only remind you that your home is clean through the holidays, it can help calm those holiday stressers.
  8. Hide Lock up your makeup. – I wouldn’t suggest throwing out your makeup ladies but lock those pretty colours up or you’ll be seeing your next rainbow on the basement mechanical room door, you know the one that isn’t even primed yet. I’m still looking for my pot of gold.
  9. Feed the beast. – Cut up veggies and cook some chicken to satisfy the toddlers man-sized, never-ending appetite; they need to re-energize with the recommended daily intake. Re-energize…Right. That is the responsible thing to do as a parent. Just remember to clean and disinfect any surfaces that may grow bacteria. An all-purpose cleaner makes this easier.
  10. Turn up that holiday music. – Music soothes the soul. Perhaps, you’ll get your toddler dancing to the music to work out that toddler energy. Combined with a belly of snacks, and with any luck, the toddler will NAP. Gasp. You may even get all that cleaning done while angel is sleeping soundly. Good luck.


When it comes to the variety, plethora really, of toddler messes Pine-Sol is my BFF. From floors, walls, and countertops to bathroom fixtures and appliances, your toddler will keep you on your toes with a little laughter sprinkled around like confetti; and an all-purpose cleaner will save you time and money during holiday cleaning this season.

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