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10 Reasons Spring Cleaning is FUN with a Toddler

With warmer days ahead, the crisp air, trees budding and birds chirping are all reasons to celebrate. This year, winter went out like a lamb and spring came in eager for a good spring cleaning to get your household back to its former glory, shining bright like a diamond. Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a job you dread; keep it fun with the these 10 reasons spring cleaning is fun with a Toddler.

10 Reasons Spring Cleaning is FUN with a Toddler //

Spring Cleaning is FUN

  1. Make a list – Moms are fantastic multitaskers but with toddler interruptions every 3 seconds, it’s no wonder we lose sight of the plan. Don’t make spring cleaning a more daunting task than it has to be. Make it easier on your memory (and staying on task) with a hardcopy list of cleaning tasks and spread them over several days.
  2. Let the sun shine – Opening the curtains to let the sunshine in will create the perfect sunny spot for your toddler to play (occupied) so you can tackle some of those cleaning tasks uninterrupted.
  3. Open the windows – The time of year where it’s warm enough to open up those windows, allowing the scent of fresh air and new nature to drift through the house is invigorating. Fresh air has also been known to exhaust a few toddlers in my day, just enough for nap time so you can maximize on your spring cleaning list.
  4. Buy some flowers – Pretty things around the house are a motivation in itself. It may not be time for flowers to bloom yet but placing a vase or two of flowers in your home brings the feeling of spring inside, creates a bright and cheery touch to a room and before you know it, your toddler will be plucking flower petals for an I love you.
  5. Play some music – Motivate yourself with your favourite songs. It’s easier to get through your least favourite tasks if you have music playing that makes you happy. Before you know it, you’ll be singing along with your toddler and surprised at how much you’ve accomplished.
  6. Do a little dancing – Dance like there’s nobody watching, except maybe the toddler. Little ones love to be silly and it doesn’t hurt for us to be more like them on occasion. Let the mop be your partner, sliding across those freshly cleaned floors and little one attached to your leg trailing along as a floor buffer.
  7. Fresh scent – Fresh air, sunshine on the toddler (playing quietly, almost angelic really) and fresh spring scented cleaner bring a smile to a moms face. There’s nothing that says clean when entering a house like the scent of Pine-Sol Spring Blossom cleaner after a thorough spring clean.
  8. Shake it out – While your toddler shakes the sillies out, shake those rugs outside and hang them to gather the fresh air until you are done washing floors. Getting the toddler out from underfoot may be a challenge but clearing the way of household clutter gets the job done faster.
  9. Don’t be a wallflower – Walls can be a large task on their own but limiting to a couple of rooms at a time will allow less strain on your back, a better clean and a good stretch. While you busy yourself with the real cleaning, give your toddler a wall to (pretend) wash, keeping them busy and out of trouble.
  10. Reach for the sky – Reach for those hidden places; for starters, under the couch or the top of your window frames where dust bunnies collect over time. Your toddler can help by wiping baseboards or gathering long-lost toys you find along your hidden dust bunny travels.

Including your toddler in spring cleaning tasks is a great way to teach them the importance of good cleaning habits. Keep it fun with the these 10 tips and Pine-Sol Spring Blossom scented multipurpose cleaner for a refreshed, ready-for-company household.

10 Reasons Spring Cleaning is FUN with a Toddler Pine-Sol SPring Blossom Multi-purpose Cleaner //


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