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6 Daylight Savings Time Tips for Moms & Babies

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Every parent knows that nobody messes with your baby’s routine and sleep patterns, unless it’s out of your control. Daylight Savings Time is upon us and that leaves parents scrambling to adjust their little ones schedules all over again. With the time it takes to adjust to a new schedule, I’m sharing my 6 Daylight Savings Time Tips for Moms & Babies to help parents make a smoother transition.

6 Daylight Savings Time Tips for Moms & Babies // This Lil Piglet

  1. Fresh Air – A big dose of daily fresh air, like a walk after supper, will tire your little one out for a good night’s rest.
  2. Bedtime Ritual – With a regular bedtime ritual in place, adjusting the time 10 – 15 minutes leading up to the time change helps for a smoother transition. A bedtime ritual with playtime, bath and quiet time before bed triggers to little ones that bedtime is coming.
  3. White Noise – Using a sound machine or a humidifier when you lay your baby down indicates that it is time for her to sleep and drowns out any background noise that may keep her awake.
  4. Temperature – Adjust the program on your thermostat to Daylight Saving Time to ensure your baby’s room is at a comfortable sleeping temperature, avoiding disruptive sleep.
  5. Moms Routine – New moms have heard it over and over again, sleep when your baby sleeps. For those who have tried to use that time to catch up on laundry or clean the house, you realize very quickly that you aren’t doing yourself any favours; you’ll end up more exhausted. This is true for night sleep as much as it is for naps; moms need their uninterrupted sleep as much as their babies so adjusting your schedule to Daylight Savings Time is just as important.
  6. Night Protection – Dress your baby in comfortable clothing or a swaddle that won’t irritate the skin with tags, seams or zippers and a diaper with solid protection. Pampers allows up to 12 hours protection with extra absorbency, freeing your baby of irritants that can cause interrupted sleep.


Pampers has teamed up with renowned sleep specialist, Kim West known as “The Sleep Lady”, with tips to help baby spring forward and stay dry overnight so everyone gets the rest they need.

6 Daylight Savings Time Tips for Moms & Babies Infographic // This Lil Piglet

Armed with these 6 Daylight Savings Time Tips for Moms & Babies, Pampers and sleep specialist, Kim West’s tips, moms can feel more prepared. Although Daylight Savings Time may temporarily disrupt your baby’s sleep pattern and can take up to a week to adjust completely, there is comfort in routine making for a much easier transition for both baby and mom.

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3 comments on “6 Daylight Savings Time Tips for Moms & Babies”

  1. I really like to employ the white noise method. I find it really helps promote sleep.

  2. My granddaughter is going to be two and still sleep with white noise.

  3. Those are some good tips!

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