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10 First Time Shaving Tips from Mother to Daughter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Gillette Venus. All opinions are 100% mine.

I remember that first talk with my daughters about the first time shaving their legs; I laughed, I cried and I couldn’t have been prouder that my daughters came to me when they felt the time was right. Sharing experiences and first time shaving tips are a moment between mother and daughter that becomes a milestone to womanhood.

10 First Time Shaving Tips from Mother to Daughter Mother Daughter Vacation //

Have you ever heard the myth that shaving isn’t safe? Despite the many shaving myths out there, shaving does not have to be scary. Hair growth should be celebrated as a healthy part of puberty; how lucky we are as mothers to educate our daughters through such a monumental time in their female lives.

10 First Time Shaving Tips from Mother to Daughter

First Time Shaving Tips for Shaving Success

  1. Healthy Skin – Exfoliate and hydrate the skin, especially in the dry winter months. Teaching our young ladies to start by taking care of their skin adds to the importance of self-care.
  2. Build Confidence – Shaving can be intimidating the first few times, fear of the unknown always is, but reassurance and teaching moments help build confidence and independence.
  3. Soak in Warm Water – By showering or soaking in warm water your skin pores open for a smoother surface free of goosebumps and a closer shave. The water activated Moisture Glide Serum on the Gillette Venus Swirl surrounds the blades for perfect glide across the skin.
  4. Shave Gel – Starting with healthy skin, shaving gel can prepare the skin making it easier to guide your razor for a better shave, leaving skin moisturized and silky smooth.
  5. Avoid Cuts – A good razor glides over the skin without effort, no pressure and no major time invested. Cuts can be prevented by prepping skin, using a quality new razor and avoiding dull blades.
  6. Trust the Razor – Allow the razor to do the work. Use a multi-blade razor to provide a close shave with a smooth finish. Venus Swirl is the first Venus razor to feature Gillette’s most advanced blade technology, including five Contour Blades individually adjusting to a ladies curves and contours.
  7. Take Time – For the first few times shaving, encourage your daughter to take the extra time to shave. Once she has a feel for the shave and the curves of her skin, future shaves will be quicker and just as smooth. The FLEXIBALL™ technology of the Venus Swirl razor offers a unique four-way movement, adjusting to your daughters contours and making shaving those pesky spots, like ankles and knees, a lot less challenging.
  8. Go Against the Grain – Shaving against the grain is symbolic of what we strive to teach our daughters. I encourage my daughters to go against the grain in life, to be their own person and to shine in everything they do so why should shaving be any different. Shave against the direction of hair growth for a flawless finish
  9. Moisturize – After shaving but before the skin has had time to completely cool, moisturize to lock in that silky smooth and freshly shaved skin.
  10. Shave Regularly – Hair growth is a healthy part of a woman’s life, a never-ending story completely dependant upon DNA and not because of shaving. Between school activities and friends, shaving regularly keeps those legs smooth and ready for all young ladies busy moments.

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Relationships are filled with first moments, each moment as special as the next. It’s the teaching moments between mother and daughter during the time of pubescent maturity with something as simple as first time shaving tips that reach the heartfelt depths of motherhood. Parenting does not come with a handbook but experience is a powerful tool our daughters can tap into.

With so many shaving myths out there, it can be hard to know fact vs. fiction. Check out more advice at

10 First Time Shaving Tips from Mother to Daughter Parenting Tips //

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