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Girlfriend Getaways in Ontario’s Lake Country

I love including my family in travel adventures, and most of the time I do, but sometimes I miss girlfriend getaways. Recently I was away on a mini-getaway with several influencers where I had the opportunity to spend time trying new activities, reconnecting with myself and enjoying a few laughs between female friends in Ontario’s Lake Country.

It’s easy to get lost in our own busy lives and know that true friends remain true no matter how much time you spend together or the distance between each other. Knowing doesn’t change the yearning for good old fun and a belly laugh with a good friend.

Girlfriend Getaways in Ontario's Lake Country - Snowshoeing //

I have local and long distance friendships that mean the world to me and although I may get together with my local friends a bit more, it’s almost just as hard with family responsibilities holding us all back. Weekend girlfriend getaways are a great solution. Weekends may be more active with kids activities but generally spouses are home and kids are out of school. A spouse, neighbour or grandparent are often more than happy to help you out with your weekend schedule.

Girlfriend Getaways – Packed with FUN

Between winter activities and table games at Casino Rama, you can accomplish a lot in a couple of days with friends in Ontario’s lake Country.

Adventure begins when we stop making excuses for things we cannot try to start making reasons for why we should. I admit, I’m scared of heights making it easy for me to hold back but with female friends by my side I tried activities that I had never tried before and some that I hadn’t in years.  With some encouragement from friends, and a full winter travel bucket list, your girlfriend getaway becomes a powerful force to reckon with.

Girlfriend Getaways in Ontario's Lake Country - Snowshoeing at Horseshoe Resort //

Girlfriend Getaways – Connecting with Friends

After trying snowshoeing and fat biking for the first time, I can tell you the amount of fun had still has me smiling weeks later. Imagine your girlfriends exploring the trails, a step on the wrong snowshoe, a fall our two off the bike into soft snow ending up staring at the sky with your friends standing over eager to help you up. There may be a little laughing or pointing fingers but all in good fun because it’s in those moments of humility that we become centred and the closeness of your friendship is fully understood.

Girlfriend Getaways in Ontario's Lake Country - Fat Biking at Horseshoe Resort //

My good friend Julie of and I only see each other when we travel; we simply live too far from each other but we make the most of it when we do. We have our entire adult lives to be serious and responsible; letting loose with your best girlfriends is good for the soul.

These mini snowmobiles may only be for kids but they are indicative of what Ontario’s Lake Country is all about, having fun, connecting with loved ones and nature. You are never too old to have silly fun.

Girlfriend Getaways in Ontario's Lake Country - Mini Skidooing at Horseshoe Resort //

Image taken by Ann of Kick Ass Living, used with permission

As I’m sure you say about your girlfriends, these women are amazingly talented, genuine and a lot of fun to be around. This group of influencers pushed themselves beyond their comfort zones, tried something new, failed at times and laughed through it all.
Girlfriend Getaways in Ontario's Lake Country - Great Outdoors //

Image source provided by Julie of Try Small Things with Permission

Girlfriend Getaways – R & R

Most women want to enjoy a little rest and relaxation when they getaway together but it starts with adventure, testing your limits, laughter and then after all that, a delicious meal, being pampered and a comfortable bed is a perfect ending to a day with friends.

Girlfriend Getaways in Ontario's Lake Country - Table Game Lessons at Casino Rama //

Casino Rama is the perfect entertainment and resting spot for a girlfriends getaway in the Great Indoors.

  1. Grab a show in the 5000-seat entertainment theatre from comedians to singers.
  2. Schedule a table game lesson for your group or enjoy your favourite slot machine.
  3. Dine at one of the 8 restaurants for quick and easy to fine dining cuisine.
  4. Grab some ladies pampering time in the full service Balance in Life Spa;
  5. At the end of the day, rest in one of Casino Rama’s 289 all-suite rooms. Don’t forget the late night room service!

It’s been long enough since your last girlfriend getaway. It’s time to grab those friends of yours, step outside your comfort zone, laugh until your belly hurts and end the day feeling closer than ever, full on life and pampered.

For a full itinerary, read Winter Travel Bucket List in Ontario’s lake Country.



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