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10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms

As a first time mom, my first baby shower was a time of joy and excitement. Although I appreciated all gifts, I had baby shower gift ideas in mind when I created my baby shower registry based on a vision I had when the new baby came home. Little did I know, there were a lot of things I would need in the first weeks and months as a new mom – like an endless amount of diapers.

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms //

The first thought when thinking of baby shower gift ideas is to gift something the new mom will adore. Of course, we all want to buy the cutest baby gifts but usually that’s more for us than it is for the new baby. First time moms don’t realize all that they’ll need or use until they are settled into the throes of the first weeks of parenthood.

10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas New Moms Appreciate

With these 10 baby shower gift ideas, new moms will have an easier transition into motherhood and appreciate the thoughtful efforts.

  1. Safety 1st – Baby-proofing a house is a necessity of bringing home a new baby. Although you don’t really need to worry about it until the baby starts moving around, it’s a cost to the new parents to ensure cupboards are secured, plugs are covered and baby gates are ready to go for when the baby needs them. A safety care package is the perfect prep kit for new parents to ease their minds.
  2. Necessities – One thing for sure, babies are messy which means they need A LOT of supplies. Diapers of all sizes are one item that seems to get missed at baby showers. Generally, babies are in diapers for the first 2-3 years of life; imagine the number of diapers. It’s great to get newborn sizes but new babies often put on so much weight in the first few weeks that they quickly grow into the next size of diaper quickly. That is why I love Pampers! They make the transition between sizes easy with consistency and features you can trust.
  3. Big Ticket Items – Bringing home a new baby not only changes the dynamic of the household but puts a dent in the new parents finances. Grandparents, friends or co-workers can purchase a larger item together that the new mom can use and appreciate, like the stroller, crib or high chair on her baby shower registry.
  4. Feeding Aids – Respecting the mothers feeding decisions, a gift of nursing or formula supplies will be well used. As a nursing mom, I appreciated the extra touches, like a nursing pillow for my comfort and a breast pump for the days when I decided I needed time away from baby or transitioning back to work.
  5. Cleaning Gift Certificate – Gifting a cleaning service to help out for the first couple months with a newborn will take the workload off the new mom, leaving her newfound chaos to what matters most, bonding with her new baby.
  6. Babysitting – Leaving a newborn is the last thing new moms want to think about but close friends or family can offer to come by to watch the new baby while mom naps, runs to a doctor appointment or grabs a few groceries (and a breath of fresh air). This offer can mean a lot to new moms who can end up feeling secluded and restricted in the first weeks to months with a new baby.
  7. Freezer Meals – This seems like a strange idea for a gift at a baby shower but one that means so much for new moms when sleepless hours and days go by and new parents are figuring out their new roles. The last thing new moms want to worry about at the end of the day is cooking a scratch meal. Freezer meals are easy to pop in the oven and offer sanity to new moms in the first few weeks with a newborn.
  8. Clothing – In the first days, hand mitts, sleepers and receiving blankets are basic necessities and you can’t have enough. Babies grow quickly in the first weeks to months of life, putting on the pounds and outgrowing their clothes quickly.
  9. Medical Supplies – One of the best gifts I ever received was an infant ear thermometer and infant acetaminophen because it always seems that our little ones spike a temperature at inopportune times, like the middle of the nights when pharmacies are closed.
  10. Gift Cards – All gifts are truly appreciated by a new mom, keeping her style and nursery vision in mind. After-all, having a baby is an intimate time for new parents and often part of the special time is a new moms baby purchase desires. Gift cards to larger stores where the new mom can put towards some necessities or favourite things are always a good idea.

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91 comments on “10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas for New Moms”

  1. The best baby shower gift I’ve given is really adorable, personalized onesies!

  2. My favorite shower gift was a homemade baby quilt

  3. The best baby shower gift I received was a baby swing.

  4. The best baby shower gift was a bathing gift basket!

  5. Diapers were a great useful and practical gift

  6. I loved gifting a cute diaper cake!

  7. Diapers and a stroller make a great baby gift!

  8. I have to say diapers were my fav best gift! You ALWAYS need more! 😉 Thanks!


  10. One of the most appreciated gifts I gave was refills for the diaper genie.

  11. i love the ergobaby carrier I got at my baby shower.

  12. A stroller is always a thoughtful gift to receive! Everyone needs one and they can be very expensive

  13. The coolest baby shower gift was an electric stroller!

  14. The best baby shower gift I got was pre-cooked frozen meals! They were a lifesaver in those first few exhausting weeks.

  15. my favorite baby gift I ever got was a baby swing, I would say this is a must have, if you have a crankly baby this really soothes them and I was so lucky to been given one

  16. I loved that I got clothing in a variety of sizes – right up to 3T! It was so handy to have new items at every stage.

  17. Homemade blankets and baby clothes

  18. My favorite shower gift was a homemade baby quilt

  19. I gave my sister in law 12 big boxes of pampers.

  20. The baby shower gift I like to give is a diaper pail.

  21. A favourite baby shower gift that I have given will be the gift I give to my expecting sister-in-law. My sister and I are going to make a rag quilt for the new little one. Something handmade by the aunties!

  22. best gift i ever received was a carseat and stroller travel system 🙂

  23. A home made baby blanket was my favourite gift.

  24. The best baby shower gift I had gotten was a angle care

  25. I loved getting over sized hand made receiving blankets.

  26. Love giving a diaper genie and diapers – so so handy as baby uses a lot.

    Thanks ???

  27. I love gifting a new mom with photo blocks or stickers so they can capture baby month by month.

  28. Mine was a stroller.

  29. Before I knew that I would end up exclusively pumping for multiples, I was (re)gifted a Medela breast pump. It was my lifeline in so many ways.

    Besos Sarah.

  30. I love to gift diapers, always useful.

  31. My favourite shower gift to gift is a homemade knitted baby blanket, along with diapers & a gift card for them to go buy whatever they still need to get for baby.

  32. A stroller

  33. A double stroller has been my favourite shower gift! It’s gotten so much use.

  34. My favourite baby shower gift I received was a handmade mobile made by my sister.

  35. Best shower gift I received was a beautiful swing. Mu daughter used to sit for hours in it.

  36. My friend loved the diaper genie i got her

  37. Best gift was a set of natural lotions and creams.

  38. I had twins twice so all the diapers and wipes that I received were much appreciated.

  39. My fav gift had to be a time capsule , it was to fill up and gift the baby when they are grown , it was the sweetest idea from my mom

  40. I gave my friend a play mat where the baby lays on his/her back and plays with all of the activities

  41. My best baby shower present was a musical wind-up baby swing which ended up giving me such needed respite by calming my son!

  42. My favourite baby shower gift that I received was diapers since I need to use a lot of them.

  43. I received the heartbeat bear

  44. My favourite baby shower gift I received was a baby swing.

  45. A homemade quilt is so personal and lovely!

  46. I like to give diapers and wipes at baby showers.Sometimes I will buy the all natural diapers too if I think the mother would rather go that way.These are the things that I know they need and will appreciate.

  47. I’ve always thought diapers were a very practical shower gift.

  48. The best gift I ever recieved was a homemade quilt. It was so incredible!

  49. best baby shower gift we received was baby swing

  50. Airfare for grandmother to come visit new baby

  51. Would love to win. Have a 4.5 month old daughter

  52. Wipes were my favourite fr sure. You don’t realize how many you are going to go through!

  53. A good friend of mine painted a toy box with my favourite princess on it for my baby girl. So thoughtful and so much effort – I treasure it!

  54. I gifted a baby swing…it was so adorable.

  55. was a handmade crochet top my cousin made it was so pretty and the video alarm that was my 2nd fave

  56. My favourite baby shower gift was a Medela breastpump. Boy, did it come in handy!

  57. Home made crib bedding

  58. I had a lot of fun making a diaper cake to give as a baby shower gift.

  59. The best gift I’ve seen someone received was a diaper cake. It was so cute.

  60. The best baby shower I’ve received was a Winnie the pooh stuffie from the boys at work.

  61. a quilt my stepmother made was my favorite gift.

  62. My favorite gift was a sweater made by my cousin.

  63. my fave gift is one that money can’t buy… it was a homemade quilt

  64. Best baby gift I received was a stroller.

  65. A pair of handmade booties that were just gorgeous

  66. My favorite baby shower gift that I received was a camera from my daughters godmother. My camera broke and I absolutely loved taking photos especially wanted a camera for the day of so I was very grateful.

  67. My favourite baby shower gift that I received was a Boopy pillow!

  68. My favourite baby shower gift I gave was Little Tykes tap a tune piano. It was so colourful and fun

  69. A year’s supplying diapers was pretty awesome

  70. The best gift I had recieved was diapers in all sizes ?

  71. I received a homemade quilt

  72. Hand crochet booties, hat, scarf & blanket.

  73. I love to give a gift card with diapers!

  74. I love my grab and go changing station bag. It fits diapers, wipes and more all in one convenient little bag.

  75. The best shower gift I received was meal delivery for a week!

  76. My favorite thing to receive was baby bath towels.

  77. The favourite gift I ever got was diapers. My 2nd son was born 7 week preemie and I was very unprepared (thought I had more time to gather supplies). A good friend of mine bought me a whole whack load of diapers and wipes and baby toiletries so that I didn’t have to worry about it when I brought him home from the hospital.

  78. A huge supply of receiving blankets was my favourite gift.

  79. We really liked receiving all of the clothes aged 6-12 months

  80. The best baby shower gift that i’ll give is still on the shelf waiting for someone to have a baby. a Vtech mountain train set.

  81. We received quite a few toys r us gift cards that we put towards our travel system. They are so expensive and those sure helped.

  82. Wipes and bibs are always a great gift. Keep em clean!

  83. Best gift was the Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats my girlfriend made for my twins. They were so perfect!

  84. When I was pregnant with my 2nd son and had a baby shower, I was given an amazing diaper cake, it was awesome, full of many different things with those diapers, all those products came in handy for a long time.

  85. It would be great to win
    an Amazon gift card and a pack of diapers.
    In response to your question of
    What is your favourite baby shower gift you either gifted or received?
    My favourite baby shower gift i gifted was a Stroller.
    Thank you for having this contest.

  86. my favorite gift was gift cards so I could pick what i wanted and didnt have to have more stuff to return

  87. The best present I gave was a crib that changed into a bed later.

  88. I loved having stock of all sorts of diapers in sizes, clothing, creams and any other item that you go through so much. It was little savings here and there but really helped. Exciting when baby starts fitting into new clothes and stuff too.

  89. The best baby shower gift was diapers

  90. I gifted a nursing pillow and baby carrier.

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