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5 Tips for Getting Baby Into A Summer Sleep Routine

Summer is officially here and for most of us, that means enjoying every last drop of sunshine the day has to offer. However, as a mom it means that baby may not be ready to accept bedtime with the sun still shining through. These 5 tips for getting baby into a summer sleep routine will help you keep your baby rested and yourself happy. Best of all, thanks to Pampers Baby Dry, baby will sleep even better.

5 Tips for Getting Baby Into a Summer Sleep Routine //

5 Tips for Getting Baby Into A Summer Sleep Routine Is Easier With Pampers Baby Dry!

  1. Set the Bedtime – Despite the relaxed summer plans, the first step to a better summer sleep routine for baby is setting a bedtime. This will need to be consistent as baby starts to accept the change. You want to keep in mind that baby needs at least 11 hours of sleep so set the bedtime appropriately.
  2. Set the mood – You and your baby are both aware of what is happening in the home throughout the day. You will want to start “shutting down” things for baby to set the mood. A quiet, peaceful environment with reduced light is ideal for baby to have a sound sleep each night.
  3. Take a Bath – Baby and baths are synonymous. Nothing starts a bedtime routine in motion like a warm and comforting baby bath. Your baby will feel relaxed, the senses filled with and a fresh scent and this creates the perfect bonding scenario for sweetest of baby dreams.
  4. Pampers Baby Dry –  Did you know that baby can urinate up to 12 times each night? That leaves the possibility of baby waking up ridiculously often. Thankfully, Pampers has your little one covered! With an extra sleep layer that quickly absorbs wetness, that’s one less worry for your baby to be able to sleep peacefully.
  5. Read a Book – Most of us know how important reading to our children from a young age can be. Treat baby to his favourite storybook before lights out. Don’t forget to throw in a quick snuggle or two as well!

Being consistent each night will allow your little one will have a sleep routine you can both appreciate. Keep in mind that each child/household is different, so don’t be afraid to change things up a bit to suit your needs. Plus, you may find that perhaps a bath every other night works best and instead, play a quiet game with your child. Either way, you can be assured a wet diaper won’t be a concern with Pampers Baby Dry.

Summer Sleep Routine - Pampers Baby Dry Diapers //

The new Baby Dry diapers are Pampers’ latest innovation, making Pampers the first brand to offer thinner technology in its entire line of diapers. Pampers Baby Dry now includes the Extra Absorb Channels; also in Swaddlers and Cruisers, and are thinner than the old Baby Dry to keep baby three times drier and more comfortable for up to 12 hours of overnight protection. 

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