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5 Summer Hacks for Mom and Baby

Today marks the first official day of summer. While kids are more than ready to go on summer break, moms everywhere know that it is just another day rocking mommy-hood. Thankfully, these Best Summer Hacks for Mom and Baby will help make summertime enjoyable for both you and baby.

5 Summer Hacks for Mom and Baby //

  1. Keep Baby Cool – Whether you are without an air conditioner or your outside on a hot day, there will be times your baby will get hot and cranky. Removing clothing and blankets helps but on especially hot days you may want to use a cool cloth on your little ones head or allow her to suck on a frozen cloth as a quick way to cool down. Just remember, babies need their temperature regulated to avoid overheating so keep a watchful eye on your baby, ensuring she is always in the shade, has plenty of liquids and protected from the elements.
  2. Get Outdoors – Enjoy the weather rain or shine, the fresh air will do both you both good, allow you to reset and get some exercise and make baby tired ready for an afternoon nap. It’s a win, win!
  3. Bring on the Onesie – We all are more than familiar with putting baby in a onesie, but did you know that it is made to avoid an explosion episode? At some point, baby will have a blowout of her diaper and it is then that you can fully appreciate all that a onesie can offer. It turns out the those shoulder flaps aren’t just for looks. You can simply pull the onesie down the body rather than over the head which also make this the perfect hot summer day attire.
  4. Let it Air – After a splash in the baby pool or during times baby is hot, it’s okay to let your little one air out on a cool blanket in her birthday suit for a few minutes before putting her diaper on.
  5. Keep Diapers Everywhere – It may seem like you are constantly changing baby’s diaper, so why not be prepared wherever you are. Keep diapers around the house, in your car, with the stroller, etc. Never find yourself without a diaper in a jam again.

5 Summer Hacks and Rewards

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5 Summer Hacks for Mom and Baby - Pampers Rewards App //

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  1. Gotta keep those babies cool and safe!!

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