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62 Summer Staycation Ideas for July and August

The last few years we’ve vacationed away at least 2 weeks out of the summer which ends up feeling hectic, not very relaxing and not much gets done around the yard at home. This summer we’ve decided to stay close to home but I know before long, give or take a few days into school break, my kids will start climbing the walls and driving me bonkers and that just can’t happen. This is my new family bucket list for Summer Staycation Ideas this July and August. With 62 days and 62 ideas, there’s more than enough fun on this list to enjoy the summer as a family.

62 Summer Staycation Ideas for July and August //

For the printable PDF file, go HERE.

These summer staycation ideas can cost as much or as little, if you put your mind to it. For myself, I plan on budgeting for a few things but most can be enjoyed either at home or nearby with a few supplies already hiding around the house or yard.

For some extra fun, try incorporating more than one idea listed with another, like creating a new recipe with some ingredients from the U-pick farm you visit. Or, geocaching on a day trip. Use your imagination and you’ll have just as much as the kids this summer.

Here are a few other ideas for the summer staycation ideas on the checklist:

  • Travel around the world in a day (at home) – Try ethnic foods from other countries and create a passport to stamp for each country you you plan to virtually visit. I’m sure there are plenty of printables on the internet you can use to teach about the different countries, like HERE, HERE or HERE
  • Have a backyard campout – Set up a tent decked out with sleeping bags, lawn chairs, roast hotdogs and marshmallows over a fire (or pretend fire) and stargaze before drifting off to sleep in the tent with the sounds of nature around you. Your kids will love it.
  • Make a homemade car – Use an old box and let the kids decorate their new car. Once you’re done you could use the cars to set up a drive-in movie outdoors or in your living room.
  • Set up an obstacle course – Using items around your house, like hoola hoops or rope, and outdoor structures, like a swing set, make up a mini physical fitness obstacle course. Last year I made up one that included our trampoline, play structure and a mini zipline for an extra fun course. The kids had a blast and laughed as I encouraged them to complete the circuits as quickly as they could then reset for a second and third round. The best part was they didn’t realize how much exercise they were getting because they were having so much fun. Don’t forget to keep the kids water handy.
  • Set up an outdoor game day – Set up different stations outdoor, like water balloons, fishing out of a mini pool and water paint splash station, for an afternoon of pure unfiltered fun. Let them be messy; it’s outdoors after-all and easy clean up with helpful hands and a little water. Carnival style games would work well for this as well.


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