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Creating Holiday Story Memories with Instax

Christmas is my favourite time of year. When I was growing up, I would imagine all sorts of grand schemes with our Christmas tree, spending hours playing with my toy army up and down the tinsel rows. This year, I put my tree up the day after Remembrance day and I can’t help but capture my kids imaginations on film and making memories with Instax.

The new Instax SQ10 Instax Camera makes it easy to snap those special moments into instant memories. What I loved most about the new Instax camera model was the ability to edit and apply filters before printing, like other digital camera options. The LCD screen gives an easy display for viewing while you edit. Choose to print right away or save to the internal memory or a microSD card.

Memories with Instax

Having this SQ10 Instax Camera sure makes it fun when silly moments pop up out of the blue. From simple moments with cupcakes to party favours and DIY gift giving, the ideas are endless. Personally, I love how sequence photos can create story memories with Instax. It’s pretty easy to tell how this story plays out with a wish, a surprise and satisfaction by expression.

Like last year, I decided to tag my gifts with photos of the kids and their unique personalities. I find personalized wrapping has is a thoughtful touch, and a giggle doesn’t hurt either.

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Instax SQ-10 Camera Memories with Instax //

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post by Fuji Canada for Instax. All opinions are 100% my own.

Key Features of the Square SQ10 Instax Camera (White or Black)

  • Memory – You can save up to 50 photos to the internal memory or a microSD card or print at any time.
  • Editing – The SQ10 allows you to edit brightness, adjust colours and vignettes before printing a hard copy memory.
  • Filters – With 11 filters to choose from, including the partial colour filter (red, orange, blue, green, purple; yellow), you can get as creative as you’d like making your photos as unique as you and all before you printer your masterpiece.
  • LCD Monitor – Edit right on the screen, save or print.
  • Print from microSD Card – You can even print other images loaded on your SD card from your camera.
  • Shooting Mode – Choose from Double Exposure, Bulb Exposure, Macro and print 4-9 Thumbnail photos on one instant film.
  • Rechargeable Battery – up to 160 prints.
  • Tripod capable – Allowing for steadier photography and self-portraits (timer function capable).
  • Left and Right Shutter Buttons
  • Square Photo’s

Instax Share SP-3 Printer Memories with Instax //

Key Features of the Instax SHARE SP-3 Printer (Black or White)

  • High speed printing
  • High Definition Quality
  • Add Text to photos before printing (new from previous models)
  • Templates – Split one image into two, make a collage, add a “Real Time Template” with date/time, temperature, weather and  location, add a limited number of photos template or print from social media accounts including social stats on each photo.
  • Filters – Use a Custom Filter (Brightness, Normal and Contrast), Black & White or Sepia Filter or an Intelligence Filter (brighten a dark photo).
  • Print Direct from Digital Cameras

For more details on the process of using the printer, read my review on the Instax SHARE SP-2 Printer.

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  1. My girls ?

  2. My kiddos of course ?

  3. I would take a family picture

  4. Always taking tons of pictures of my two kids.

  5. Our Christmas tree!

  6. That’s an easy one! My cats!!

  7. My son for sure.

  8. It would be my kids

  9. I would take pictures of my girls first and then my pets!

  10. I would take a picture of my kids!

  11. My family!

  12. My baby nephews are my muses these days!

  13. My family.

  14. I love taking photos of my sons and our dogs!!

  15. I would take a photo of my kids first.

  16. Cats cats and more cats ok and maybe my son

  17. I would use this as a booth for my engagement party and wedding (July)!!:)

  18. I would use this as a booth for my engagement party and wedding (July)!!

  19. My son!

  20. My whole family. I and going to be home in Newfoundland for the holidays this year. Very excited. 2nd time in 20 years. Need to capture all of these moments.

  21. Definitely my dog! 🙁

  22. My children would love all of this!!

  23. My sister and her family!

  24. I would take a picture of my family! Great contest!!

  25. My cats!

  26. My teacup yorkie Gracie

  27. Family decorating tree

  28. I would take a picture of my kids first!

  29. My wife…she is usually the photographer…we need more photos of her!

  30. I think I would take a picture of my dog Misty. She recently was groomed for the first time. I would love to have a photo of her. I think I would even make a Christmas Card with it. Pet Christmas cards are so pretty.

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