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9 Ways Families can Prevent the Flu

9 Ways to Prevent the Flu Starting with the Flu Shot //

Basketball season is in full swing for my teen daughter which means practice weekdays, upcoming games and tournaments and no time for the flu. Frankly, with a large active family it’s hard to avoid which is why we don’t take the risk. We get our flu shots when they become available and always make sure to practice these 9 ways to prevent the flu.

Shoppers Drug Mart is offering flu shots for busy families across Canada. Just pop into your nearest location, get your flu shot and know you’re protected.

Family Flu Shot: Ways to Prevent the Flu //

The #1 way we prevent the flu is to get the flu shot so on a recent mother/daughter date, our first stop was Shoppers Drug Mart to get our flu shots and do a little shopping while we waited. With makeup displays all around, let’s just say it’s not a sad day for my teen.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Shoppers Drug Mart. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

9 Ways to Prevent the Flu

  1. Get the flu shot. This is the best way to prevent yourself from getting the flu and Shopper Drug Mart makes it easy for busy lives so you can quickly drop in to get immunized and be on your way.
  2. Wash hands often. Make it a habit to wash your hands using the proper technique.
  3. Use hand sanitizer. When you can’t wash your hands make sure to carry hand sanitizer to help kill the germs you come in contact when touching shared surfaces.
  4. Avoid touching your face. Your hands touch surfaces that multiple hands touch, cough or sneeze on; it becomes easy to get sick if you touch a surface containing the flu virus and then touch your eyes, nose or mouth before having washed your hands.
  5. Stay home when sick. It may not always be possible to stay home from work or school but avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store or to activities. Usually we can tell if we are too sick to attend work (or school for the kids); a good indicator would be if you are running a fever or have an uncontrollable cough.
  6. Cough into your arm. Cover your mouth and nose when coughing to prevent spreading illness to those around you. Use a tissue or cough into your shirt or arm, always ensuring you cover your mouth and nose completely. If you cough or sneeze into your hands, wash your hands before touching anything.
  7. Disinfect home and work surfaces. Handrails and door knobs come into contact with hands and carry germs and they don’t get cleaned often enough. When flu season is in high gear you will want to disinfect surfaces to prevent catching and spreading the flu, especially when you have sick coworkers or sick family.
  8. Keep your distance from the sick. When you have a sick family member it is hard to do this but you can still care for the ill and keep your distance as much as possible. Quarantine the ill family member to their bedroom and bathroom; disinfecting a smaller space vs the whole house will be easier and chances are better that the rest of the family can avoid catching the illness. Remember to wash your hands after entering the sick family members space and avoid touching your face.
  9. Practice healthy habits. Keep active, get your rest, eat healthy and drink plenty of water to keep your immune system at its best.

For more information on flu shot facts, check out 5 Flu Myths and Facts: Why You Should Get the Flu Shot, Shoppers Drug Mart website FAQ’s or join in the #ShoppersFlu conversation with me on Twitter @thislilpiglet and @ShopprsDrugMart.

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127 comments on “9 Ways Families can Prevent the Flu”

  1. We get the shot! Other ways we like to sanatize, wash, rest & stay home if we are sick!

  2. My best way to prevent the flu is frequent handwashing and when that is not possible, use an alcohol based hand sanitizer.

  3. Always wash your hands and drink lots of water and take your vitamins!

  4. I get the flu shot, take vitamins and wash my hands often.

  5. The best way to prevent it is to eat healthy and drink lots of water.

  6. We always get the flu shot and take lots of vitamin C to prevent the flu.

  7. Wash your hands frequently!

  8. Frequent handwashing, wiping down surfaces and avoiding crowds of small children. 🙂

  9. The flu shot and washing my hands are probably huge components for me staying flu free!

  10. My best way to prevent the flu is to wash my hands.

  11. Take vitamins is a must to avoid the flu!

  12. Eating mostly a plant-based diet and making my own meals helps me to reduce & eliminate processed foods, unnecessary salt & sugar that causes inflammation, which is the basis of all diseases. Hygiene practices like hand washing & disinfecting work surfaces at home go along way as viruses can survive in certain climates and surfaces. Stress reduction is another way to lessen your chances of getting sick as it affects your body’s ability to be healthy and fight infections.

  13. wash wash and wash your hands, get the flu shot

  14. wash hands frequently

  15. Washing hands often, taking multivitamins, getting flu shot and keeping hydrated are my tips to avoid the flu.

  16. we wash our hands often especially when out in public

  17. I’m a constant hand washer! Helps to lessen the germs my 4-yr old brings home from school!!

  18. I spray and wipe disinfectant in all our doorknobs and light switches once a day during flu season

  19. Wash hands often and avoid people who are sick.

  20. The flu shot is my best way to prevent the flu. I also use hand sanitizer, disinfect light switches and door knobs, and make sure to eat lots of fresh produce.

  21. The best way to prevent flu is to wash hands when in contact with dirty surfaces or when in public places.

  22. Wash your hands often, and take your vitamins, get the flu shot!

  23. Proper hand washing is important

  24. handwashing is the best.. and ideally dont go out in busy times during the sick months. always a challenge at christmas but the less you can do the better.. online shopping is a blessing

  25. for me taking vitamins C & D daily help prevent a cold or flu

  26. I am a big fan of Supplements and Oil of Oregano

  27. Another way that I avoid the spread of flu in our house is by not letting my kids share glasses and toothbrushes and tossing toothbrush after someone has been ill.

  28. My best way to prevent the flu is to drink lots of water and take a cinnamon supplement daily.

  29. #1 tip for staying #Fluless this cold and flu season is Multivitamins, Vitamin C & Echinacea.

  30. The best way is to get a flu shot. We encourage the kids, and ourselves, to wash hands frequently.

  31. I think definitely getting your flu shot is #1, we make sure we do that everywhere. Then lots of handwashing, I also like to carry lysol wipes with me to wipe down shopping cart handles.

  32. We stay home when sick, wash our hands and the surfaces in our home regularly and get the flu shot as well.

  33. Washing my hands regularly as well as washing my household surfaces regularly like countertops, door handles, etc.

  34. My best way to prevent the flu is taking zinc, vitamin C, and elderberry syrup. And lots of fruit and veg in my diet.

  35. I try not to touch door handles, especially when out in public and always have hand sanitizer around.

  36. We always get the flu shot and try to get more sleep – it seems to help.

  37. I always wash my hands with soap and water, i sneeze into my arm, get lots of rest and eat lots of vitamin c !

  38. we cough nd sneeze into our elbows and use allot of sanitizer

  39. Get flu shots and take V-c

  40. We wash hands a lot and try to keep gloves on when we are on transit!

  41. Best way is to get flu shot & wash hands often

  42. we try and prevent cold and flu by lots of handwashing, lots of fruits and veggies and lots of vitamins

  43. The best way to prevent the flu id to wash your hands often.

  44. wash hands often and use hand sanitizer often, also I use paper towel to touch doorknobs so I don’t actually touch dirt lol

  45. Wash your hands and drink plenty of water

  46. I wash my hands often and also when coughing we cough in our elbow

  47. I always get my flu shot and I encourage that you need to wash your hands all the time to stop the spread of the flu!

  48. Get a flu shot, adequate rest, lots of fluids and wash your hands!

  49. We take probiotics, vitamins, & eat fruits/veggies to boost immunity. We also use hand sanitizer after handling public items & surfaces, wash hands, & get lots of sleep!

  50. Washing my hands frequently and getting a flu shot helps prevent the flu.

  51. We wash our hands as soon as we come in from doing errands… and also do our best not to touch our face while we are out.

  52. Wash your hands often , dress properly for the weather , and most important , get your flu shot !

  53. I stay away from any one that is sick and wash my hands frequently.

  54. The best way to prevent the flu that I can think of is to get the flu shot and to practise good hygiene.We wash our hands a lot and I use wipes to clean the phones, tablets and other things that are touched frequently. 🙂

  55. Always wash your hands and use hand sanitizer/ antibacterial soap. And flush public toilets with your foot lol!

  56. For me its to get plenty of rest…so quit getting up at 5am LOL, have a nap if you do get up at 5am (I only work at noon). Don’t hang out til 1am, then get up at 5am (when you’re old like me, this is a thing…seems like you only need a few hrs of rest)

  57. My best tip for preventing the flu is washing hands often.

  58. Wash, wash, wash your hands! After everytime you go out, always before you eat – just wash them again.

  59. Always wash your hands before you eat!

  60. Wash your hands regularly.

  61. The best way is to get a Flu shot.

  62. I drink lots of water to stay healthy

  63. The best way I prevent the flu is lots of hand washing and a daily dose of vitamin D!

  64. When I am out I pick up everything with my right hand but only touch my face with my left hand.

  65. Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

  66. The best way to prevent the flu is to get the flu shot

  67. Getting a flu shot every year is the best prevention. I get mine every fall.

  68. we prevent the flu with a daily vitamin, frequent hand washing, lots of liquids and lots of rest

  69. Best way is to stay away from sick people, get the flu shot and wash hands like crazy

  70. Getting a flu shot and practice frequent hand washing.

  71. Wipe down common surfaces every other day.

  72. I think the best way is to improve gut health by eating healthy foods that boost your immune system, such as apple cider vinegar and fermented foods.

  73. Lots of fruits n veggies!!

  74. The best way to prevent catching the flu is to stay away from people who are sick (e.g. like at work).

  75. My thinking is that because I have never had a flu, perhaps I got some great antibodies from my Mom, as a baby!

  76. I find keeping active and eating healthy along with supplementing with vitamins when needed have been a big help for keeping the flu away.

  77. we try to teach our kids to keep their hands off of their faces and not touch every last thing they see lol

  78. I usually drinks lots of water and take Vitamin C. I also wash my hands frequently

  79. I take vitamins and am always washing my hands

  80. To prevent the flu, get a flu shot , take your vitamins and wash your hands often.

  81. If anyone in my family comes home with a flu bug, I use disinfecting wipes on anything and everything they may have touched until they are well again.

  82. Wash your hands frequently, take your vitamins and get plenty of rest.

  83. Washing you hands! I have soap at every sink in the house to encourage washing hands. I also use lysol spray on door knobs to stop the spreading of germs

  84. I take a dose of vitamin C and oregano oil as soon as I feel the beginning of cold or flu.

  85. Wash your hands often!

  86. I eat lots of fruit and wash my hands a lot.

  87. always carry a hand sanitizer with you and cover yourself with a scarf.

  88. Drink lots of fluids, take Vitamin C and wash hands frequently

  89. I always get my flu shot plus take extra Vits. C and D to fight the flu.

  90. get the flu shot, drink lots of water, take Vitamin C and wash hands

  91. we eat a little bit of raw garlic every day to keep our immune system strong

  92. My tip is to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.

  93. I wash my hands often, avoid touching my face, and change clothes when I get home from work.

  94. Flu shot! Then lots of hand washing.

  95. In our house we wash our hands often and I desanitize daily

  96. If possible get flu shot, wash hands often, drink water and take vitamins .

  97. Great tips! Some seem so simple, but they can be easy to forget!

  98. Wash hands and stay well nourished

  99. My best tips are to wash your hands, stay away from people who are sick when you can and dress weather appropriate.

  100. stay away from sickies, and wash often, always have sanatizer on hand!

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