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10 Ways to Stay a Healthy Active Family in the Winter

9 Ways to Prevent the Flu Starting with the Flu Shot //

Winter is here and that means winter activities are in full effect. However, with the colder weather it’s often tempting to stay indoors where it’s warm. Even in these colder months, it’s important to set aside time to Stay a Healthy Active Family.

10 Ways to Stay a Healthy Active Family Over the Winter //

Our family likes to remain active over the winter and to do that we take steps to stay healthy. The #1 way we protect our family from illness is by getting the flu shot and using these 9 other flu prevention techniques.

It’s not too late to head to your nearest Shoppers Drug Mart to grab your flu shot so you can spend your winter a healthy active family.

How to Stay a Healthy Active Family in the Winter

  1. Get the flu shot. The best way to stay a healthy active family through the winter holidays is to prevent yourself from getting sick with the flu. Shopper Drug Mart makes it easy for active families so you can quickly drop in to get immunized and be on your way.
  2. Cook together. Cooking and eating healthy meals together will set the stage for your kids to help ward off illness, grow into a learned healthy lifestyle and make holiday traditions to pass down generations.
  3. Get outdoors. Make a point to take your family outdoors. Take a walk, build a snowman or build a fort for a fun time with your loved ones that doesn’t cost a thing. Fresh air and sunshine is a great way to stay healthy over the winter months.
  4. Take it to the hill. Go tobogganing or go to a nearby ski resort for a day of fun in the snow. Before you realize, you’ll have worked up a sweat and made lasting memories with your family.
  5. Go skating. Many places have free public skating times which makes it a great time for families to take advantage of the indoor time, get out of the cold and get some exercise. Often, you can find outdoors rinks to enjoy a skate with family and friends on warmer days with the sun shining.
  6. Go swimming. On days where the cold is just too cold for spending time outside, head to your local aquatics centre for a family swim night. Swimming is such a fun activity for the whole family that it’s hard to tell it’s actually a great exercise.
  7. Jump; JUMP. Take your family to an indoor trampoline park or playground where you can play together. This is one of our favourite fun activities to do as a family; I especially love that I feel like a big kid again.
  8. Play games. Bundle up and head out for an old fashion game of snow tag, tug-of-war, snow baseball, snow angels or anything else your imagination can create an active game of snow play with your family. Don’t be surprised if you end up giggling in the snow; laughing is good for your health.
  9. Create snow art. Using food dye with water and a spray bottle, make a hopscotch game and take turns hopping through the snowy track. Snow offers resistance but little ones will be so focused on the fun of the game, they won’t realize they are actually getting a good exercise in the process.
  10. Take a fitness class. Check your local fitness centres for a mini boot camp or family get-together classes available, like a yoga or spin class. Recently I took my daughters to a Kangoo class; not only was the exercise fun, we had a great time challenging ourselves and laughing along the way.

If you follow these tips you’ll be sure to reap the benefits from a healthy and active lifestyle and that will hopefully keep you flu free!

10 Ways to Stay a Healthy Active Family Over the Holidays: Take a Kangoo Class //

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204 comments on “10 Ways to Stay a Healthy Active Family in the Winter”

  1. To stay healthy during the flu/cold season I wash my hands and sanitize door knobs, light switches and anything we touch regularly. To stay active in our cold winters I walk when I can.

  2. I stay healthy and active all winter by getting a flue shot, washing my hands frequently and working out everyday

  3. I stay healthy and active by walking as much as I can during the winter months

  4. For my family and I, winter is all about the outdoors. We ski, snowboard, snowshoe, hike and even camp in the winter. We also watch our diets carefully and make sure to go easy on the carbs, but pack meals full of fresh fruits and vegetables.

  5. I try to stay healthy during the winter by getting outside and having fun with winter activities

  6. We stay healthy by eating well. We grow a lot of our own food and make a lot of soups for winter lunches. We take vitamins, get our flu shots and wash our hands a lot. We stay active with our Standard Poodle going for lots of nature walks. Thank you 🙂

  7. In the winter I stay active by going to the gym and healthy by drinking lots of water and washing my hands frequently.

  8. I take my vitamins, bowl weekly and try to do some walking outdoors.

  9. I try to stay healthy by taking multi-vitamin and Vitamin C. I also wash my hands frequently.

  10. I walk back and forth to work every day. I have cut sugar out of my diet. I am feeling feeling great this winter!

  11. I stay healthy and active during the winter by eating healthier foods, washing my hands before eating and also going to the gym and snowboarding

  12. I eat healthy, dress warm and take multivitamins. I also wash my hands a lot more to avoid catching germs

  13. I exercise regularly, get enough sleep and take vitamins.

  14. I do a lot of walking when the winter permits. I also carry hand sanitizer with me at all times and take vitamins

  15. I drink lots of water, make sure I eat plenty of fruit and veggies (even though the carbs are sooo tempting during cold winters) and get outside for fresh air and walks.

  16. I eat lots of fruit and I go to the mall and walk around

  17. I stay healthy and active in the winter by going skating and taking my vitamins!

  18. I stay active and healthy during the winter months with daily walks (I walk my daughter to and from school as well as my family going on daily evening walks) I take a daily multi vitamin, drink lots of water, eat healthy and do light work outs

  19. We get the flu shot every year

  20. I run 1/2 mile and weight lift for 20 min a day.

  21. I have a treadmill to stay active and take oregano oil. I tend to hibernate since I really don’t like the cold!

  22. I frequently wash my hands to stay healthy during flu season.

  23. Wash my hands and home surfaces regularly. As for exercise I use the gazelle I have to stay active.

  24. We have an elliptical and treadmill so it is great for the winter when its too cold to get outside for a run

  25. I stay healthy and active in the winter by drinking lots of lemon-infused water, taking vitamin C and D and exercising regularly. I also get the flu shot at the drugstore in the fall.

  26. I try going outside skating often. and I drink lots of liquid and Vitamin C and orange juice and run from others coughs

  27. We stay healthy by being active both indoors and out, eating healthy and getting a flu shot.

  28. To stay healthy and active in the winter we wash our hands frequently and eat healthy (lots of fruits and veggies).

  29. I stay active by finding activities I love doing outside.

  30. I tend to spend more time in the gym!

  31. I try to stay healthy by getting my flu shot and washing my hands often. I also try to avoid sick people as if they have the plague. I try to stay active by still getting outside as often as I can.

  32. I eat healthy, exercise and wash my hands regularly.

  33. I eat more soup in the winter to stay healthy.

  34. I am a huge walker and I enjoy it all year round but still there is nothing more beautiful than walking in the forest after a new snowfall. The sounds , the freshness of the air. I could do it everday 🙂 Keeps me feeling young and active for sure.

  35. I wash my hands and take my vitamins daily!

  36. I covered my mouth with my sleeve when I am coughing. I have flu shot and stay home when i am sick

  37. I stay healthy by walking the dog. Every day, regardless of the weather. And if I’m not feeling up to it, she makes sure I don’t sit around all day – she’s a winter loving dog! Also, daily Vitamin D supplements.

  38. I exercise

  39. I stay healthy and active during the winter by making sure that I wash my hands with soap and water after being around the public. Simple, easy and very effective.

  40. Hope this where I post but we make sure to enjoy a nice walk to enjoy the outdoors, skating and to avoid the cold/flu we make sure to wash hands frequently and proper sleep. Eating healthy as well.

  41. I walk my dog daily.

  42. would love to win this

  43. I try to take Vitamin C and wash my hands frequently to prevent myself to get sick. Also, I try to walk at least 20 minutes a day to keep msyelf moving

  44. I stay healthy in the winter by getting out hiking, staying hydrated and washing my hands!

  45. To Stay healthy I take a multi vitamin every night before bed to help my body recover from the day while it sleeps

  46. Lots of hand sanitizer and hand washing. Vitamin pills and exercise.

  47. I get a flu shot and eat healthy.

  48. i increase my vitamin and water intake

  49. We go skating and are sure to sneeze or cough into our elbows so we don’t spread germs!

  50. I stay healthy by washing my hands and I try to go for a walk outside when the weather allows.

  51. I exercise daily (well,try to )..I usually exercise inside during the wintertime.
    I eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink plenty of water,
    Washing hands constantly!

  52. I get the flu shot and take a daily multi-vitamin to stay healthy

  53. Get a flu shot every year

  54. I make an effort to eat well, wash my hands and exercise.

  55. I run all season long so I’m good. I run in the cold and snow. No problem. 🙂

  56. I take multi-vitamins and a vitamin C chewable for the extra boost in the winter months.

  57. Daily walks – outdoors if road underfoot safe / if not – treadmill

  58. I always wash my hands!

  59. I try to stay healthy by eating lots of fruits and vegetables, getting enough sleeps, washing my hands lots, I walk 4-5 times a week and do aquafit 2-3 times a week.

  60. I stay healthy by doing lots of handwashing, getting my flu shot and taking extra vitamins. I try to stay healthy by taking the dogs for lots of walks.

  61. I work out every other day or do activitys that makes your body move , skating tubing skyying and try to eat as healthy as I can ! Ty for the chance

  62. I go for bush trail walks, sauna and do yoga. I also drink a lot of tea.

  63. I walk or Exercise Bike every day during all year round. I really don’t eat healthy though so I am big on supplements.

  64. I am lucky that I get out with my students several times a day at school.

  65. I stay healthy during the cold season by walking and drinking lots of water.
    Also, have my flu shots for added protection.

  66. i take my dog out for walks and do yoga

  67. I try to eat fresh fruits and vegetables and go for a daily walk.

  68. Indeed staying is the only solution to killin those winter blues and getting flu shot to avoid that influenza

  69. I make sure to go on walks when the weather allows and eat lots of fruits and veggies.

  70. A daily multivitamin, fruits and veggies, and daily exercise keep me healthy during winter.

  71. I just bought a treadmill so I’ve been trying to use that to stay healthy during the snowy months when I can’t run outside

  72. I stay healthy by being active and healthy diet during winter.

  73. I make sure that I get enough sleep every night to stay healthy during the winter season.

  74. I stay healthy by limiting my time in crowds. It means a lot of puzzles, fireplaces, tv, reading, etc

  75. I take vitamins daily and try to stay active.

  76. during the winter months i try to get sleep, wash my hands constantly and stay home when im sick

  77. I get outside every day for a walk or to go snowshoeing and I avoid all processed foods.

  78. I go out for walks to stay active and work out at my condo gym. I try to eat a balanced diet too!

  79. in the winter I try to still get out for a walk but also have fun skating and sledding with my kids

  80. We stay healthy by keeping our house clean and we always practice washing our hands and keeping soap and sanitizers within reach.

  81. I get my flu shot every October and it’s so convenient now that Shoppers pharmacists can administer them and so quickly. For the past few years I’ve gotten from my pharmacist and I even get a sucker, My Dr doesnt give suckers. lol My family and I try to get out go skating or tobogganning when the weather is fair, not -48. We also build snow forts and walk malls, and going to catch pokemon.

  82. taking omga 3 vitamins & having breakfast every day

  83. I do alot of winter walks (with good shoes of course!) And make sure I am eating lots of veggies!

  84. I don’t drive, so even in winter we are out and about walking (even when it was -35 over Christmas). We make sure to dress for the weather, eat good foods including fresh produce, wash our hands frequently and get plenty of rest.

  85. I usually cover up and drink a lot of honey lemon tea. I warm my jacket and mittens before I head out on a cold day.

  86. I take the stairs, try to eat a variety of foods and try to get enough sleep.

  87. I like to get outside when the weather is fit and just walk.

  88. I make sure that we get enough sleep and continue to eats lots of vitamin rich foods.

  89. I take vitamins daily and I still go for walks in the winter.

  90. I exercise daily, and drink tons of water. I also eat a balanced diet and walk as much as possible to keep healthy in the winter time.

  91. I sanitize everything daily (phones, door handles, appliance handles). I eat right, get lots of sleep and get my flu shot.

  92. Always staying hydrated and making sure to sanitize hands frequently

  93. up early, lots of exercise, eat healthy!

  94. I stay healthy by drinking lots of water, washing my hands a lot

  95. I did get my flu shot! I always wash my hands a lot especially after being out and about. First thing I do is lather up with soap and wash when I get home.

  96. lots of water and washing my hands as much as possible

  97. I stay healthy and active during the winter by eat healthy, drinking lots of fluids/water, getting lots of sleep, exercising daily and washing my hands frequently!

  98. We like to walk the seawall – and not get to sweaty in the cold weather

  99. I stay healthy by eating lots of fruits and veggies

  100. I try to stay healthy and active through the winter by eating well and doing Yoga!

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