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Fit Family Challenge to MOVE with Wearable Tech

5 Ways to Motivate an Active Family with a Fit Family Challenge and Wearable Tech //

Summer has kicked into overdrive and although the weather is nice, it’s not always easy to get the kids to be active and off their iPads. In a time where technology makes parenting more challenging, we have to get creative to motivate family physical activity. Challenge your family to a fit family challenge to light a fire for a little friendly competition.

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Fit Family Challenge to MOVE with Wearable Tech //

As an active family with kids in sports, it was baffling to me that one of my five was just as happy sitting indoors on her iPad playing MineCraft. Although she would be just as active as the rest of the family when prompted, getting her motivated was a challenge.

Fit Family Challenge

Our eight year old has never been a kid who played with many toys so whenever Christmas or a birthday comes around we have an interesting time finding a gift that fits. There are only so many electronics I’ll allow but this last Christmas I caved on gifting her a fitness tracker watch and it was the best purchase for a kid like her. Instead of avoiding, we embraced tech to get her motivated and moving.

Before long our daughter was challenging us to daily activities and discussing our daily step results over at the dinner table. A friendly fit family challenge competition was well underway.

Fit Family Challenge to MOVE with Wearable Tech - Rock Climbing //

Fit Family Challenge – 5 Ways to Motivate, Challenge and MOVE

  1. Rock Climbing. Spend the day at a fitness activity centre where you can push your family fitness limits in a safe environment. If rock climbing isn’t your thing, there are multiple other activities at indoor or outdoor fitness centres your family can to do together.

2. Take a hike. Adventure hike on a nature trail where you can enjoy the outdoors, learn about nature and get that heart rate up. Match the level of intensity of the hike to your child’s age level. Even a brisk walk on a short trail is a great form of exercise.

Fit Family Challenge to MOVE with Wearable Tech - Family Kayaking //

3. Go Kayaking. Either a two-seater or single-seater kayak is a great core and upper body workout. You choose how much you want to get out of it; the level of ability will depend on the age of the child. Whether you take a leisurely pace or paddle hard through the water, you’ll enjoy the time with your child and the tranquil moments on the water. If you don’t have your own kayak, there are usually local rental places where you can schedule for a reasonable fee.

4. Go Swimming. Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise. It’s easy on the joints, free or low cost, and most kids love it. Challenge your kids to tread water for 5 minutes, swim a number of laps or a race to the other side. You can let them win sometimes too.

*Remember to use water safety skills with all water sports. Always keep small children within reach; children should know how to swim and use life jackets.

 Fit Family Challenge to MOVE with Wearable Tech - Travel Fitness //

5. Travel Fitness on the Road. It doesn’t matter where you go, family fitness can be maintained with a little creative thought. Use the closest set of stairs, a picnic bench or a tour around to city to get those steps in, just make sure to pack running shoes and fitness tracker.

Kangoo is one of my favourite family exercises to do with a large number of steps; the rebound boots are not only easier on your joints, they are a lot of fun. Luckily my instructor is a close friend so our families often travel and exercise together which makes the fit family challenge between families even more interesting.

Fit Family Challenge – Wearable Tech Options

I love the FitBit because I can easily log results and check my family members stats with the app on my mobile device. TELUS has a lot of fitness trackers to choose from for the whole family so  get out there and crush those fit family challenge goals.

Whatever ways you choose to keep your family active, embracing technology can be a great way to motivate your kids, bond your family closer, keep activities fun and full of laughter.

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