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7 Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season

I’m a relatively healthy person; I exercise regularly, I eat healthy foods and I rarely get sick but I get my flu shot each and every year to protect my loved ones and those at risk around me because it’s not all about me. I choose to arm my family with the flu shot and practice these 7 Flu Prevention Tips as the best defence against the flu.

Your local Shoppers Drug Mart is offering flu shots to  busy families across Canada. Just pop into your nearest location, get your flu shot and know you’ve done your best to  protect yourself.

7 Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season //

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Shoppers Drug Mart. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

With the flu on the rise and 55,000 cases reported last season by the Public Health Agency of Canada (doubling from the previous year), it’s more important than ever to practice flu prevention, especially when getting vaccinated can prevent an estimated 70-90% of flu cases. For me, it’s always been important for my family to be responsible members of the community in flu prevention, helping protect seniors, children and those at higher risk of complications. After all, with my grandparents in their late 80’s, I want to make sure they stay healthy and with us for as long as possible.

Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season

Naturally, prevention is the key to avoiding the flu and spending weeks of rotating illness through family members. As a busy family with kids in sports, we don’t have time for that kind of setback, so we practice these 7 Flu Prevention Tips to ensure everyone is protected.

  1. Get the flu shot. This is the #1 best way to prevent yourself from getting the flu, prevent the spread of flu to others and reduce the risk of complications or severity of the illness, which is especially important for seniors. Shoppers Drug Mart makes it easy for busy people so you can quickly drop in to get immunized and be on your way.
  2. Get the flu shot on time. The best time to get your flu shot is October to November but even if you are late, it’s still important to get the flu shot to reduce risk and/or severity. Canada’s first-ever Flu prevention Awareness Week ran from October 29 – November 2 this year and Shoppers Drug Mart is ready to protect your family at your nearest location.
  3. Disinfect surfaces. Frequently cleaning door knobs, taps, phones or anything else that people touch with disinfectant wipes is a great way to prevent the spread of flu germs and offer your family members more protection. Try to keep your house as germ-free as possible, and pay special attention to dish rags or face cloths that are breeding grounds for bacteria.
  4. Wash hands thoroughly and often. Make it a habit to wash your hands using the correct technique and for a length of time long enough to kill flu germs. For seniors who have a tougher time getting up often, hand sanitizer may be a great option in between bathroom or kitchen sink visits.
  5. Avoid touching your face. Try to make it a habit to avoid touching your mouth, nose or face and then touching other surfaces before washing your hands. This is the easiest way to spread illness and sometimes can be hard to keep on top of. Make sure to keep hand sanitizer close by for people who may have a cough or runny nose.
  6. Stay home when sick.. Know when a fever is too high and make sure to stay home if your temperature passes 100 degrees. Remember you should be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to work, school or regular activities.
  7. Encourage healthy habits. Try to stay as active as possible , get plenty of rest, eat healthy, take vitamins and prescribed medications and drink plenty of water to keep your immune system at its best.

I love the flexibility and convenience of going to my local pharmacy to receive my flu shot. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can protect my family and spend more time visiting my more vulnerable grandparents. Head over to your trusted pharmacist today to protect yourself with the flu shot and practice prevention with these 7 Flu Prevention Tips. .

For more information on flu shot facts, check out Shoppers Drug Mart website FAQ’s or join in the #FluCrew conversation with me on Twitter @thislilpiglet and @ShopprsDrugMart.

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159 comments on “7 Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season”

  1. I load up on my Vitamins.  Lots of Ginger and Garlic.  I also hand wash like crazy!  I try and eat as clean as possible and get as much rest as possible! 

  2. I make sure that i take a walk outside, properly dressed , whenever the condition is right. Eat healthy and get thr flu shot on time

  3. I try to stay healthy by taking vitamins, eating healthy and getting some exercise.

  4. I hope to take lots of Vitamin C and try to keep warm and away from germs. Washing the hands will help alot too!

  5. Lots of vitamin C and garlic. Lots of water and rest. Hand sanitizer if hands do not have visible dirt, otherwise wash with soap.

  6. Eat healthy drink lots of water and take vitamins. Disinfect door knobs and wherever else is commonly touched and use hand sanitizer and will be getting the flu shot this year as my granddaughter was diagnosed with CF

  7. I do take vitamins and walk everyday

  8. I try to make sure that I stick to a regular sleep schedule.

  9. i get out to the gym a few time a week

  10. I drink lots of water to stay healthy

  11. Hand washing is a must and I try to sanitize our keyboards, light switches and door knobs! And open windows for cool fresh air even in the winter!

  12. I get a flu shot and wash my hands often.

  13. I always try to stay away from others who are sick, i wash my hands frequently and if i don’t have access to washing my hands with soap/water i always make sure to have a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me.

  14. I exercise daily and wash my hands frequently to stay healthy.

  15. I drink lots of water and try to get plenty of rest. I also take my vitamins and try not to overextend myself.

  16. I have COPD , so I have to stay healthy and stay active , I do so many things from diet to lot’s of vitamins and walking every day

  17. I get a flu shot and wash my hands (obsessively). I try to get outside lots to exercise (skiing, snowshoeing). The local recreation departments rent out cross country skis and snowshoes for free. It’s a great way to stay active in the winter. (As long as there’s enough snow!)

  18. I get a flu shot, take my vitamins, eat healthy and keep warm!

  19. I try to prevent getting a cold or the flu by getting a flu shot, eating healthy, washing my hands often, taking vitamins and getting lots of sleep

  20. We make sure to take our vitamins, wash our hands lots and get good rest when feel getting sick.

  21. we take our vitamins everyday, lots of sleep and eat healthy and WASH OUR HANDS ALWAYS!

  22. We wash our hands slit and carry sanitizer in our purses and coat pockets to always be at the ready. 

  23. This year my focus on avoiding the flu besides exercise, eating well, is homemade Kombucha daily and washing my hands more than I ever have before …I have dishpan hands and am proud as it’s keeping me well!

  24. We always wash our hands and take our vitamins.

  25. I take my vitamins daily to keep healthy

  26. I make it an effort to get as much fresh air as I can, I buy vitamin C rich foods, and I carry hand sanitizer with me at all times!

  27. I wash hands and dress warmly.

  28. I try to wash hands often, and eat Vitamin C. A lot

  29. We wash our hands all the time and get our flu shots 

  30. we wash our hands…a lot!

  31. I try to stay active indoors through yoga and pilates. I also try to stay away from the germs by making sure to wash my hands more often. 

  32. I take vitamin C, get enough sleep, and walk to work (fresh air).

  33. Wash hands often.

  34. I drink lots of liquids. Regular exercise. Lots of hand washing and dressing very warm 

  35. I get my flu shot, wash hands regularly and load up on vitamin c. Plus eat healthy. If I get a cold it doesn’t last long at all luckily! It’s the kids germs that are worse

  36. I take a multivitamin and try to boost my immunity by staying active.

  37. Get your flu shot and wash your hands frequently!

  38. I drink tea with honey and take vitamin c.

  39. We nake sure to always wash hands and keep wipes handy when we’re out.

  40. I try to get enough rest, and take a bit more Vitamin C. Washing my hands often is important.

  41. I stay healthy by exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet. Also, ensure proper hygiene.

  42. I try to stay healthy with juicing and walking.

  43. Get your flu shot and wash your hands

  44. We wash our hands and stay away from crowded areas.

  45. we all wash our hands when we come in the house before touching anything – seems to help us quite a bit

  46. eating healthy and staying away from sick people

  47. I stay healthy by getting my flu shot, taking my vitamins and a daily walk.

  48. We get the flu shot every year and I am constantly washing my hands and hard surfaces around me.

  49. Wash hands frequently

  50. I take odourless garlic during winter months. It really works, warding off germs. 

  51. Make sure to bundle up and always wash my hands all the time.

  52. We get a flu shot and wash our hands a lot

  53. I stay healthy this time of year by uping my Vit C (oranges, lemon in tea etc), trying to stay away from those coughing/sneezing, and if unable to do so, I wash my hands often and take clove oil in water. Also, chicken soup once a week, seems to help! 🙂

  54. Flu shot, healthy eating, supplements whatever I can do lol

  55. wash, wash, wash hands, keep them away from nose and mouth, get sufficient sleep, find interesting things to do each day. thanks

  56. I drink my homemade Kombucha with lots of ginger every morning, lots of hand-washing, snd 7+ hrs sleep whenever possible!

  57. eat great food,  get out to cross country ski, ice fish, hike,  if its not to cold out

  58. I take a lot of vitamin C and I up my intake of water and fruit.

  59. Lots of hand washing, drinking lots of water and trying to eat well.

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