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7 Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season

I’m a relatively healthy person; I exercise regularly, I eat healthy foods and I rarely get sick but I get my flu shot each and every year to protect my loved ones and those at risk around me because it’s not all about me. I choose to arm my family with the flu shot and practice these 7 Flu Prevention Tips as the best defence against the flu.

Your local Shoppers Drug Mart is offering flu shots to  busy families across Canada. Just pop into your nearest location, get your flu shot and know you’ve done your best to  protect yourself.

7 Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season //

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Shoppers Drug Mart. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

With the flu on the rise and 55,000 cases reported last season by the Public Health Agency of Canada (doubling from the previous year), it’s more important than ever to practice flu prevention, especially when getting vaccinated can prevent an estimated 70-90% of flu cases. For me, it’s always been important for my family to be responsible members of the community in flu prevention, helping protect seniors, children and those at higher risk of complications. After all, with my grandparents in their late 80’s, I want to make sure they stay healthy and with us for as long as possible.

Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season

Naturally, prevention is the key to avoiding the flu and spending weeks of rotating illness through family members. As a busy family with kids in sports, we don’t have time for that kind of setback, so we practice these 7 Flu Prevention Tips to ensure everyone is protected.

  1. Get the flu shot. This is the #1 best way to prevent yourself from getting the flu, prevent the spread of flu to others and reduce the risk of complications or severity of the illness, which is especially important for seniors. Shoppers Drug Mart makes it easy for busy people so you can quickly drop in to get immunized and be on your way.
  2. Get the flu shot on time. The best time to get your flu shot is October to November but even if you are late, it’s still important to get the flu shot to reduce risk and/or severity. Canada’s first-ever Flu prevention Awareness Week ran from October 29 – November 2 this year and Shoppers Drug Mart is ready to protect your family at your nearest location.
  3. Disinfect surfaces. Frequently cleaning door knobs, taps, phones or anything else that people touch with disinfectant wipes is a great way to prevent the spread of flu germs and offer your family members more protection. Try to keep your house as germ-free as possible, and pay special attention to dish rags or face cloths that are breeding grounds for bacteria.
  4. Wash hands thoroughly and often. Make it a habit to wash your hands using the correct technique and for a length of time long enough to kill flu germs. For seniors who have a tougher time getting up often, hand sanitizer may be a great option in between bathroom or kitchen sink visits.
  5. Avoid touching your face. Try to make it a habit to avoid touching your mouth, nose or face and then touching other surfaces before washing your hands. This is the easiest way to spread illness and sometimes can be hard to keep on top of. Make sure to keep hand sanitizer close by for people who may have a cough or runny nose.
  6. Stay home when sick.. Know when a fever is too high and make sure to stay home if your temperature passes 100 degrees. Remember you should be fever-free for at least 24 hours before returning to work, school or regular activities.
  7. Encourage healthy habits. Try to stay as active as possible , get plenty of rest, eat healthy, take vitamins and prescribed medications and drink plenty of water to keep your immune system at its best.

I love the flexibility and convenience of going to my local pharmacy to receive my flu shot. It gives me peace of mind knowing I can protect my family and spend more time visiting my more vulnerable grandparents. Head over to your trusted pharmacist today to protect yourself with the flu shot and practice prevention with these 7 Flu Prevention Tips. .

For more information on flu shot facts, check out Shoppers Drug Mart website FAQ’s or join in the #FluCrew conversation with me on Twitter @thislilpiglet and @ShopprsDrugMart.

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159 comments on “7 Flu Prevention Tips to Practice this Season”

  1. We wash & sanatize more often while drinking lots of water and keeping busy not having our bodies lying around. Vitamins are essential in our house, year round 

  2. I try to eat healthy and exercise. Always wash hands and use hand sanitizer. And try and stay away from others that are sick.

  3. I take vitamin C regularly and get the flu shot every year to ward off colds and flus.

  4. I get the flu shot annually and take daily walks except when the weather is horrible.

  5. I always wash my hands as soon as I get home after being our shopping.

  6. I wash my hands often and try to stay away from sick people

  7. I make sure to bundle myself up and always wash my hands.

  8. Get outside for some exercise and fresh air to stay well this cold and flu season

  9. I bundle up and protect my neck with a scarf during the winter, and wash my hands frequently to avoid getting sick.

  10. I I take extra Vit. C and D to fight of the colds and flu.

  11. During the winter, we ski, go to the gym, eat healthy and get a flu shot. Lots of hand washing helps too!

  12. I get outside a lot. I find it keeps me stronger, plus fresh air is wonderful.

  13. I wash my hands regularly.

  14. I get a flu shot, take vitamins b12 and d, and drink lots of water to stay healthy.

  15. Drinking lots of liquid & echinacea Plus Vit C
    Getting enough rest/sleep

  16. I stay healthy during the winter by taking Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil daily. I also practice frequent hand washing. To stay healthy I like to take short walks.

  17. I try to eat healthy , take my dog and walks and eat my vitamins 

  18. I am not the best at washing my hands after going out but i definitely think of it more in winter and in recent years. Also I swear by vitamin D.

  19. I eat lots of healthy foods, use lots of hand sanitizer and make sure to get outside every day, no matter how cold it is.

  20. I use a lot of antibacterial wipes on doorknobs and get the family to wear gloves when they are out, so many bugs on doorknobs and in public spaces.

  21. My mum doesnt shake hands with people. I live with hand sanitizer in my car, purse, house…

  22. I got my flu shot yesterday for the first time in years. I also make sure that all family members wash their hands as soon as they come in the house. Thanks for the chance to win! 

  23. Frequent and washing, drink lots of water, get enough sleep.and go for walks.

  24. I take vitamins and make sure to wash my hands frequently.

  25. I am careful trying not to touch handles and knobs and buttons to avoid germs (I use paper towels/sleeves/etc whenever possible).  I sanitize my work space in the morning.  I wash my hands often.  I exercise daily;  swimming, or outside cycling or walking.

  26. I stay healthy my taking vitamins D & C and dressing for the weather

  27. fresh air is important – going for walks wearing appropriate clothing.
    And, don’t forget to keep drinking water!

  28. we make sure to drink lots of orange juice and load up on fresh fruit we also wash hands regualrly. also i have taught my son to sneeze into his elbow to keep the spread of germs down

  29. I always get the flu shot.

  30. We get the flu shot and use proper hand washing!

  31. I make a lot of vegetable based soups and try to eat healthier in the winter. As well I stay active by bundling up and going for walks.. and I avoid touching people haha, only until the flu/cold season is over 🙂

  32. I wash my hands and constantly encourage my family to do the same. Sanitize everything at the slightest sign of sickness! Lots and lots of fruits and veggies. 

  33. I take extra vitamin C and I get my flu shot every year, plus I try to stay away from those that are sick and carry hand sanitizer on me!

  34. I wash my hands often to stay healthy.

  35. we stay active by playing outside and inside with the kids. We also go for walks to see all the pretty lights. As for staying healthy, we try to dress appropriately, eat healthily and take our vitamins. We love bone broths and hot tea when a cold does catch up to us though!

  36. Take vitamins, eat more veggies and fruit

  37. I take extra vitamin C, keep hydrated, and wash hands/use sanitizer constantly. Also, I avoid visiting people who have so much as a sniffle, and also stay home more often, especially if I’m not feeling 100%.

  38. I got my flu shot this week, I take my vitamins and I constantly wash my hands. When shopping I carry wipes to wipe the handle of my cart.

  39. We take our daily vitamins and when it is not too cold outside we take the kids to do some outdoor activities to get some fresh air and sunshine.

  40. I stay healthy by making sure to take my meds when I should, listening to my dr and seeing him every 3 months 🙂 I like to walk out in the winter as here in Victoria BC we don’t generally get snow 🙂

  41. I go snowshoe hiking in the winter and try to get outdoors as much as possible to stay active.

  42. Wash, wash, wash. Eat healthy and bundle up.

  43. We try to exercise indoors and eat healthy all winter!

  44. I take Vitamin C and I wash my hands often.

  45. I don’t drive so we still walk in the winter, we dress according to the weather (in layers cause calgary weather can be wonky), and we eat a variety of fresh fruits and veggies year round.

  46. My family goes for walks together in winter; if it’s too cold I will do the treadmill. I really like taking vitamin C & electrolytes to strengthen my immune system. And using a lot of disinfectant in the house!

  47. We try to get out walking if the weather is not to bad

  48. I take vitamins during the winter months plus I continue to eat healthy and wash my hands frequently

  49. Stay inside and hide. Lol no drink lots of water and wash ur hands

  50. I stay healthy and active through the winter by staying active, drinking lemon ginger tea, getting enough sleep, taking vitamins and getting the flu shot in the fall. I have a hard time when I get the flu and cold though and I need a lot of TLC to help me recover. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. #FluCrew #CANWIN

  51. I get lots of exercise and sleep,and I eat healthy hot meals and take vitamin c. I also get the flu shot in the fall because when the flu and cold hits me I have a hard time handling it. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway to help someone when they are sick. #CANWIN #FluCrew

  52. The easiest ways to protect yourself from being sick this season is to wash your hands. Wishing everyone a healthy winter!

  53. I try and eat healthy and get plenty of sleep. Shoveling snow is great exercise!

  54. I try to get to the gym to work out a few times a week, and walk outside when the weather is suitable. I try to eat healthy and drink my OJ!

  55. I practice good hand hygiene as my first defense along with taking daily vitamins

  56. I get the flu shot every year, and try to get a walk in every day – and I wash my hands *constantly*!

  57. We always get our flu shot first of all. I like to take oregano oil throughout the season too. Wash, wash ,wash…

  58. I stay healthy in winter by taking walks outside, properly bundled up, of course. The fresh air is very good for the health.

  59. I go for walks at lunch through the concourse next to where I work. It helps me stay active no matter what the weather. I wash my hands often and take my vitamins

  60. We chose a mild climate to live in so there are very few days where we can’t get outside. We dress for the weather and get active out doors. I find the more time we spend outside, especially in the forest/mountains away from people, the healthier we stay. Then, of course, vitamins and lots of fruits and vegetables!

  61. I try to eat good food, and I take my vitamins.

  62. I stay healthy by dressing properly for this ridiculously cold weather we already have (yesterday was -31C with the windchill)

  63. I TRY to stay healthy with a daily vitamin, lots of water, good amount of rest and smoothies with lots of fruit and veggies

  64. Keeping hydrated and taking a vitamin C & B complex are what I do to keep healthy during the winter.

  65. We use hand sanitizer to prevent germs spreading.

  66. I try and stay healthy throughout the winter by eating plenty of soup, I juice a lot and well…. not so active I like to hibernate on the couch lol.

  67. I keep up my daily walks even in the winter, wash my hands often, and drink lots of water to help ward off the flu

  68. I wash my hands more often and try to go for walks during my break

  69. I try to eat healthy get proper rest and exercise daily.

  70. The truth is I have a great deal of trouble staying healthy and active through the winter. Thanks for helping me find answers.

  71. I take zinc, vitamin C, elderberry and eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

  72. I try to take advantage of the daylight hours and participate in outdoor winter activities with the family, and I make sure we are eating healthy and hearty meals that are loaded with veggies.

  73. Staying active during winter months is important, Getting plenty of fresh air and some outside daily exercise is a must in my books. I get the flu shot every year, am washing hands frequently and taking some extra vitamins like Vit C to help with colds or the chills.

  74. Get lots of sleep!!

  75. I try to work out 3x a week before heading into work. Definitely lots of water and try to eat clean through the weekdays! 🙂

  76. I try to get some fresh air and always practise handwashing and sanitizing

  77. I get the flu shot, sleep lots, eat well and stay active. This seems to help me stay healthy!

  78. Dress warm and if I feel sickness coming I take zinc vitamin.

  79. I usually carry a hand sanitizer with me and drink honey lemon tea almost all the time. I cover up most of the time as well.

  80. I always get the flu shot in the fall because it helps me to recover faster. I stay healthy by eating lots of vegetables and fruit and I take Vitamins C and D.I get lots of exercise and rest too.

  81. I always get the flu shot at our drugstore in the fall because it really helps me to recover faster.I also take extra vitamins during the winter months and get plenty of rest and exercise. I like to eat healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.

  82. I get the flu shot, eat/drink plenty of vitamin C and wash my hands often. Thank you for the giveaway.

  83. i go to yoga once a week and take my vitamins.

  84. Luckily, it doesn’t get too cold and it doesn’t always snow where we live so we can still get out and about during the winter, so we stay hydrated, load up on vitamin C, and participate in winter sports and activities when we can.

  85. Healthy? Handwashing! Active? Hiking with my dog.

  86. Lots of hand washing/sanitizing, flu shots, extra cleaning of the bathrooms and taking extra vitamins.

  87. I try to take lots of water, vitamin C and wash my hands frequently to stay healthy

  88. I make sure my family and I go outside for regular walks together!

  89. I make sure that my family and go on loads of walks outdoors together to stay healthy!

  90. I make sure to get my flu shot as early as possible. I disinfect commonly touched surfaces often. I wash my hands often and use hand sanitizer when away from home.

  91. I take a good dose of vitamin C daily as my immune system is a little compromised. I also take a multivitamin and B12 to keep my energy up. Washing hands is a must!

  92. I wash my hands often and eat healthy!

  93. Washing hands constantly is a must as well as good nutrition and hydration.

  94. i stay healthy by walking, getting my flu shot and taking my vitamins and probiotics.

  95. Early bedtime, wipe down surfaces every other day & wash hands as soon as I come home.

  96. By washing my hands more often! And getting the flu shot!

  97. Besides getting a flu shot I always wash my hands and don’t touch my eyes. 

  98. We wash our hands a ton & avoid touching door handles.

  99. Get the flu shot, eat healthy, dress warm and wash hands.

  100. Washing hands and using hand sanitizer are essentials. We also take Vitamin C and make sure to stay active and hydrated.

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