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Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families When Illness Strikes

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Shoppers Drug Mart. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

We’re into the thick of sports season here; between cheer, hockey and basketball my kids don’t have time to be down with the flu and risk spreading it through the household. I’ve heard a lot of flu shot myths but with a large family, a bout of the flu can mean weeks of illness which is why I seek out flu shot facts to make sure my family is protected and sharing my Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families.

Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families and 4 Extra Precautions when Illness Strikes //

When flu season strikes, kids are often the first to get sick. My pharmacist tells me this is because of a number of factors including sports, play activities and close quarters in the classroom, all of which bring you into greater contact with germs. It’s no surprise then that the Public Health Agency of Canada is reporting that flu season has started earlier than usual, and that children seem to be the most affected so far.

Child or an adult, what’s undeniable is the flu can make you feel pretty lousy with symptoms like fever, aches, stomach pain, and fatigue. Between school, sport gyms and arenas, there are more than enough surfaces my kids are touching and we can’t be sure they are disinfected properly. Being constantly on the go doesn’t allow much time for lengthy waits or the inconvenience of walk-in clinic hours. Which is why I appreciate pharmacies like Shoppers Drug Mart, who make it easy for busy families, like mine, to go for a flu shot when it’s convenient, no appointment necessary.

Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families //

In addition to the flu shot, to ensure my kids stay healthy, we practice 7 Flu Prevention tips and take extra precautions.

Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families and 4 Extra Precautions when Illness Strikes:

  1. Honey – My family takes daily dose of raw honey full of antioxidants to help stimulate the immune system. When signs of illness strike, we add 1 teaspoon of honey, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice to a mug of hot water and sip to soothe sore throats, warm the body and allow the steam to help clear the nose.
  2. Chicken Noodle Soup – A homemade batch of this is a great source of nutrients and antioxidants, which help strengthen the immune system and fight viruses. This recipe makes it easier for healthy school lunches full of nutritious ingredients.
  3. Drink Water – Drinking a lot of water is needed more when the body is trying to fight off viruses and maintain the regular demands of activities. When my kids start complaining of head or body aches, the first question I ask is how much water they’ve had that day.
  4. Reduce Dairy – I encourage dairy in my kids diets but during times of illness I replace milk with water and bring on the hydration to help their bodies fight and flush out viruses.

If your child does happen to come down with the flu, remember that rest is best, and you definitely should keep them home. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the flu can be contagious from one day before symptoms start to 7 days after getting sick. Children can even pass the virus for longer than that.

For more information on flu shot facts, check out Shoppers Drug Mart website FAQ’s or join in the #ShoppersFluCrew conversation with me on Twitter @thislilpiglet and @ShopprsDrugMart.

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  1. I love my pillows, blanket, microwavable magic bag, soup broth & Netflix to keep comfortable while I’m sick.

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