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Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families When Illness Strikes

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post through Shoppers Drug Mart. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

We’re into the thick of sports season here; between cheer, hockey and basketball my kids don’t have time to be down with the flu and risk spreading it through the household. I’ve heard a lot of flu shot myths but with a large family, a bout of the flu can mean weeks of illness which is why I seek out flu shot facts to make sure my family is protected and sharing my Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families.

Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families and 4 Extra Precautions when Illness Strikes //

When flu season strikes, kids are often the first to get sick. My pharmacist tells me this is because of a number of factors including sports, play activities and close quarters in the classroom, all of which bring you into greater contact with germs. It’s no surprise then that the Public Health Agency of Canada is reporting that flu season has started earlier than usual, and that children seem to be the most affected so far.

Child or an adult, what’s undeniable is the flu can make you feel pretty lousy with symptoms like fever, aches, stomach pain, and fatigue. Between school, sport gyms and arenas, there are more than enough surfaces my kids are touching and we can’t be sure they are disinfected properly. Being constantly on the go doesn’t allow much time for lengthy waits or the inconvenience of walk-in clinic hours. Which is why I appreciate pharmacies like Shoppers Drug Mart, who make it easy for busy families, like mine, to go for a flu shot when it’s convenient, no appointment necessary.

Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families //

In addition to the flu shot, to ensure my kids stay healthy, we practice 7 Flu Prevention tips and take extra precautions.

Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families and 4 Extra Precautions when Illness Strikes:

  1. Honey – My family takes daily dose of raw honey full of antioxidants to help stimulate the immune system. When signs of illness strike, we add 1 teaspoon of honey, ½ teaspoon of lemon juice to a mug of hot water and sip to soothe sore throats, warm the body and allow the steam to help clear the nose.
  2. Chicken Noodle Soup – A homemade batch of this is a great source of nutrients and antioxidants, which help strengthen the immune system and fight viruses. This recipe makes it easier for healthy school lunches full of nutritious ingredients.
  3. Drink Water – Drinking a lot of water is needed more when the body is trying to fight off viruses and maintain the regular demands of activities. When my kids start complaining of head or body aches, the first question I ask is how much water they’ve had that day.
  4. Reduce Dairy – I encourage dairy in my kids diets but during times of illness I replace milk with water and bring on the hydration to help their bodies fight and flush out viruses.

If your child does happen to come down with the flu, remember that rest is best, and you definitely should keep them home. According to the Centers for Disease Control, the flu can be contagious from one day before symptoms start to 7 days after getting sick. Children can even pass the virus for longer than that.

For more information on flu shot facts, check out Shoppers Drug Mart website FAQ’s or join in the #ShoppersFluCrew conversation with me on Twitter @thislilpiglet and @ShopprsDrugMart.

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65 comments on “Flu Shot Advice for Busy Families When Illness Strikes”

  1. When I get sick I keep plenty of apple juice and ginger ale on hand. I take it easy and stay in bed and relax.

  2. I eat a lot of fresh garlic when I feel a cold coming on. I usually avoid the worst of getting sick by doing this.

  3. I try to stay hydrated, eat well and get plenty of sleep to kick illness to the curb.

  4. Try to rest as much as possible and drink lots of fluids.

  5. I try my best to take my vitamins regularly and when sick I try to get as much sleep as possible and drink plenty of water.

  6. I take daily vitamins, drink lots of water and take Neocitran when I get sick.

  7. To stimulate my immune system I like to take Vitamin C and Cod Liver Oil daily.

  8. I always buy vicks when I get the flu I find it helps with breathing! Thanks!

  9. Having something warm like honey lemon water or soup helps

  10. To stay healthy I make sure to eat healthy,drink lots of fluids and exercise. If I catch a cold I use OTC meds and get plenty of rest.

  11. I find chicken noodle soup to be comforting when I’m sick.

  12. drink chicken noodle soup and lots of fluids.

  13. When I get sick I get plenty of rest, take neo citron and drink lots of liquid. My couch, kleenex and netflix helps too!

  14. I take vitamin C daily, and echinacea when I feel a tickle coming on. Lots of orange juice! 

  15. I make sure we get outside for fresh air and practice good hand washing

  16. Drink lemon/ginger tea, blueberries, oranges and antibacterial wash all frequently touched surfaces like door knobs and telephones.

  17. I find when someone has tummy troubles or indigestion (or what can “follow” after indigestion), it helps to consume some probiotic yogurt (or plain if probiotic yogurt isn’t an option). The probiotic bacteria (good bacteria) in yogurt can help, we feel, stabilize and calm things down when someone has eaten something that their body disagrees with.

  18. WE make sure that we eat healthy and lots of fruits and veggies, Dress warm when going out and wash our hands non stop. Keep baby wipes in my purse and Purell hand santitizer

  19. I like to take extra vitamin C and drink lots of water/tea as well as rest as much as possible. 

  20. I use a diffuser with a combination of oils to boost my immune system.

  21. I take extra vitamin C, and get lots of rest. It helps.

  22. I try to get lots of rest and increase my vitamin C intake when illness does hit!

  23. I make sure I wash my hands often, and I drink Kefir to try to boost my immune system and stay healthy

  24. The tissues with lotion make colds far more bearable!

  25. For me, salt-water rinsing, eucalyptus oil, and drinking tea with honey and lemon helps quite a bit!

  26. I like to take zinc and elderberry for my immune system.

  27. When sickness hits I try to get lots of rest drink plenty of fluids, sip on soup take vitamins and use vapor rub

  28. I take my vitamins and probiotics and try to get enough sleep. I also try to use more turmeric!

  29. I take extra vit C and D to help my immune system say strong.

  30. when we feel something coming on we take packets of Emergen C, then wash wash wash your hands

  31. Daily vitamins, eatting healthy and lots of rest when ill.

  32. We use zinc lozengers at the first sign of sickness!

  33. I like to drink lots of water and hot tea!

  34. I eat veggies and fruit and take my vitamins.

  35. Making sure that we eat properly, get lots of fresh air and exercise, take our vitamins and practice rigorous handwashing helps to build my family’s immune systems.

  36. We do lots of hand washing!

  37. We have heating bags to warm in the microwave to keep us more comfortable when sick.

  38. Best way to stimulate the immune system is to eat healthy, drinl lots of water and sleep for at leat 8 hours.

  39. I stimulate my immune system by taking the flu shot, washing my hands frequently, and taking vitamin c.

  40. To be comfortable when the cold or flu strikes, I keep lots of tissues, cough drops and cold meds on hand. I also find that a saline nasal spray helps a lot to soothe a sore nose.

  41. I take vitamins C & D daily, I haven’t had a cold or flu in years, but I do tend to stay away from huge crowds of people

  42. I got the flu shot and I take vitamins daily. I wash my hands often.

  43. I drink ginger tea

  44. I like to drink hot lemon tea.

  45. I try to drink plenty of water and take vitamin C. I also did go get the flu shot.

  46. Lots of hot soup , warm bathes , bed rest , and keeping up on the cleaning to keep the germs out ! 

  47. we keep healthy by drinking orange juice we sanitize our hands and we sneeze into our elbows

  48. Drink plenty of water, eat fruits and vegetables, get enough sleep, and wash my hands often.

  49. we all get our flu shots, drink lots of water, et plenty of rest and take a daily vitamin

  50. not sure about stimulating my immune system but we are big users of vapour rub to help us feel better when we do get sick!

  51. We are pretty healthy here, we make sure to drink a lot of water , keep oil of oregano around , have vitamin c every day and make sure to get into the sun for vitamin d

  52. We take extra vitamins and was ourhands often

  53. I always load up on vitamin c and zinc when I feel a cold coming on. Once I have it, I take lots of fluids and try to stay home until I feel better.

  54. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest!

  55. Take extra vitamin D3 in the winter and wash your hands often.

  56. when illness strikes. i keep warm, keep my throat moisturized, have chicken noodle soup and try to get lots of rest

  57. When I’m sick, I just like to lay on the couch wrapped in a warm blanket. I also like to drink bone broth. I find it helps to make me feel better.

  58. Take vitamin C daily. Keep comfortable when you are sick by drinking chicken soup and resting well.

  59. I drink lots and lots of water & take a cinnamon capsule everyday, it really helps to keep illness away.

  60. I like to take a multivitamin and eat a balanced diet. I also try to get a good amount of sleep. Thanks!

  61. I try to get adequate sleep and increase intake of foods (ex. more citrus fruits) that boost the immune system – especially in the fall and winter!

  62. I try to get alot of sleep

  63. Eating healthy, drinking lots of water and taking a multi-vitamin are some of the ways we try to stimulate our immune systems.

  64. I sip on broth when the cold symptoms hit.

  65. I love my pillows, blanket, microwavable magic bag, soup broth & Netflix to keep comfortable while I’m sick.

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