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What to do if you get the Flu – 10 Flu Recovery Tips

This is a sponsored post through Shoppers Drug Mart. All opinions and experiences are 100% my own.

The flu has been making its rounds in our city; much like the rest of Canada. While a few of my own family have fallen ill, I think our downtime was drastically reduced and symptoms were not as severe because we all got the flu shot. My asthmatic daughter was the hardest hit. The Doctor confirmed the flu was the culprit and recommended these 10 flu recovery tips, but praised us for protecting her with the flu shot saying she wasn’t nearly as sick as she could have been and recovered more quickly.

What to do if you get the Flu - 10 Flu Recovery Tips //

Experts say the flu has been extra hard on kids this year; out of 2,000+ cases of the flu so far in Saskatchewan, at least eight people have died, including 3 school-aged children. Flu shot protection to build immunity against influenza and taking care of yourself with these flu recovery tips are crucial for recovery.

Now, just as we thought the worst of flu season was behind us, our own friends and family have started coming down with the flu as well! Be it classmates, hockey, cheer or basketball teammates, there have been many kids missing, at home sick. While the flu shot is always your best defence, these 10 Flu Recovery Tips will help ease symptoms should flu come to your household.

10 Flu Recovery Tips

  1. Stay Home – Do not risk spreading the flu to others. Doctors recommend staying home 24 hours after your fever has gone, without the help of fever reducers. Besides, being out and about while you feel your worst won’t help you get better faster. If you have to leave the house to seek medical care or get supplies, wear a mask.
  2. Get Cozy – You may be sick for a few days; keep yourself comfortable, warm and set up with all the remedies you may need to help decrease the severity of your symptoms. It’s okay to rest; that load of laundry or sink of dishes can wait.
  3. Hydrate – Drink plenty of water. Your body is working extra hard trying to fight the flu; with high fevers, we feel less like eating or drinking when we are sick, so it’s important to stay hydrated.
  4. Reduce Fevers – Take fever-reducing medicine for fevers, headaches, aches and pains. It’s good to allow your body to run a low-grade fever, after all, that’s how your body fights the flu virus and builds immunity. Not only can high fevers be dangerous, but there is also no reason you need to be miserable or in pain. Take a fever reducer before bedtime, and use a humidifier to ease your nighttime coughing, for your best chance at a good sleep
  5. Soothe Pain – Soothe your sore throat with a hot beverage, honey and cough drops throughout the day. I always make sure to have a good stock of flu home remedies from Shoppers Drug Mart because there is nothing worse than feeling terrible and having to run to the store for supplies.
  6. Gargle with Salt Water – It doesn’t taste the best, but it’s a proven remedy when trying to soothe a sore throat. Not only does gargling with salt water help combat bacteria growth, it reduces discomfort.
  7. Have a Hot Bath or Shower – Soothe aches, pains and chills with a hot, not too hot, bath or shower and as a bonus, the steam will help clear your stuffy nose, so you can breathe a bit better.
  8. Wash Hands & Sanitize – This is important for prevention and is equally important to help prevent the spread of the flu when you have it. Cough into your arm, wash your hands often and don’t forget to sanitize surfaces once you’re recovered.
  9. Seek Medical Help – Young children, elderly and those with certain medical conditions, are at risk for flu-related complications. It’s best to contact your doctor or pharmacist earlier in your illness if you are considered high risk.
  10. Sleep – Try to get more sleep; it’s the best way to fight the flu and allow your body to recover as quickly as possible. Grab that pillow, curl up in that blanket and don’t feel one bit bad for taking a nap when you need it most.

When the flu strikes, make sure you follow these Flu Recovery Tips and if you haven’t already received the flu shot, it’s not too late to protect yourself! Shoppers Drug Mart offers flu shots across Canada, no appointment necessary, making it easier for busy families.

For more information on flu shot facts, check out Shoppers Drug Mart website FAQ’s or join in the #ShoppersFluCrew conversation by sharing your flu recovery tips with me on Twitter @thislilpiglet and @ShopprsDrugMart.

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80 comments on “What to do if you get the Flu – 10 Flu Recovery Tips”

  1. My best way is to get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids.

  2. Take antibiotics if needed, have fruits, drink lots of water and wash your hands regularly.

  3. The best way for me to recover from the flu is to get lots of extra sleep and drinking hot herbal tea.

  4. sleep, rest, drink lots of water!

  5. For me the best way is with lots of rest, water and OTC meds.

  6. I find lots of sleep and fluids help me get better quickly.

  7. I get lots of rest, hours spent in bed, and drink lots of fluids. Water is number one but also juice and broth.

  8. It’s always a slow recovery for me but I think drinking a lot of water and using a humidifier helps me out quite a bit.

  9. Lots of rest, water and old fashioned chicken noodle soup 

  10. You’ve covered a lot of great tips here! Mine are already on your list but I say lots of sleep and a bath always helps me recover! <3

  11. Vitamin C, echinacea pills, lots of water, rest

  12. For me, recovering from the flu requires lots of bedrest, soup and orange juice!

  13. Get lots of rest & stay hydrated – I usually just camp out on the sofa, drink lots of tea, and watch movies.

  14. I take vitamins, drink plenty of juices, and chicken soup, lots of sleep too

  15. Plenty of fluids and rest.

  16. Plenty of fluid, lots of sleep and chicken noodle soup!

  17. Lots of fluids, honey, chicken soup, and vitamin C are must-haves!

  18. We drink lots of water, things with electrolites, kefir, and just get plenty of rest.

  19. The good old tricks: getting a lot of rest, drinking a lot of water, and upping the vitamin C!

  20. Lots of rest and liquids 🙂

  21. Drinking lots of fluids and keeping warm while getting lots of rest has been the way I get rid of the flu.

  22. When I get the flu I need a lot of fluids; water,tea soups and so on. I need rest, a warm snuggly blanket and lots of cold and flu medicines. #ShoppersFluCrewprizepack

  23. Ideally the best way is to get plenty of rest and keep your fluids up. As a single mom to 8, 10 and 11 year old boys though that is easier said than done lol

  24. I recover from the flu by sleeping a ton and drinking lots of liquids.

  25. for me it is sleep, uninterrupted sleep.

  26. I drink plenty of fluids!

  27. I tend to just rest, sleep and drink as many fluids as I can handle. A box of tissues and hot soup also helps me.

  28. I just got over the flu last week, and I’m very certain that watching the amount of Netflix that I watched definitely helped me recover quicker 🙂 

  29. Lots and lots of rest and water!! Also we love chicken noodle soup and Gatorade.

  30. My best way to recover from the flu is rest and liquids.

  31. Zinc and sleep

  32. I take zinc, elderberry syrup, lots of fruits and veg, and wash my hands frequently to help avoid the flu.

  33. Lots of rest and liquids

  34. LOTS of rest and fluids is the best bet with the flu!

  35. The best way to recover from a flu is to rest, drink lots of fluids, wash hands often and drink chicken soup.

  36. Rest and lots of water are the best ways to beat it!

  37. drinking lots of fluids

  38. Get plenty of rest, drink lots of fluids and take your vitamins!

  39. I take extra vitamins C and D. Plus get lots of sleep.

  40. Tell friends & family to not call or text so I can get the rest I need! Keep my electrolytes up, drink soup broth, take vitamins, & ask for help if I need it, such as having a family member babysit my children.

  41. I drink lots of fluids and take lots of vitamins and wash hands frequently.

  42. I think getting plenty of rest is very important.

  43. Warm bathes , Soup , washing hands , clean bedding ! 

  44. My best way to recover from the flu is getting as much sleep as possible to let my body heal itself.

  45. We get our flu shot and wash our hands

  46. A lot of rest, drink lots of water and take vitamin will help to recover from flu.

  47. I make sure that we take a time off from work or school (to not spread it around, too) and just get that extra sleep and take a lot of good liquids… soups and lemon, honey and ginger tea or infused water.

  48. I usually make nice pot of chicken noodle soup, we take vitamins, eat fruit and veggies. Lots of lemon

  49. i drink orange juice and i eat lots of fruit

  50. Lots of medicine and best rest

  51. For me the hot bath helps so muc to sooth aching muscles and curling up with my hot water bottle helps keep me warm under some blankets afterward. Thanks!

  52. The best way to recover from the flu is lots of rest and fluids.

  53. I sleep and hydrate to recover from the flue.

  54. Lots of sleep!

  55. I like to flush the flu out. I drink lots of fluids.

  56. lots of rest! i snuggle up on the couch and take it easy for a couple of days followed by water if you can keep it down…great to stay hydrated and nothing heavy or greasy to eat. soups best

  57. For me it’s to stay home and get plenty of rest, take vitamins, drink fluids and sip on chicken broth!

  58. Hibernation and Netflix… in other works relaxing

  59. Soup and rest make it a tad better

  60. lots of fluids, hot baths and cough drops!

  61. I find that definitely adequate sleep and rest is the best way.

  62. Get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids.

  63. The flu has hit our home once this winter and we are bracing for more. This prize pack would be perfect.

  64. I think for me the best way to recover from the flu is plenty of rest.

  65. My best way to recover from the flu is to drink lots of water.

  66. My best way to recover is to get some rest, drink a lot of water and eat healthy! Thanks 

  67. grab the oil of oregano ( miracle), curl up in my comfy soft blanket and give myself the time it needs to get back to 100. When down care more about getting better than anything else

  68. For me to recover from the flu I need lots of sleep.

  69. With lots of bed rest and lots of fluids.

  70. I try to get lots of rest and rehydrate with PowerAde Zero.

  71. nothing better than plenty of rest and keeping hydrated

  72. My best way to recover is loads of sleep and lemon ginger tea with honey!

  73. I make sure things are very sanitized

  74. Rest up and eat healthy!

  75. I try to rest up as much as I can,drink hot liquids and orange juice!

  76. Get lots of rest and drink plenty of fluids.

  77. The best way to recover is to rest, drink lots of liquid and take vitamins!

  78. Getting plenty of rest and drinking fluids,

  79. The best way to recover from the flu is to take a tablespoon of honey in the morning and in the evening. I know a lot of people rather take it in their tea, but I like it a lot faster. My reason is because honey is a natural antibiotic. Not only that, but it’s delicious.

  80. Stay hydrated and get a lot of rest.

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