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Staycation Yard Games, Camping Friendly

Many of us have canceled travel plans but this doesn’t have to ruin your summer. Staycation Yard Games are a great way to entertain your family while staying safe and healthy in these crazy times or take them along on your next camping trip for a little campsite friendly competition.

Staycation Yard Games //

Whether it’s camping or a backyard game, one of our family favourite games to play is Cornhole. It’s fun and easy enough to play for any age of family member with 2 to 4 players at a time. Put together a randomized team tournament, with phone apps like Team Builder and Score Keeper, for a staycation yard games group activity.

The object of Cornhole is to land all 3 of your bean bags into the hole, or gain as many points as you can. Point are bag on top of the board = 1 point, bag encroaching on the hole(a hanger) = 2 points and a bag inside the hole = 3 points. Once a player/team reaches 21 points, you win the game.

Staycation Yard Games

Cornhole isn’t the only yard game we enjoy, the following are more games you should consider playing in the backyard or at the campsite. Official rules can be found online.

Staycation Yard Games - Bocce Ball //

Bocce Ball – This game is played by two, four, or eight players split between two teams. The object of Bocce Ball game is to have the last ball closest to the Pallino (white ball).

Each team throws four balls per frame. The team with the bocce closest to the Pallino wins the frame. A tally of the score and the frame is complete.

Staycation Yard Games - Disc Toss //

Disc Golf – We have seen this game at provincial campgrounds and were intrigued so we decided to buy a portable version to take with us to the campsite or to add to our staycation yard games.

The object of portable Disc Golf is for players or teams to compete and see who lands their disc in the target with the fewest number of tosses, similar to golf.

Staycation Yard Games - Beer Pong //

Beer Pong – This game can be played with or without alcohol, in portable or large size versions, and with 2-4 players on teams. It’s simple, you need 10 cups on each side of the Beer Pong Table for each team in a triangle formation.

Traditionally the Beer Pong cups are filled halfway with beer but for a more sanitary version, you can fill them with water allowing each player to have their own drink. The object of the game is to throw 2 ping pong balls into one of the opposing team’s cups.

If you sink the ball, your opponent drinks that cup of beer and it’s removed from play. The winner is the team who clears all of the opposing team’s cups. There are many variations to this game, including bounce shots and swatting the ball out of the air.

Staycation Yard Games - Ladder Golf //

Ladder Toss Golf – This lawn game is one of the kid’s favourites and can get quite competitive. The game is typically played with 2 to 4 players, 4 split between two teams. Each player has 3 golf ball lassos (2 golf balls attached by a rope).

The object of the Ladder Toss Golf game is to wrap your lassos around one of the 3 the ladder steps. Each step has different point values. The first player or team to make it to 21 wins the game.

Staycation Yard Games - Washer Toss //

Washers Toss – This is another great game to bring to tailgates, camping, or to add to your staycation lawn games for 2-4 players/teams. Players take turns tossing washers towards the opposite boxes to earn either 1 or 3 points.

The object of Washer Toss is to gain points by throwing your washers; the first player/team to reach 21 wins.

Staycation Yard Games - Yardzee //

Yardzee – Play this giant-sized dice with 2 or more players. Yardzee gets players up and moving instead of stuck squished at a picnic table like the original version, essentially the rules and object of the game are the same.

Staycation Yard Games - Crossnet Four Square Volleyball //

Crossnet Four Square Volleyball – 4 players compete in a 4-way volleyball competition. Players can only hit the ball once and can be eliminated for another player to move into the lowest number spot. The object of Crossnet Four Square Volleyball is to reach 11 points and win by 2.

Depending on the game, there are a lot of lawn game options with various price points. DIY or contact a local builder to cut costs and add to your next Staycation Yard Games.


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