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City Mom to Farmer Joe – Everything You Need to Raise Barn Animals OR Kids

They do LOOK LIKE angels, but are they? 😉

Its calm here today, Baby Girl slept in, Hubs is off working on building our house and the other three kiddos are at their bio-dads for the week. Miss Priss has called me twice already, asking for various days to play with her friends when she comes back to my house. I was out at Mr. Mans hockey game once already, go Mr. Man! I haven’t heard from Squeakers yet but there are still a few days before they return…Ahhh, serenity!

Fast forward…

It’s Friday and I’m waiting to pick up the kids from their school. The bell rings and shortly after I see the kids running towards the vehicle. In short sequence Miss Priss lunges for the front passenger door, immediately Mr. Man is there pushing her out of the way, before I know it Miss Priss is flying at him like a Spider Monkey. Squeakers is standing there with her mouth gaping looking at these two like they just grew two heads. Thankfully Baby Girl is still snoozing in her car seat, so far.

Meanwhile, I feel like driving away and pretending these kids don’t belong to me. Unfortunately, I’m parked with all the other moms who are well aware of whose kids they are. On the ride home, Miss Priss and Mr. Man decide to continue the fight. I promptly pull the vehicle over, no sooner than I put it in park, Miss Priss jumps out crossing the street. I tell her to walk home and continue on my way. That’ll teach her! She’s lucky we haven’t moved to the farm yet.

That was day one!

Personally, I think all these two kids need is a little more space. Living in a little house while building our dream home on the farm from the ground up has been full of sacrifices, it’ll all be worthwhile in the end when we move in. If not, Miss Priss and Mr. Man can always move into the barn with the rest of the animals. Don’t think I’ll do it?

So when people ask me how I deal with the craziness of 4 kids, and don’t get me wrong they are wonderful kids, I tell them, “I blog!” When asked what my blog is about, I say it’s about going from a

City Mom to Farmer Joe, This Lil Piglet will keep you on your hooves and give you everything you need to raise barn animals OR kids.

Sometimes I think, “Wow, I cannot believe I left my career in Emergency Services for this!” sometimes it was easier to deal with other people’s problems. Other times I think, “I would not miss this for the world!” One minute I’ll be blogging about a great product review and giveaway and the next I’ll be venting about the barn animals I have raised. Yep, that’s right, I admit it! My kids are far from perfect but they are mine, all mine. If I had any thoughts about whether or not I’m fed up enough to sell them at the cattle auction, I take a look at them and say to myself “they are at least cute” and in those random moments where one of them says “I love you mom” out of the blue, my heart melts.

You can read more about our family and blog here.

**This post was written as part of 12 weeks to a better blog program.  I would love to hear your thoughts!**

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