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CardSwap $50 Gift Card Review and Giveaway

This year I have to admit I haven’t been as motivated as usual to run out and brave to malls for the perfect gifts for everyone.  I want everyone to love what I buy them but I am stuck for what to get.  Gift cards are becoming much more popular for gifts because they are sure to please any gift recipient.  CardSwap offers a place for buyers to go to purchase gift cards you want or to sell the gift cards you receive that just aren’t a good fit, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.  The best part is that it’s easy, secure and offers super quick delivery for last minute gifts and you will also have a chance to win $50 towards your choice of gift card on CardSwap.

CardSwap offers Canadians a fast, easy and totally secure way to redeem unwanted gift cards for cash, buy gift cards at discount prices, and even donate gift cards to a charitable cause. Canadians love giving and receiving gift cards. In fact, we spend around $6 billion on them each year. Gift cards are convenient, easy to send, and give recipients a chance to pick exactly what they want—in the perfect size and colour. But there is a downside. Sometimes people receive cards they just can’t use.

Sell. CardSwap is helping Canadians salvage those unused or partially used gift cards and turn them into
cash—up to 90 per cent of the card value.

Buy. Even better, CardSwap puts these recycled gift cards back into circulation, making them available for
consumers to buy on the website at savings of up to 40 per cent.

Donate. CardSwap is pleased to announce a wonderful new use for unwanted gift cards: donate them
directly to your favourite charity.


With full validation of all gift cards and a generous refund policy, we guarantee that our customers will be fairly treated and receive exactly what they paid for.


I found CardSwap very easy to use; I searched for the available card I wanted and found more than enough company gift cards to choose from, added to my cart and made my purchase.  In the process I earned points towards my next gift card purchase; each company has it’s own percentage rate for earning points, some more than others.  I admit I was a little worried about receiving the gift card in enough time before Christmas but was pleasantly surprised to find it in my mailbox within 3 days.

Once I finished my purchase I realized I could store all my gift cards in my iPhone passbook to purchase at gift card locations without having to carry my gift cards with me; not all locations participate so be sure to check before you head out shopping.  Upon receiving the gift card in the mail I read that I also received a voucher for more points towards my next gift card and for the rest of the month, you can earn even more points towards Gift Cards by sharing it on Facebook.  My experience with CardSwap was excellent, everything from selection to receiving and using my gift card was smooth; I would recommend using CardSwap for any gift purchases on your list this season.

GIVEAWAY ALERT enter in the form below to win $50 for your choice of gift card on CardSwap. Open to Canada only.

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106 comments on “CardSwap $50 Gift Card Review and Giveaway”

  1. the lcbo gift card

  2. i would pick a target card or walmart, maybe even amazon

  3. I could have lots of fun with a President’s Choice card!

  4. maybe Homesense

  5. i want a HomeDepot card

  6. GOSH so many good one I would love but canadian tire would be at the top of my list

  7. My choice would be a Walmart gift card.

  8. The Keg Steakhouse would be my choice of gift card.

  9. My choice of gift card is walmart

  10. I’d have to go with Starbucks!

  11. Id choose shoppers drug mart because I shop there regularly!

  12. I would choose the Marks work warehouse

  13. I would choose a Cineplex card to help with a family night out

  14. I would pick the Winner’s gift card 🙂

  15. Superstore — we can always use money for food!!!

  16. Wal-mart

  17. I would go for a Roots Gift card. 🙂

  18. Probably Shoppers Drug Mart.

  19. I’d like a Chapters card.

  20. I would choose Walmart

  21. i’d choose walmart or hbc

  22. Shoppers!

  23. I would choose Marks

  24. A Boston Pizza gift card!

  25. the body shop 😀

  26. I would choose amazon

  27. I would love a Walmart gift card.

  28. walmart i think

  29. Amazon would be wonderful!

  30. Awesome contest!! Can’t wait to check out the site and all that it has to offer!!

  31. I’d choose LCBO cuz wine is the best Christmas gift you can give yourself.

  32. I would choose Chapters

  33. walmart

  34. Something practical – Canadian Tire?

  35. Walmart when it becomes available!

  36. i would choose the Esso or Chapters/Indigo.

  37. cineplex

  38. I would choose Target.

  39. i’d choose amazon!

  40. I would choose Walmart

  41. Canadian Tire!

  42. walmart

  43. maybe LCBO

  44. I would choose an Amazon card.

  45. tim hortons

  46. Wal-mart

  47. Canadian Tire

  48. Amazon or Walmart would be great!

  49. Shoppers Drug Mart

  50. Winners/Homesense or Long & McQuade

  51. President’s Choice would be my pick!

  52. Amazon would be my choice.

  53. Walmart! I love walmart, I find better deals there

  54. I like Walmart – thank you!

  55. I’d love a card to Chapters.

  56. probably walmart

  57. I would choose Shoppers Drug Mart!

  58. chapters indigo

  59. Walmart or chapters I think!

  60. Walmart – for family needs.

  61. I’d choose Walmart

  62. I would choose a Chapter’s card

  63. I would choose Chapters!

  64. Walmart…nice and practical!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  65. I would choose amazon

  66. walmart giftcard please!

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  68. An Esso card! 🙂

  69. Walmart or Canadian Tire – we’re very practical.

  70. amazon
    Thanks for the giveaway! Janna Johnson Janna@feedyourpig on gfc

  71. Chapters Indigo

  72. I would choose an Amazon card

  73. I would love a Chapters

  74. walmart or target

  75. Home Depot – it’s not much but a start on finishing our basement!

  76. I would want a walmart or lowes card

  77. I would go with Amazon or Walmart 🙂

  78. WalMart
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  79. I would choose an amaon gift card.

  80. Walmart or cineplex

  81. Coffee fiend! STARBUCKS! 😀

  82. i would like best buy

  83. I would choose Amazon

  84. I’d choose amazon.

  85. a Target gift card

  86. Target or amazon please

  87. i love to read so amazon gift card for me

  88. i want an gift card

  89. i live 5 minutes from walmart so yep it would be walmart

  90. I would choose walmart.

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