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Kingdom Strollers Review

When we were planning our trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida we wrote a list of items we knew we would need for our toddler, not only while travelling to and from our destination but while we were in Orlando.  With the long days we planned to have at the Disney parks we knew we had to have a stroller for our youngest child to relax in while we walked the miles we would put on during out vacation.  There is nothing I detest more than hauling our bulky stroller with us but the umbrella stroller is not comfortable enough for long periods of time.


Travelling with a toddler does not allow you to pack lightly, no matter how hard you try, and requires you to plan ahead.  Travelling with kids is hard enough without hauling our stroller along, especially such a long way to the destination.  That’s why when Kingdom Strollers was suggested to us from a fellow blogger for stroller rentals we were relieved.

We were offered the Bob Revolution Single jogging stroller to review, perfect for long days at the Disney World parks.  From The Magic Kingdom to Typhoon Lagoon, the large 3 wheel base design of the stroller made maneuvering through the crowds, and sand, a breeze and without any effort at all.  The sun shade on the stroller is over-sized and pulls down far enough in the front to ensure your child’s face is fully shaded from the hot sun but still allows your little one to see where you are headed.  With a quick release of the seat adjustable straps, Baby Girl was able to semi-recline shaded from the sun allowing her to dose off and sleep well while we continued on our way.


The netted pockets on either side of her seat offered her easy access to her drinks and snacks; by the end of the trip she had become so accustomed to the stroller, she had her own “filing system” for her things, soother and blanky included.  The parent console on the stroller handle was great for our camera, fast passes and money to be secured in a zippered pocket.  The only complaint I would have about this stroller is the smaller basket which didn’t allow much room for our things however as with any jogging stroller, this is the case; personally I think the benefits of this stroller outweigh this anyway.  We brought along our large diaper bag/shoulder bag and sat it right on top of the sun shade where it sat during each use, leaving the basket free for a small soft sided coolers for the snacks and waters we brought along with us to the parks.  I was impressed by the brake system of this stroller; the bar could easily be placed on or off with my foot without bending over to double check by hand like my other stroller.  The fold down system was equally as impressive, with one click of the fold release buttons (safety secured of course) and a pull, the stroller folded up smaller than my regular stroller I left back at home.  This was easy to lift onto the parking trams that took us from our rental vehicle in the parking lots to the park gates.

The kids actually fought over who would push this stroller!

When comparing prices, the strollers at the Disney parks offer rental strollers but do not offer strollers near the same caliber as Kingdom Strollers; when you are renting for 7 days like we were Kingdom Strollers will easily save you money.  Additionally, the airline charges for extra baggage items each way, such as strollers, made choosing to rent a stroller from Kingdom Strollers the obvious choice.  Kingdom Strollers dropped this stroller off for us right at our hotel and picked it up when we were done; with all the other travel details we had to worry about this was a huge weight off our shoulders.  They also mentioned that if we were at the Magic Kingdom Disney park on the last day and didn’t want to haul the stroller back to the hotel, we could leave the stroller at the Contemporary Disney Resort hotel right at the park; we would have taken advantage of this offer if we hadn’t chosen to go to a different park on the last day.  Not only were both Hubs and I completely impressed by this stroller so much that we have decided to purchase one, we were amazed by the rental experience we had with Kingdom Strollers and would highly recommend renting from this stroller rental company the next time you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World.

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