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VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Review and Giveaway



My kids love to be outside; their active and eager to try new things. Jumping on the trampoline, going for nature walks on the farm or riding their batter powered cars are only a few things they regularly enjoy. Recently I was offered a VTech Kidizoom Action Cam to review and it couldn’t have been better timing. My daughter was learning how to ride her bike without training wheels and she was excited to have this cute little camera document her achievement.



Key Features

  • Photo/video capture
  • Photo frame and stamps
  • Built-in games
  • PC connection
  • Rechargeable Li-ion Polymer battery (Approximate continuous photo taking and recording time is 2.5 hours)
  • Waterproof case
  • 1.4” Colour LCD Screen (128 x 128 dots)
  • 2.24”H x 2.24”W x 0.9”D
  • Expandable Memory (up to 32 GB with Micro-SD card – not included)




The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam is easy for little ones to use. My daughter just turned 5 and she needed a little help attaching the mount to her bike but clipping the camera in and out of the mount and using the controls was easy for her to do herself.  She could choose to either face the camera towards her or outwards. She got a kick out of replaying the video and watching her reactions when she was learning to ride.




A waterproof case is included for fun in the pool or tub; the case was easy to clip closed without my help. She really enjoyed transferring the camera from case to mount and the portability of the camera. It’s small, an convenient take-along, with cute stamps/frames to add to the videos and a few games to play when not in action. I do suggest purchasing the extra SD card because the camera does not hold a lot of video memory without it.


For more information check out the video below and join in the conversation on Facebook, TwitterInstagram and Pinterest. Head over to the VTech Canada social accounts to show your appreciation for this giveaway: Facebook, Twitter; Instagram.



Enter to WIN a VTech Kidizoom Action Cam

It’s easy to enter, just tell me what your child would use this camera to video tape first in the comments below and enter the form below. Open to Canada residents, excluding Quebec.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. I was provided product for an honest review; all opinions are 100% my own.

135 comments on “VTech Kidizoom Action Cam Review and Giveaway”

  1. We go to the beach a lot so I’m sure they’d love to take some video of playing on the beach and finding little treasures!

  2. My granddaughter would take it to her cousins place, and they would take videos of the dogs and themselves acting goofy!!

  3. I think my son would want to record his adventures on his bike!

  4. My grandson would be recording his new puppy.

  5. I’m sure they’d want to tape their escapades in the pool.

  6. My kids would record their bike riding or skateboarding adventures!

  7. We visit the lake, so a video would be a great keepsake.

  8. my son would record his toys

  9. My kids would love to record their scooter, bike or waveroller adventures.

  10. I think he would want to film running around on the playground first!

  11. Themselves playing!! Hah

  12. My son will definitely want to record his bike rides all around the neighbourhood first!

  13. I am pretty sure my granddaughter would take pics of her dog King first and then I think she would take pics of everything and I mean everything 🙂

  14. my son would record his adventures at the playground or maybe calaway park

  15. I think my nephew would want to record while he was riding his bike since that is his favourite activity right now.

  16. My kids would record their bike rides.

  17. I would give it to my niece who will use it on her bike.

  18. A picture going down the slide.

  19. I think my niece would video her dog and her Mom first.

  20. They would probably record their bike riding adventures.

  21. Probably pics of pets!

  22. We just got our pool set up for the season so I’m sure my daughter would love taking it in the pool while they play.

  23. my daughter would want to record herself singing

  24. My son would definitely record himself trying out new tricks st the skateboard park.

  25. I don’t see my post so not sure if there is a delay or something went wrong. My daughter would love to take it in the pool to start though I could see her taking it everywhere with her.

  26. my nephew would take pics of everything

  27. I think the first thing she would record are her adventures on her scooter

  28. I think my daughter would probably want to record the first magic trick that she just learned

  29. I think my son would love to record his soccer kicks, then tossing a football and then strap it on his helmet and go biking. My daughter would probably like to capture her doll going for a bike ride

  30. My son would love to record his bike ride or another sport

  31. My grandson would want to video himself going through puddles on his bike.

  32. I think my nephew would love to record him and his sister at the water park.

  33. he would want to use it for his bike riding….

  34. Lord only knows with my kid but I know for sure she would put it on her bike and scooter. I’m betting she will take it to the pool and she may try to put it on the dog lol.

  35. Our daughter has already asked for one of these, so I’m sure there are many things she wants to record, and she’s constantly on the go, so I’ll just guess and say bike rides 😉

  36. My son would shoot his adventures at the skate park

  37. My daughter would like to record her riding her bike on the rail trail

  38. Sydney wants to tape herself biking

  39. Probably her latest canoeing adventure.

  40. My daughter would want to use it on her bike.

  41. my niece would use this on her bike rides

  42. They would want to record them jumping in their bouncy house!

  43. My 6 year old son wants one of these so much! He would love to document his bike rides now that he is having a blast riding it without training wheels. He would also be using it in our backyard pool, maybe take some silly pictures of daddy doing handstands in the water!

  44. My granddaughter would be recording herself swimming at the beach. She loves to swim!

  45. My son would like to record his fight scenes

  46. My daughters would have record a jumping into the pool contest.

  47. He would ride his bike right over to the goat farm so he could film the goats. He has a new thing for all the baby goats.

  48. My son would record his puppy !!

  49. They would want to record their bike rides

  50. My daughter would record herself while riding her bike.

  51. i KNOW my kids will love to record theyre adventures on theyre bikes

  52. My son would record his animals.

  53. He would def film scootering!

  54. My kids would take photos of our pets, for certain!

  55. bug hunting

  56. My son would use this on his bike first!!!!’

  57. My girl would love to record her adventures while riding her bike…….underwater fun would be a favorite too!

  58. My son would record the wildlife in our yard. We have a beautiful mommy deer and their babies.

  59. would probably record nature, birds, butterflies ect

  60. He would record his dad mowing grass. LOL

  61. I would attach the Kidizoom to my oldest grand daughter’s stroller to get her point of view on the world and also I think she would get a kick out of it when she watches it! 🙂

  62. My daughter would strap this on her bike and chase bugs I’m sure haha.

  63. Definitely her chasing her grandparents doggy! haha

  64. My daughter would probably be attaching it to her bike as well.

  65. my son will use it when ridinf his bike

  66. My son would put it on his balance bike! I’m sure he would love to race with a camera on his bike!

  67. Riding her bike and videotaping how fast she thinks her little legs are taking her. Sooo cute it would be.

  68. My son would record how fat he can go on his bicycle

  69. I think my lil guy would record on his scooter first!

  70. I think he would use it in his bike or when at the park

  71. This would be perfect for my youngest. Her and her best friend are very into spy missions right now. This way they can record their adventures.

  72. Probably our dogs doing something funny. Thanks for the chance.

  73. My son would probably want to record him riding his bike or playing in the pool. Those are his two favorite things to do.

  74. I think our nephew would record him playing with his dog!

  75. running around the play park would be fun with this

  76. Sophie would pronanly record her cat walking around.

  77. himself riding the bike

  78. she would most likely record herself playing with her niece

  79. If I won my daughter would want to record herself riding her new big girl two wheel bike!

  80. She would probably take it to her shell collecting adventures. I can see her recording the crabs she finds funny.

  81. I think they will record themself and their siblings acting crazy first.

  82. She would probably want to film her walking & playing with our 3 dogs.

  83. my son would love to record himself running in the back yard at Grandma’s house. and picking her blueberries

  84. my son would take a pic of his stuffed animals. Or his little hot wheels all lined up in a row lol

  85. My daughter would want to record herself doing american ninja warrior stuff at the park

  86. My grandson would record his dog.

  87. My granddaughter would love to record her friend playing at her house and herself when she’s on her swing!

  88. My son would probably take pictures and video of the dog and cat…then maybe the frogs at the pond

  89. He just got a skateboard recently so I think he would like to try with that first

  90. My granddaughter would record herself playing.

  91. She loves recording herself on my phone so I am sure she would do that first with the action cam.

  92. I think they would like to take the cam on their bikes!

  93. My nephew would want to try the underwater feature first.

  94. I think the first thing she would want to record would be her pool dives and underwater somersaults.

  95. I could see my kids taking turns capturing shots of themselves chasing each other hysterically!

  96. She would probably chase my parents dog. ! 🙂

  97. My daughter would record herself – she loves to dance and sing. Then she would probably record our bunny Lucy 🙂 My son would record his sister lol!

  98. My son would love to record his journeys on his battery powered ATV

  99. My son would take this everywhere and record his adventures and silly faces 😛 Thanks so much for the opportunity! 🙂

  100. Playing with her dog would be the first thing she would record.

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