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Staying Connected in Las Vegas and Spending Less with Telus US Easy Roam


As a Canadian, I love travelling to the United States and having the ability to share my experience to friends and family back home. What I don’t like is paying outrageous prices just to stay connected on my smartphone so when I had the opportunity to test out Telus’ US Easy Roam, I was interested to see the savings once my bill arrived the following month.




Recently I took my husband on a mini getaway to Las Vegas where we celebrated a combination of his birthday and Valentine’s Day. We both needed a much deserved weekend away as a couple but we didn’t want to be without a solid connection to our children back home while we were out enjoying ourselves.      Before we left on the plane, I called up Telus and had the US Easy Roam data plan added to my account for only $7/day while we were outside of Canada. I admit, I was a bit concerned about actually using my smartphone data for fear of coming home to a bill I can’t afford but I learned that I had nothing to worry about.


I spent time enjoying a once in a lifetime dinner with my loving husband, at Gordon Ramsay’s Steak, and walking the Vegas Boulevard using the data plan I already have available for only a few dollars more than I pay now. Making memories and reconnecting as a husband and wife was what I was hoping for, not coming home to a hefty bill to dampen those experiences. I’m happy to say, we had an amazing time and can’t wait for our next trip to the US.


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