4 Beauty Looks Under 5 Minutes and $320 Giveaway #MarcelleMoms

As a mom to 5 I don’t always feel like I’m looking my best but when I head out to my daughters basketball games or the grocery store, I like to  feel like I’m put together without a lot of makeup. I prefer the more natural look and frankly I don’t have a lot of time to fuss with myself before running out the door. As a Marcelle #MarcelleMoms Brand Ambassador, Julie from Sober Julie and I have created 4 – 5 minute looks with just a few products each for moms with busy, no-fuss lives, like us.


Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel

Before applying makeup we take care of our skin by cleansing and moisturizing. Marcelle has recently launched the Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel which which bears the official seal of recognition of the CDA’s Skin Health Program.


We have a lot of faces to wash in this family; I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Marcelle’s ultra-mild and non-foaming facial cleanser which is gentle enough to be used by the entire family.  This cleanser is enriched with aloe vera and glycerin which protects the skin’s natural barrier and can be used wet or dry, making it the perfect carry along for sports or family time at the pool. 1 product for a family of 7 (well 6, not counting Baby Ro) is a huge savings too!

4 Marcelle 5 Minute Looks


This Lil Piglet’s 5 Minute Looks from Marcelle



Face: Marcelle CC cream in light to medium(SRP $29.95); Cream Blush in Coral(SRP $15.95). Eyes: Xtension Plus + ProLash Growth Complex Mascara in Black(SRP $14.95). Lips: Marcelle Lux Gloss Cream in Belissima (SRP $10.95).


Marcelle CC cream: Natural sometimes means tired looking and I’m absolutely in love with Marcelle’s CC cream for that exact reason. My skin has lost some of it’s youthful radiance; add in those awful dark circles, a few discolorations from age and acne during the lovely hormones from pregnancies and I have more than enough reasons to rave about what I like to call liquid gold.  Made with a  pure 24K gold infusion , this Correction Cream diminishes the appearance of dark spots and skin imperfections, it’s lightweight but provides full coverage and leaves skin feeling and looking radiant, smoother, firmer and moisturized.


Xtension Plus + ProLash Growth Complex Mascara: Unfortunately, I am not blessed with long lashes like my daughter but with a couple of coats of the mascara, I was amazed at how much fuller they looked.

Cream Blush: I’ve mentioned before my preference of cream blushes over powder; I just find it to be a smoother blend of colour for a more natural glow in the cheeks. The coral colour is my favourite for my skin tone and it blends for a flawless application.

Lux Gloss Cream: There isn’t a day I leave the house without lip gloss, even on the days where makeup doesn’t make it out the door, my lips are covered. One thing I cannot stand is a sticky lip gloss; the Lux Gloss Crème has a pure creamy finish, non-sticky and hydrating formula with a wet shiny look to make them look fuller and plumper. Pucker up hunny!


I love that with a few Marcelle products, I can look and feel more radiant in 5 minutes. Makeup doesn’t have to be about long rituals; who has time for that?


5 Minute Looks for Teens and Tweens



Eyes: Marcelle Lux Cream Eye Shadow +Liner in Sunstone(SRP $13.95); Twist Push-Up Mascara(SRP $13.95). Lips: Lux Gloss Cream in Spicy Nude(SRP $10.95).


Eyes: Marcelle Twist Push-Up Mascara(SRP $13.95), Lux Cream Eye Shadow +Liner(SRP $13.95) in Wisteria on lid & a light Sea Breeze liner. Lips: Lux Gloss Cream in Angel(SRP $10.95).


From the time Miss Priss and Squeakers were small, they had an interest in my makeup; of course it was only play time then but they are at the age where makeup is starting to be important. Do I think they need makeup? Absolutely not but it makes them feel like they are growing up and I’m okay with that. Marcelle makes being a mom in that department easy with lighter colour choices to choose from so my girls natural beauty is enhanced rather than covered up. The girls are happy getting creative with their eye colours and mama’s happy the colours blend rather than cake.

If you’re interested in seeing more of the products I use from Marcelle, I’ve written about them HERE on thislilpiglet.net and also you might want to check out the This Lil Piglet Facebook Page, Follow me on Twitter or on Instagram.


Do me a favour and follow Marcelle on Twitter, on their Facebook Page and check out the Marcelle website to get to know them.


SoberJulie’s 5 Minute Makeup Look from Marcelle


Lips: Marcelle Lux Gloss Cream in Belissima (SRP $10.95) Eyes: Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara + ProLash Growth Complex(SRP $14.95). Face: Monochromatic Pressed Powder in Medium(SRP $19.95)


You can read more of what Julie has to say about her 5 minute look HERE.


WIN a Fabulous Gift Basket from Marcelle


Marcelle firmly believes that everyone should have the chance to enhance their beauty and asked Julie and I if we would host a giveaway to which we may have screamed YES! This is our first giveaway as #MarcelleMoms and we hope that you’re as excited as we are!


There are 2 prize packs…whohooo! 2 lucky Canadian readers will win a prize pack of Marcelle cosmetics and skin care products worth $160 each.


Each Marcelle Prize Pack includes:

  • Marcelle Ultra Gentle Cleansing Gel

  • Marcelle Cleansing Cloths

  • Marcelle Eye Make-Up Remover Pads

  • Marcelle New.Age Precision 8-in-1 Power Serum

  • Marcelle Lux Eye Shadow + Liner – Taupe du Jour

  • Marcelle BB Cream

  • Marcelle Lux Gloss

  • Marcelle Rouge Xpression Lipstick

  • Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara + ProLash Growth Complex

  • Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Eyeliner


Entry is simple, just fill out the Giveaway Tools form below, you must be a resident of Canada 18+ to enter. This giveaway runs until March 5th, 2014, the winner will be contacted via email and have 48 hours to respond.


Disclosure: I am participating in this program as a Marcelle Brand Ambassador; this is a sponsored post. All opinions are 100% my own.



  1. 3

    L. Brannon says

    I love the natural look that you have. The one item I can’t live without is mascara. My eyes (blonde lashes) totally disappear.

  2. 29

    lemon_cupid says

    SSimply Stacy suggested we come byand see your makeovers… You all look amazing! For me – the one product I love is BB Cream, and your skin looks incredible in these photo’s, so I think I’m going to be trying this one!!

  3. 36

    Raine says

    I can’t live without foundation with breakouts and uneven skin tone- but with new products like BB creams I can do a lot more.

  4. 39


    I absolutely CAN NOT live without my Marcelle Eye Make-Up Remover Pad. I love that they come in two 15 count packages. They are so gentle and perfect for travel or when I am a little too lazy to do a full make-up removal at night!

  5. 59

    Nettie Colvin says

    Hello I can’t live without Marcelle BB Cream. I love Marcelle and if I won I would put it all on and take a pic and post it on my Twitter page. I would also make a post about each product individually. I hope I win because my makeup is really old allready – which I should replace but I can’t afford to buy new or I’d love to buy some allready. Goodluck to everyone. ♥


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